Fear of CV-19 divides families but ignored for illegals

Fear of CV-19 divides families but ignored for illegals

By A. Dru KristenevFebruary 18, 2021


After nearly a year of fear tactics pressing Americans to mask-up and lockdown, families have undergone devastating divisions and isolations. Far beyond the school closures that kept students from socializing with friends and hospitalizations that disallowed visitation has been the self-imposed separation of grown children from parents that’s prevented extended family gatherings.

Long after some states have dropped mask mandates (months of statistics bear out that wearing face coverings have had no affect on the spread or containment of the Wuhan virus), residual anxiety continues to keep grandparents and others at bay. It’s come to the point that some younger parents are levying ultimatums that grands be inoculated with experimental vaccines before they will be allowed to interface with the children.

The lack of logic is a wonder, considering that children appear to be least likely to come down with the virus that is survived by 99% of individuals contracting it. The other side of the coin is how people are so willing to compel others to receive a biologic into their bodies without knowing the longterm side effects, of which there is good question as to how debilitating they may be.

Media-induced fear has led to higher rates of depression among teens that’s translated into a sizable uptick in suicides. It has also been verified that alcoholism, drug and physical abuse and even incest have climbed in numbers during the last year. Anguish at home has branched out into violence in the streets where youths are involved in rocketing incidents of carjackings, riotings, shootings and murders, Chicago and New York having among the highest number of predatory crimes although subjected to the harshest mandates.

While Americans distance themselves, berating family and neighbors who rely on facts rather than unconstitutional edicts, calling them heartless and going so far as to accuse maskless individuals of being “killers,” it’s considered an act of benevolence to welcome untested and likely infected gatecrashers into the country.

The immigration bill about to be introduced in the House of Representatives handily ignores the pandemic that is supposedly sweeping our nation, let alone the world. Mexico is suffering under much greater numbers of CV-19 cases but the slim democrat majority is readying comprehensive legislation, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, to essentially erase our southern border.

Not only would the barn door be swung wide but immigration officials would have their hands tied when it comes to CV-19 testing and verifying criminal pasts, basically tossing policies back to an uncaring Obama era of inviting lawbreakers to invade along with the poor and indigent. It will institutionalize many of the over 50 executive actions already taken by the Biden administration, which are limited in their regulatory scope until passed through the legislative process.

Whereas families are afraid of enjoying a birthday party at grandma’s house, the fear factor is conveniently sidelined to usher in millions of untested, unvaccinated and perhaps probable CV-19 carriers set free to distribute the virus across the nation.

Nah, no double-standards here. At least, not as far as democrat (and some unscrupulous republicans) are concerned. Their agenda appears to be

  1. Destroy the American family;
  2. Dismantle the economy;
  3. Displace American workers with cheap, and possibly sick, labor;
  4. Ensure a democrat power base for time immemorial.

Whether families of citizens are divided due to an unhealthy fear of becoming unhealthy, or unsupervised (and trafficked) children are brought over the border for a better future, in both instances false narratives separate children from their parents.We will suffer bombardment of bad legislation over the next weeks, democrats hoping to use their tight majority to remake America in their image of a new feudal society, themselves ruling the roost from the armed camp they’ve created in Washington, D.C., henpecking dissidents into submission.

The roll-out begins with the immigration reform bill that awards citizenship to lawbreakers and individuals who have no concept of how a constitutional republic works, nor would they be interested in assuring its continuance.

H.R. 1 is the vehicle to force federal takeover of elections, making it a free-for-all that guarantees the left’s political reign.

H.R. 127 is the bill to restrict the Second Amendment and disarm as many Americans as possible, leaving the government to control who can keep and bear arms, i.e. the officials in and directed by Fort D.C.

The farcical impeachment is over except for the sideshows, leaving the administration to find another distraction to keep Americans’ eyes on something other than the swift, they hope, elimination of the Constitution.

Feeding on the fear government and media has been peddling for a year, the struggle over how to distribute vaccines and whether government is empowered to compel individuals to receive them (it isn’t), the new carnival act is being staged.

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