Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough

By Michael J. Lewinski – 03/29/21

Our country is being destroyed by Progressives. Enough is enough! They are intent on keeping black people on the dole and are now importing illegal aliens to put Spanish-speaking people on welfare to keep them dependent on the government too.

The pretender president undid all the policies President Trump created to control the Southern border. Instead, Biden encouraged people to come from Mexico and various South American countries as well as from another 50 countries throughout the world. We are drawing good and bad people who are going to be consuming America’s financial benefits.

Biden is promising amnesty with free health care, free lawyers, free housing –  and spending money. While veterans and other Americans have to sleep on the streets, illegal aliens are put up in hotels. It costs American taxpayers seven hundred dollars a day to support every illegal that cross our borders. Are you missing President Trump yet?

Progressives have opened up our borders because they want these people, that they are going to make dependent on the government, to vote for them and keep them in power. It’s a power play. Nothing else! They care nothing for the people who they encourage to come to our country.

If you think not, look at how Progressive politicians treat black people. Look at the Democrat cities. Black people are subjected to gun violence with high rates of murder. Minority children are trapped in failing public school systems in which teacher unions rule the day. They are denied the right to send their children to a school of their choice. Planned Parenthood is located in black neighborhoods where their children are murdered.

Progressives are coming for Asians now. That’s what they do, they Balkanize America, turning Americans against Americans.

These evil Progressives are now trying to take away our guns, want government-run health care, are pushing job-killing energy mandates and want to undermine election integrity and trap all with Universal Basic Income. This is pure evil that must be resisted.

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