Facebook Kingpin Zuckerberg Backstops Stealing Of Election

Facebook Kingpin Zuckerberg Backstops Stealing Of Election

by Def Con News – 9/8/2020

Big Tech is coming to the aid of the Democrat-Deep State joint venture to steal the election and disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans who will cast their votes for President Trump.

In an announcement that was always imminent, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg is claiming that there is “nothing illegitimate” about the overturning of the election day vote totals by allowing for Democrat ballot harvesting operations to take place until there are enough “votes” to put the corpse Joe Biden into the White House.

A Democrat-backed Lawfare legal SWAT team will fan out across battleground states to muck up the works and delay the certification of ballots until the steal has been complete while ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs will encircle the White House and terrorize citizens across the country.

Zuckerberg made his remarks in an interview with left-leaning “news” outlet Axios/HBO set to air on Tuesday.

Via Breitbart News, “Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Nothing Illegitimate’ About Election Taking ‘Additional Days, or Even Weeks’”:

In a recent interview with Axios on HBO, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg urged the media to assure the public that there was “nothing illegitimate” about waiting days or even weeks to tabulate the results of the upcoming presidential election.

In a recent interview with Axios on HBO, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that it may take days or even weeks for votes in the upcoming presidential election to be counted and verified but there was “nothing illegitimate” about this practice.

“You said on election day it’s over, but it well might not be, right?” Axios asked Zuckerberg who replied: “I think the dynamic that you’re talking about is really important, which is that we may not know the final result on election night.”

Zuckerberg went on to add: “One of the things that I think we and other media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there’s nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days, or even weeks to make sure that all of the votes are counted. In fact, that might be important to make sure that this is a legitimate and fair election.”

Zuckerberg discussed how Facebook plans to facilitate that stating: “So, we’re going to do a bunch of different messaging around that, just to make sure that people know that that’s normal. So if one of the candidates in any of the races claims victory before there’s a consensus result, then we’re going to add some informational context to that post directly saying that there’s no consensus result yet.”

Zuckerberg discussed fears of civil unrest surrounding the election stating: “I think that this is important because there is, unfortunately, I think, a heightened risk of civil unrest in the period, you know, between voting and a result being called or after that. And I just think that we need to be doing everything that we can to reduce the chances of violence or civil unrest in the wake of this election.”

It bears mentioning that Facebook is working hand-in-hand with the neocon Atlantic Council, a pro-fascist NATO-connected “think tank” that has been instrumental in the ongoing war against President Trump.

Zuckerberg’s message which will also quickly be adopted by Twitter, Google and other controlled Big Tech censors makes an article that I wrote back in June all the more prophetic.

Fascist Facebook Intensifies War On Free Speech To Prevent President Trump’s Reelection

With the clock ticking down to the most important election in American history the ongoing purge of pro-Trump conservative voices on social media is intensifying.

The monopolistic big tech corporations that have accumulated unprecedented and dangerous power to influence what voters are allowed to see and hear are determined to deny President Trump a second term and are ramping up their censorship initiatives in advance of the election.

Leading the way is Facebook which is now the dominant gatekeeper of information and which has for years been engaged in a campaign to silence conservative voices with extreme prejudice on behalf of Democrats and the company’s Chinese allies.

It isn’t enough the Mark Zuckerberg has unleashed the censors to demonetize and silence those who support President Trump under the pretense of policing “hate speech” which is so vaguely defined so as to include practically ever aspect of conservative thought, the coronavirus has now given the totalitarian left a golden opportunity.

Under the pretense of public health awareness, the Facebook Ministry Of Truth has aligned with the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization (WHO) to combat Covid-19 “misinformation” and has carried out a vicious censorship campaign against Americans who dare to protest the draconian lockdowns in Democrat controlled states.

Facebook has repeatedly canceled pages belonging to groups seeking to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully protest the government just as the social network did in China where it assisted the ruthless communist regime in crushing dissent.

Now what worked in China, is being rolled out in America with the implicit goal being preventing Trump’s reelection and if successful, waging war on his supporters who will be crushed beneath the heels of Silicon Valley’s stomping jackboots.

In a major escalation, Facebook has created an Orwellian global oversight board that will lead the jihad against free speech and help to usher in a future where dissenting voices will be silenced for good.

Herr Zuckerberg proudly announced the birth of this fascist monstrosity by hailing the qualifications of those who have been appointed as the overlords of censorship.

They include ultra-left Democrat activist law professor Pamela Karlan who was one of Adam Schiff’s hand-picked “expert” witnesses during impeachment. Also tabbed by Facebook as the former chief editor for the far-left British paper The Guardian, an academic who has compared President Trump to Hitler and a gaggle of others with ties to George Soros.

Facebook has compared the oversight board to a “supreme court” but the records of the “judges” shows that this particular court is packed with activist jurists and as rigged as the one that the corrupt Judge Emmett Sullivan has presided over during the Michael Flynn travesty.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley who is one of a small handful of members of Congress who have called out Big Tech’s anti-conservative bias called the board “special censorship committee” which will have final say over “what speech can stay & what should go.”

Facebook’s intensification of the war on free speech has now extended beyond using “fact checkers” of dubious nature and teaming up with the virulently anti-Trump think tank The Atlantic Council to police what are deemed to acceptable opinions to setting up its quasi-governmental censorship committee.

It isn’t hard to envision a day in the very near future when the anti-freedom triad of Facebook, Google and Twitter will have banned every noncompliant conservative from their platforms, a fascistic power move that would not be tolerated in a country with an honest media and a functional political system.

Too bad that we don’t live in one.

They have stolen your freedom and now they are stealing your vote and there isn’t a damned thing that can be done to stop them.

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