Facing the China Threat

Facing the China Threat

By Jim Bratten – 11/15/21

AXIOS ran this headline November 3: “Pentagon sharply raises estimate of China’s nuclear expansion,” reporting that “China is rapidly accelerating the expansion of its nuclear stockpile and is likely seeking to quadruple its number of nuclear warheads by 2030.” The Pentagon’s report to Congress further states that “China may have up to 700 deliverable warheads by 2027 and 1,000 by 2030 – a sharp revision upward from last year, when the U.S. estimated China’s stockpile would double from the low 200s over the next decade.”

It’s nice that the “Pentagon report” discovered this; the DOD and the CIA completely missed it. Instead of finding out exactly what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was up to, our national security complex ignored the threat from Communist China to focus on “wokeness” in our military ranks and to train military leadership in the finer points of recognizing “white supremacy” and “extremism” in the branches of our armed forces. Social justice through “diversity, equity, and inclusion” concerned them more than a competent military strategy to counter an expansionist Red China.

The CCP also caught our intelligence agencies off guard when they successfully tested a hypersonic weapon recently. They launched a Mach 5+ missile, which circled the globe in the stratosphere and impacted within 25 miles of its target; outstanding for a first attempt (that we know of). Our latest hypersonic test failed shortly after launch.

Red China has successfully infiltrated our academic institutions, intelligence community, and defense department. The Communists have also co-opted our largest corporations and bought the Biden family and many elected officials in the Swamp.

The CEO of BlackRock and the CEO of Nike are two examples of corporate leaders “on board” with the CCP. Nike CEO John Donahoe stated in his Nike fourth quarter earnings call that, “We are a brand of China and for China. And the biggest asset we have in China is the consumer equity.” All profit and no principles or morals. Human rights abuse? Not a problem.

Communist China took extensive notes during our debacle in Afghanistan. Biden’s ineptitude in the massive failure must have pleased the CCP immensely, since it gave them an opportunity to obtain high-tech U.S. military equipment and the occupation of Bagram Air Base and other lesser facilities vacated by the Biden Regime surrender. All the CCP had to do was to pay the Taliban a pittance, which they happily did.

The CCP has also been paying attention to the disaster at our open borders and the opportunities for them to sneak operatives into our country. Our Customs and Border Patrol agents have already apprehended sizeable numbers of Chinese illegally crossing into the U.S. Other adversaries of the U.S. have already taken advantage of America’s open door.

Although President Trump was clear on questions of national security and transparent in his China policy, his military advisers denied the Red Chinese threat. Joe Biden erased Trump’s policy, demanding Americans accept a dangerous, unsure future with Red China, while giving the CCP most favored dictatorship status – more money and opportunity to harass and threaten our way of life while they build a bigger, more potent military and take over thousands of square miles in the South Pacific.

It seems our military command needs to revisit its priorities and stick to its primary job description: defend our nation and dissuade our enemies from attacking us with overwhelming strength and readiness. Our woke military leaders, “asleep at the switch,” don’t begin to fit that strategy.

Communist China has been abusing America for decades, and our leaders did very little about it. Red China had our trade tied up, our economy captive, and our national debt firmly in their grasp. From the early 1990s until 2016, they called the shots. Despite the Biden Regime, it’s time for the woke Pentagon to wake up to the CCP.

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