Fix the Problem!

Fix The Problem

By Michael J. Lewinski 12/16/18

Before I begin to explore my topic, I want to make you aware of and incredible individual, Gary Sinise. This week his foundation sent 1,750 gold star family members on a 5 day vacation to Disney World for Christmas. He represents the best in America where many people do well for their fellow man.

In an interview on Firing Line, Former Governor Mitch Daniels suggested we avoid the consequences of our debt crisis because most people are unaware of the ramifications of not being willing to deal with it. The debt that we’re passing on to our children and grandchildren he said is immoral. This, I might add, was the view of our Founding Fathers.

He cited the Conservative Republicans’ and Democrats’ acquiescence to Progressive demands for bigger government. He described it as a failure of both parties. He is right. Politicians in both parties have abandoned our future for wins, for short term gains. Self-centered, power hungry politicians who do not look ahead are immoral.

We are unaware of this problem because the politicians and the news media wish to hide it and keep us ignorant of what’s coming. Our problem is we are running out of time. No more kicking the can down the road. There is a really big stone wall dead ahead.

In other parts of his interview, he struck a much more hopeful note. This is something I’ve written about before. A very shining element of Hoosier culture. It is in Hoosiers’ hearts, a willingness and desire to look after their fellow man. This is an attribute that distinguishes the people of Indiana from those on the coasts.

What Indiana has going for it is our great people. People of faith and others choose to live a good life. Part of living a good life is to take responsibility for your own personal debt and our collective debt. Of the latter, you need to tell the Trump administration and Congress, “People, FIX THE PROBLEM!”


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