Exposing the Demonic Strategy of How Shame & Guilt are Used to Manipulate in the Culture War Today

Exposing the Demonic Strategy of How Shame & Guilt are Used to Manipulate in the Culture War Today

by Tim Taylor     2/17/2019

I saw a post on Lance Wallnau’s Facebook this morning highlighting this Breitbart article Report: Chicago Police Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack. Immediately God began to speak to me using this situation as an example to expose the secret strategy of our adversary, the devil.

The cry racism has become the “go to strategy” on the Democrat Socialist Left because they’ve found success in using guilt and shame for the past. It’s been as effective or more effective than the go to scripture that even unbelievers seem to know so well and works hand in hand: “THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE!” it seems like their actions declare they really only want this applied to themselves. Candidly, the “Me Too ” movement, LGBT etc. basically use the same strategy with a different subject. It’s like the unholy trinity in their strategic verbal arsenal.

At the core of this strategy is the intent to use partial truths, guilt and shame to manipulate behavior. This is done by stirring up emotions with a false narrative which distracts from the truth and advances a demonic agenda.

Critics question whether Democrats have lost the ability to claim the moral high ground.

The Democratic Socialist Left have had their moral compass so impacted by the attraction of the world… they readily believe and promote lies.

The Epitome of Deceit

Now many, not all I might add, whose ancestors were formerly oppressed, have leagued with the Democrat Party platform who authored that oppression. That is the epitome of warfare. The demonic working through the platform has succeeded in winning over the  ones they sought to oppress and have even enlisted their help in continuing their destruction. Talk about deceit.

They’ve so twisted their memory of history they’ve joined with their oppressors and continue to murder and destroy their community. Remember the spiritual law in 1 Corinthians 15:46 that teaches us that the natural comes first (ie. physical slavery) and then the spiritual (ie. abortion murders 3x more than other ethnicities, welfare policies which undermine families such that more than 70% are fatherless, etc.)

Justice Does not Use Guilt & Shame to Manipulate for Personal Gain

It is not justice to use shame and guilt from other people’s pasts to manipulate for personal gain whether it be for money or political power.  You can identify those whom I mean by merely using Matthew 7:15-20 where Jesus describes how to recognize a “false prophet.” You will recognize them by their fruit: character!  What follows their character, often wealth and power gleaned by means using Satan’s modus operandi and spreading his lying agenda.

History and the Truth

Every ethnicity has people who make decisions like that. Racism does exist, but nothing on the scale like it was. It seems like everyone forgets the history which records how Muslims in Africa initiated the slave trade and still practice it today. Note, I only highlight this to add  to the historical reality as this is rarely shared in today’s political narrative. It’s one of the spiritual reasons as to why the Democratic Left seeks to destroy history, flags and statues which are actually their own party’s history.

But today, civil laws have changed such that that racism is illegal and the disgust of racism is even reflected in the majority of public opinion. For the most part everyone acknowledges the sin and iniquity of the forefathers that sinned. But very few seem to remember the forefathers who DID NOT SIN, but rather fought and died to overturn that unrighteousness and deliver an oppressed people. Today, the very system who once ruled that African Americans were not fully human has long been overturned, corrected and condemned.  Where is the gratitude for those who died so that others could be free?

The Oppression Continues, But the Strategy Changed because the Laws Changed

But the party who were the originators of this scourge of thought, continues to incite racism. Only now, it has changed its strategy because laws have changed such that the devil’s tactics to incite destruction have changed and this story simply provides an object lesson for us to focus on the demonic’s modus operandi.

How can you tell? The Democratic Party is historically the political party Satan worked through to enslave a people. It’s the same political party platform that authored and passed the Jim Crow laws, founded the military arm of the Democrat Party called the Klu Klux Klan or the KKK. It’s the political party which adopted Margaret Sanger’s strategy originally called the “Negro Project,” which included the plan to exterminate the black race by even hiring ministers to help convince their communities that abortion was a good thing. Today, it’s called Planned Parenthood.

The Injustice Continues through the Deceived

But, there are those who continue fanning the flames of long passed injustice, which has been erased by laws which replaced the unjust ones. Today “Planned Murderhood,” the darling of the Democrats, still kill three times more beautiful black children in places like New York than other ethnic communities; yet, roughly 90% of the African American community still supports the Democrat party.  All this was accomplished through lies, deceit, bribes, murder, destruction, self-promotion etc. All of these attributes are characteristics of the root of Satan and have been worked through his children who serve his agenda. Such was the fruit of the Democrat President Lyndon B Johnson.

The Demonic Needs a Host to Work Through

My friends, the demonic needs a host, giving it hands and feet to commit crimes and a mouth and tongue to release gossip, slander and false accusations. To do this, Satan needs a host, whose mind is twisted. A mind who’s been indoctrinated with a false world view that frames issues with lies so that it can create a false narrative. A faux or pseudo map of an issue with a false high ground.

That’s what this Breitbart story highlights. It’s trying to perpetuate a false narrative. It’s part of their emphasis to seek a moral high ground. Remember, in a culture war, he who controls the language or narrative controls the issue. The moral high ground provides a strong base to launch offensive operations from.

Why? Because the high ground gives them an advantage. It always does in a war whether  it is a physical, cultural or spiritual war. A recent news report on Fox News featured a theme regarding the Left’s seeking to take the ‘Moral High Ground.’ But the report notes the hypocrisy in issue after issue.

Hypocrite – the Greek Origin

Assuming the narrative in this case unfolds as presented in this Breitbart article, why are you surprised that an ‘actor,’ which by the way is the origin of ‘hypocrite’ in the Greek, would stage something to fit a narrative they so desperately want to believe?

Obviously, the spiritual war is not won. But, the truth is coming out. That’s a win, but this guy’s soul is still unredeemed. Pray for his salvation, pray for the salvation of those who were hired to stage an incident. Pray the veil is lifted off the deceived, and pray and call forth the deceived out of a spiritual Babylon. But recognize that civil authorities, which are given by God, must act to render truth and justice when the spiritual fails (Romans 13:1-5).


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