Escape The Tyranny

Escape The Tyranny

By Michael J. Lewinski – 7/20/2020

What is happening in our churches in America? The governor of California has ordered places of worship to limit their services to no more than 25% of their congregations. Even more shocking is his order to neither sing nor chant during the services.

So now the government of California not only wants to limit your ability to participate in church services, but also to stop you from singing and chanting. Songs and chants of various creeds and reciting the Lord’s prayer are out of bounds for the faithful.

What is most shocking is that pastors and congregants are agreeing to go along with this nonsense. We have to question why they would abandon the heart of their services. Perhaps it’s because they are no longer the salt and light of the earth. They have lost their way.

These churches are no longer Spirit filled. They have abandoned the great commission. The Holy Spirit no longer inhabits their churches.

Why would these Progressive revolutionaries do such a thing? Probably because they have adopted the Marxist ideology which preaches the hatred of God. Do you remember how President Obama described religious people? He said they were racists who cling to their rifles and bibles. 

This is why the Progressive revolutionaries are doing what they are doing. They hate religious people who hold different values which they abhor.  They cannot tolerate any dissent; none at all.

These radical elitists are intent on overthrowing the country, and the only force that can get in their way are religious people, people of faith. Hence, the crackdown on churches. 

In other parts of the country, no such strict measures are being implemented in red states. In Indiana, churches are open for services with few restrictions. At my church, we sing together. We pray together as we always have done. 

If the blue states want to escape this tyranny, their citizens are going to have to vote for conservative, Christian Republican candidates like Present Trump, and vote for them all the way up and down the like. These churches ,who collaborate with Newsom, have to see the light again. 

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