Eulogy: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Lord

Eulogy: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Lord

By Karen Hagestad Cacy

The Washington Cathedral, America’s church seated at the top of official Washington, D.C., hosted another passing, that of a true American hero, John McCain. Flowers were banked, choirs sang, and mourners were from every part of the government, Republican, Democrat, and Decline to State.

Past presidents lined the front pew. The current president sent his daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, to quietly convey a semblance of his respect for a man who did not deserve his particularly harsh remark delivered in the heat of political battle in 2015: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured.” Gazing down on official Washington that fall morning, God himself may have been the only entity truly the missing man who uttered those ill- fated words, the unfortunate target of those regrettable words lying in state, and the men and women who may have forgotten the Biblical directions, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Washington is all about blame and harsh judgements. Truth has been distorted to such an extent in this chaste enclave of power-holders, it has left the official city on little kitty cat paws. What’s left is vitriol, venom, and a total lack of self- awareness. Many have been on the track to power so long, they now lack the capacity to even recognize the truth, even as it passes before their eyes.

Former presidents pontificated that morning, and, lurking within their pious words, was the not so well hidden judgement of the man in the Oval Office. They said in essence, “We have gathered in a cathedral with choirs, flags and a grieving widow, and in so doing, to pay homage to our own purity to judge and condemn.” No longer the province of God, these disappointing political remnants of our Founding Fathers today know only slogans and self- serving platitudes. The truth can take a hike.

The personality of the deceased John McCain was on full display at his funeral. He was by turns loyal, obstinate, and a fearsome enemy. He was the man in that Vietnam prison cage, fighting, always fighting. He met his match in our non-military, non-war hero, Donald Trump. But each man shared a vociferous steadfastness. Each man could, and did, speak his truth, and the devil take the hindmost.

Each man, let us not forget, loved America. One is now dead, while the other has chosen to disrupt the corrupt centers of American power. One man defended his country at risk of life and limb. The other took no interest in government power. He instead passed his years worshipping the dollar bill, America’s capitalistic symbol of success. No Kennedy School of Government for Donald Trump.

No righteous self-importance either.

Trump, as his deceased foe, is of, by, and for the common man. Trump, as John McCain, practices self-effacement and a refusal to accept anything less than excellence. Sometimes, depending on his position at the time, John McCain was lauded by the left. Other times, he was damned in his defense of conservative policies.

Seeing the corruption that has unwittingly and over time enveloped our national government. Donald Trump has chosen his enemies and his friends carefully. He has no regard for whose ox he gores so long as that ox has out-lived his sell-by date due to malfeasant deeds from the privilege of power.

John McCain, Former Senator President Donald J. Trump Strong men cannot be anything but what they are: Strong men. Such men, including John McCain and Donald Trump do not suffer fools lightly. Such men eschew business as usual in favor of winning and the truth. Both men are harder on themselves than they ever are on others. Both men are complex creatures. One served America his entire life. The other has only lately come to the task.

What each man shares is the urge to right wrongs, see truth, and revere this great nation.

It is enough THE WAY OF LOVE  By: Jim Overway Without love, even eloquence grates like nails upon a board, even if the words that come are from our loving Lord.

And the power of a mighty faith, while sure and firm and strong will not be remembered long if love, itself, is gone.

And if all that one possesses goes fully to the poor, It’s a gesture, void and empty, without love in every pore.

And even if my body burns and I a martyr be, it matters not to anyone, if love’s not part of me.

It’s love that looks like gentleness by providing self-control when anger threatens inner peace and tests our very soul.

It is love that offers patience, gives us hope and makes us kind.

It is love that casts out envy to make room for peace of mind.

Those who speak but do not know may bait our earthly pride and tempt us with abundant gifts to keep us satisfied.

But we have a way to spot these frauds, a way to test their word.

Be sure their words align with God’s or let them not be heard.

He commands our faith, so too, our love and how we’re to disperse it.

Align yourself with His love and grow it, feed it, nurse it.

Compliance he’s provided us; it’s right there in our hands.

To love each other, selflessly, is what our God commands.

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