Fighting Our Corrupt System

Fighting Our Corrupt System

By Michael J. Lewinski 10/17/19

As Americans, all we want to do is live under just laws in a balanced system which is fair and unbiased. We no longer live in such conditions. We have let that system initiated by the founding generation slip between our fingers for better than a hundred years. Progressives have robbed us, and given us the failed conditions that now plague our land.

Men – and women, of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and languages want a constitutionally just system. It’s only status quo elites protecting power and wealth who uphold the corrupt structure in our economic, political, judicial, social and educational lives. 

We have only had one leader who has taken on this unjust system. It’s President Trump who is fighting the deep state and its allies to drain the swamp throughout the country. If he serves until 2025, with what’s just beginning to come from Justice Department investigations, we will see a more just and fair America in the future. 

If President Trump succeeds, a more moral climate may be restored. There will be more respect for the rule of law. We might even find we will be more tolerant and civil as a people. Instead of the hateful universe in which we now live, we will have a more respectful one. 

With President Trump’s economic success in improving our material lives, and his success appointing and securing constructional, rationalist, conservative judges and justices, we will be on track to creating a more fair and just society. Through those judges, we will reclaim our religious liberty, free speech and property rights, along with our other sacred rights. 

This won’t happen however, if we do not root out the progressives in the bureaucracies, the political classes, the mainstream media, and in our educational systems. President Trump can do that in some cases through the executive branch, but we as a people can only do that at the ballot box. We can do that by boycotting the mainstream media and the educational systems that indoctrinate our youth. We can petition God to support President Trump and grant us the courage to do what we need to do.


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