Founder’s Message – 4/29/21

Joe Biden delivered a speech to Congress yesterday, but it has been said to not be a “State of the Union Address.” CNN was making all kinds of analogies to other non-state of the Union speeches to provide the non-context of the event. One must wonder whether the State of the Union is so bad that Biden and the Democrats are so embarrassed to talk about it that the speech cannot bear that title. It’s either that, or the Union does not exist in the minds of the Democrats as they have already turned the keys to the nation over to the CCP!

The rapid descent into a Democrat dystopia is quite alarming to most conscious citizens and patriots who still care about a Free Republic. Just a few short months ago America was a different place. And for those still unconscious, the CSN newsletter is one source for intelligent information and honest commentary about where we are in such a time as this. Party ideology, not an America first concept, is the seminal consideration of leaders at the core of the Democrat dictatorial agenda.

When the Biden Administration removed the 1776 initiative promoted by Bod Woodson, and placed into President Trump’s bank of programs to promote America, it essentially replaced it with the fallacious Critical Race Theory, which is a “theory” being promoted as fact, and shoved down the throats of America’s school children. Honestly, I am not so sure why parents should want their kids to go back to the public school system when such an agenda coupled with the sexual deviance curricula have permeated the public schools in America. Parents should look into alternatives like EdExit that is a website promoting brilliant alternatives to public education:

Today we have a great lineup of articles, and the  first one we offer is from A. Dru Kristenev who writes primarily about ignorance and fear in her article, “Solving “problems that don’t exist.” She tackles the ignorance of the Democrat Governor of Kansas as well as the “mask or no mask” controversy. Kristenev covers a lot of territory in her article (from Kansas to Florida), and she covers some of the critical issues facing the American people today in our turbulent society.

My article examines the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom in California, which is not a “done deal” just yet, even though the number of signatures to pose a recall was reached and authenticated on Monday. However, California still exists as a one-Party state. I had the opportunity to attend a public meeting with a GOP state senator on Wednesday, and he seemed to almost be preparing the audience of staunch Republicans that Democrats could still get away with retaining the governor’s office. So, the fight is not over out here.

Writer Jim Bratten looks closely at our system of Justice (with a capital “J”) in relation to the Chavin trial and subsequent verdict last week. He has a very serious point in that “Our entire justice system has been corrupted by the identity politics of a single political party. Jury members were intimidated, harassed and threatened; warned that if Derek Chauvin wasn’t found guilty on all counts, the threats against them, body and property, would be realized horrifically.”

Our fourth article is from a new writer to the CSN nmewsletter, Stephanie Mann, who   is a Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant, who has written five books on family, home, neighborhood and community safety. Her work is featured on her website as  well as other sites. Her site is called Safe Kids Now:  Her article is on a very relevant topic and may provide a fundamental answer to the unjust system that Bratten examines.

Our final article is from Michael Lewinski who reminds us in his succinct manner that “Our Freedom is on the Line.” He examines a few points in which HR 1 (as well as S1) contribute to the serious and likely irreparable loss of our Freedom (with a capital “F”). It is short and to the point, and Lewinski’s perspective is spot on. We need to fight it.

Of the different video selections we offer today, I would still recommend those that are from the Health and Freedom Conference that was held the weekend of April 16 & 17. There are only a few, and a previous edition posted some of the conference, and some of the videos have some sound or technical problems, but most of the conference can still be viewed on the original site.

We remind readers that the Citizen Sentinels Network’s “Citizen Voice” Live Video Program is still on Monday afternoons. The live-streamed continues to be streamed into the Wisconsin Christian News network. This Monday, May 3, we will have an interview with Stephanie Mann who has an article featured in this newsletter. Please join us!

We begin each of the programs at 1:30pm PST or 4:30pm EST, and all the relative times “in between.” Tune in by accessing this link:

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