Farewell and Thank You, Sarah Sanders

Farewell and Thank You, Sarah Sanders

By Kendra Miller

If you’ve never had to stand in front of a group of reporters shouting questions at you, it’s hard to understand what press secretary Sarah Sanders has had to do as part of her job for the last three-plus years. To put it into perspective, consider what it’s like to have 10 four-year-olds simultaneously grabbing and yelling for your attention day in and day out. It’s wearing, trying and difficult to hold your tongue, let alone your temper. And yet, Sanders has run this gauntlet for several years with wit, grace and insight.

As the former spokesperson for several large organizations, I’ve done numerous interviews with the media, but never with more than one or two reporters at a time, and no one was yelling at me.

Sarah Sanders will never get the recognition and respect that she truly deserves because the hatred for her boss is so strong. While the mainstream media would just deal in soundbites and try to make her a laughingstock, I’ve looked for longer clips of her press conferences online. I have always been impressed with her ability to stay on point, answer repetitive and pointless questions while showing a quiet strength and grace when others were disrespectful, even to her face.

For the last several years both Sanders and her family lived in a fishbowl, targets for people who never had a kind word, and who used their platform to bully her and the president. She did far more than serve as the President’s spokesperson. She was a trusted advisor, traveled as part of the staff to meetings with foreign leaders and represented the President on numerous talking head shows. She was only the third woman to hold this highly visible position. Neither she nor the President ever received the recognition that should have come with this appointment. For that matter, the Left and mainstream media have failed to recognize the number of women President Trump has appointed to high-level positions.

In a tweet, Sanders said: “I am blessed and forever grateful to @realDonaldTrump for the opportunity to serve and proud of everything he’s accomplished. I love the President and my job. The most important job I’ll ever have is being a mom to my kids and it’s time for us to go home. Thank you, Mr. President!

Her decision to return to Arkansas with her family is not a surprise and she is correct, being a mom is the most important job she will ever have. However, I suspect her service to this President and the country will not end here.

Kendra Miller is a writer and book editor based in Maryland. She has a passion for seeing women reach their full potential and is involved in a mentoring ministry through her church.

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