Fake News

Fake News

By Michael J. Lewinski – 07/12/20

The Mainstream Media [MSN] is going to be responsible for the downfall of the United States of America. With their fake news stories, they promote every single issue they raise that the hate Trump crowd promotes.

The MSM is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist party. They promote the never-Trump Republican RINO’s messages. They amplify the voices of Black Lives Matter with their anti-American Communist agenda.

We have seen broadcast journalists standing in front of burning buildings while declaring the rioting is a mostly peaceful protest. These are the kind of lies they are feeding to the American people.

George Will, while on Meet the Press as a Never Trumper, declared because of Trump’s response to the Chinese Communist Party’s virus, America looks like a pitiful helpless giant. They love promoting the never Trumpers criticism.

While they protect Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee, MSM calls upon Progressive Democrats to spread their lies and promote their anti-American agenda. They do this because most news people hate President Trump, and they also have an anti-American agenda.

Of those news people who donate to campaigns, more than eight out of ten donate to the Democrats. This is a practice that mirrors that which can be found in higher education institutions.  This makes sense since they come from the universities. It was at the universities where the news people learned to hate President Trump.

Quite frequently, the news programs feature law professors and others from academia to criticize President Trump. They bring in doctors and scientists to contradict what President Trump says about the fight to overcome the Chinese Communist Party virus.

To defeat the MSM fake news, we the people Patriots must turn them off and stop reading newspapers that attack President Trump. We must find fair and balanced outlets that do not have an agenda. We must register to vote and cast ballots to defeat the Progressives revolution to transform our country from a democratic constitutional republic into a Socialist and Communist tyranny. 

As always, we must ask God to guide us in making wise decisions.  Get good news and vote.

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