Evidence Exists to Question the Election in 2020; It Did Not in 2016

Evidence Exists to Question the Election in 2020; It Did Not in 2016

by Dennis JamisonNovember 19, 2020

Six states of the “United States” that are considered “battleground states” have emerged to hold the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Six states, but possibly only five, are under serious scrutiny for allowing election fraud in their states. Of course, this is heresy and unwarranted accusation without evidence to Democrat leaders and their sycophants. In addition, many of the mainstream media moguls are incredulous that common ordinary citizens would question their media-anointing of former Vice-President Joe Biden as president-elect. And the major social media giants are suppressing any mention of voter fraud or irregular election activities, or the “computer glitches” in the electronic voting machines using Dominion or Scytl.

As this contestation of the 2020 election proceeds on into November, more and more evidence is being found of election fraud. Yet, the interesting factor of this period is the overt lack of concern from the Democratic Party that there may be fraud involved. There used to be concern among the leaders of the Democratic Party regarding the potential for fraud. Recently, Tucker Carlson made serious reference to the sudden lack of Democrat leaders’ concern over election fraud. In light of how seriously the Democrat leaders challenged the outcome of the 2016 election, it is unusual that there is now no concern over whether there was any interference from foreign owned voting machine companies that may have altered the outcome of the national election and whether all legal votes were counted accurately. Or, is the proverbial shoe on the other foot?

This silence may be simply circumstantial but the underlying claims of the Democrats (when they were quite vociferous) in opposing Trump’s presidency for so long is that they portrayed their false narrative that there was Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign. Their point was that outside interference caused Trump’s election, and such actions had undermined democracy in such an atrocious injustice. Yet, at the same time, the Democrat leadership knew that such charges were fabricated by the DNC in collusion with a British foreign national. Much of all of that was pure propaganda without evidence.

Is this why the Democrat leadership and the talking heads of the mainstream media outlets are so enamored with continuing to use the words “without real evidence,” or “unsubstantiated claims,” or “unproven claims” as they refer to the Trump camp’s charges of fraudulent activity in the election? It is absolutely disingenuous that the MSM continued to hammer President Trump on a daily basis over the “Russian collusion” without any substantial evidence and all the while the media moguls knew there was no evidence. One attitude at the time was that they just needed more time to find the evidence. Why not now?

On the flip side of the demand for evidence, when proof of fraud is uncovered, there is no mention of it in the MSM, or if patriots try to share evidence on any of the major social media outlets, the information is suppressed. This has the outward look of collusion. Recently in Congress, Senator Josh Hawley grilled Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s coordination with Google and Twitter in their suppression of such information. Tucker Carlson also featured this challenge to Facebook’s practices that came about due to a whistleblower. But, it is hard for good citizens to have the courage to stand up and speak out. People who do fear reprisals from the “political correctness police” who are the sycophants for the political criminal cabal behind the attempt to steal the election.

So, if intelligent people are keeping track, the Democrat Party, the Globalists, the Never-Trumpers, and Hollywood Elitists have intended to harm (even kill in some extreme cases) a duly elected POTUS via the manufactured propaganda against Donald Trump. The leaders of the political criminal cabal at the rotten core of this intent had also determined to overthrow the government by the fraud perpetrated in the 2020 election. This should be considered treason. But, our nation has a history of being soft on traitors – unless we consider General Benedict Arnold.

Silence in light of the claims of fraud and evidence being accumulated is one thing. But, the suppression of information from good citizens who still love the United States, is another reality altogether. However, the deeper reality here is that the political criminal cabal either included agencies (like CISA) within the United States government, or that they utilized them for extended cover and  disinformation regarding the integrity of the election. How deep is the Deep State? Americans are appalled at how deep the corruption penetrates. It does make Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” much more relevant.

The “swamp monsters” do not only exist in the Swamp. President Trump was just getting started, and that is why the political criminal cabal targeted him even before he was inaugurated. Trump became a target of elimination simply  because he had determined to eliminate the swamp monsters. So, they came to the realization that it was a battle for survival. But, the true target is the freedom of the people of the United States of America. It was the freedom of the people to vote that unleashed Trump against the political criminal cabal in the Swamp as well as the other locations where corruption thrives in America.

What this means is that the Swamp Monsters are more loyal to their own power and status and wealth than they are to their country. If one has no allegiance to their nation, or to the nation’s laws, there is no foundation of loyalty that exists. When no loyalty exists to the nation, one can easily betray their country. This can happen on many levels, in many different ways, but the betrayal of one’s country used to be considered treason. What would you call it when a group of people plot to carry out a “civil” coup d’état through all of the various phases as citizens have witnessed them in the past four years?

An attempt to take over a nation in a civil manner, or one that is violent, used to be considered treason. Is it still?

When a group of people deliberately and continually question the validity of an election with the intent to eradicate the public trust in the electoral process, or to destroy the people’s faith in a specific election, it takes its toll on the people. But then, when the people demonstrate their lack of trust or faith in a specific election, and they are told it is wrong by the ones who taught them to question, there is a definite defiance of logic. The Democrats cannot have it both ways. The reality is that there is more evidence in 2020 to question the validity of the election results than any evidence that existed in 2016. But, in 2016, lack of evidence did not deter them. Having genuine evidence should absolutely not deter patriots from bringing all the corruption and fraud into the noonday sun.

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