Entering 2021, the Future of a Free Republic Hinges on Courage or Cowardice

Entering 2021, the Future of a Free Republic Hinges on Courage or Cowardice

by Dennis Jamison – 12/31/2020

Is there still a question of whether our election is in the process of being stolen? Only cowards, criminals, and the thieves themselves will dispute it! Then what of the rest of us who call ourselves Americans? When we look in the mirror, who do we see? Does the image looking back appear as a “summer soldier” or a “sunshine patriot” who will, in the midst of this premeditated hijack, “shrink from the service of his country” and make lame excuses for not acting? Will a free people defer to the cowardice of their pampered so-called leaders, who may have already struck deals with the criminals and thieves who lust for fame, power, or wealth? Will a free people tolerate the theft of their Republic?

Or, will deeply moved and sincerely motivated citizens realize the stakes, seize this moment and give up what they have, to protect the future freedom of their children, grandchildren, and future posterity? For such a time as this, it may truly be required, as the United States of America is being divided up identity slice by identity slice, like a pizza pie. It has been an age-old strategy and it was made well-known in the United States by Abraham Lincoln when he gave his acceptance speech to run for   a Senate seat for the Republican Party: “A house divided cannot stand.” However, he was quoting Jesus of Nazareth. It was true when he said it over 2,000 years ago, and it is true now.

There is no question that the United States of America is more representative of a “Divided States of America” than it is united. But, what is it that the people are divided over? Are the people simply divided over the men who ran to become POTUS? In the minds of some unenlightened souls, perhaps. These would be the disinterested or the low-information voters to which little matters but the day to day activities centered upon themselves. For those who have an inkling of the present existential threat confronting our nation, it is a bit more serious, and for those who can see farther down the road to see the potential outcomes of America’s future given our current trajectory, it is totally consuming. One cannot but be caught up in the turbulence of the tribulation.

At the beginning of this millennium, America is facing an existential threat that is quite complex. It is the result of deliberate and premeditated efforts from multiple directions: A long slow, steady, march to take over the greatest and most free nation upon the planet is now reaching a crescendo because an alliance of evil is  relishing the destruction of the Republic. Many citizens, who are clueless, are led to believe this crisis has been the result of the conflict between the Democrats and  the Republicans; but, that is a serious oversimplification. The nation is being betrayed by those within the United States who have taken capitalism to its extreme level of evolution: global domination of all markets. They have no use for populists who do not like to be mentally manipulated or controlled.

The other domestic enemy is a conglomeration of Progressive/Marxist/Communist comrades who have their own internal divisions that they have to resolve. But, they are willing to cooperate with the Globalists because they are fighting a common enemy a united America – a great America. Over 100 years ago the Marxist ideologues came to the United States. Karl Marx himself worked for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune as a foreign correspondent. He introduced his fallacious Marxist poison to the American press in the time prior to the Civil War. And, in the late 1800s, the rise of “Socialism’ occurred in the United States. Today, socialist Eugene V. Debs would be enthralled over how far Marxist thought has influenced groups today like the Socialist Democrats, Justice Democrats of AOC repute, as well as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The foreign enemies are numerous because the United States has always had a voice in the community of nations that cried out for enabling the fundamental freedoms for all people. And while some nations talk about the protection of God-given rights and individual freedoms, America has been the primary nation to “put its money where its mouth is” or what it raises its voice to defend or promote. And, whether it could be manifested in a  practical manner did not always work because when it comes to fighting for freedom, humanity (and government officials) seems to fall into the three groups mentioned previously. But, the nation did fight for the principles of freedom and practical application of freedom at the time of the Civil War.

What is an extreme paradox is that Karl Marx was opposed to slavery and slave labor in the time he worked for the New York Tribune, but his ideology gave rise to Communist and Socialist governments all over the world that have created the greatest antithesis to freedom in the history of humanity. And, three of the nations where Karl Marx’s atheistic ideology has created extreme tyrannies are now extreme enemies of the United States: Communist China, the DPRK of North Korea, and Russia, the former Soviet Union.

Indeed, the enemies of America are numerous. The homegrown and foreign-born bad actors are likely working with great anticipation over the outcome of the current crisis of a divided nation. “Progressive” Democrats, or more formally out-of-the-closet Socialists, have undermined the unity of the nation via identity politics. Also, the propagation of public fear through the contemporary version of the Ku Klux Klan, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, as well as the COVID “plannedemic,” has done much to cause citizens to fear their very neighbors.

The Socialist dictates of the governors of Anti-Constitution states have unreasonably clamped restrictions upon businesses deemed “non-essential.” It is as if citizens who pay their fair share of taxes are of no value. Americans who have little regard for Life, Liberty, and all other God-given rights are attempting to steal, not just the 2020 election, but the entire Republic! Only cowards, criminals, and thieves themselves will support it! Then what of the rest of us who call ourselves Americans?

Will Americans with courage begin to unite? Working as “lone rangers” can only work to create minimal success to fight the greater fight. Nevertheless, in this time, everyone who loves this nation can contribute to the fight for the future of freedom. Already efforts are being made in many of the lockdown states. The courageous are taking a stand to do what needs to be done to oppose dictatorial measures in the Anti-Constitution states. While COVID is strongly being used as an excuse to mandate unwarranted lockdowns as fear works to control the populace. Yet, “We the People” are fighting back. The ones who have no stomach for standing up to tyrants in the making have already chosen the pathways to safety following the example of Joe Biden in hiding in their basements, or making whatever legitimate sounding excuses they can to avoid the fray.

Yet, the courageous seek the ways to take action; and those who cannot act will donate to help those who are unafraid of exercising their God-given rights, while we still have them; and those who have little money may do the most important thing of all: to pray as they have never been able to pray before — for the total rejection of the theft of our election, for the reduction of fear festering in the hearts of the population, for repulsion of the domestic enemy, and for the protection of our president and his brave allies, the ones who dare to stand for freedom in this “dark winter.”

As we enter 2021, those who love the Republic, and who will fight for it, need to “Be strong and courageous! …not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 31:6

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