Free States Must Strengthen Their Election Laws Despite the Works of the Woke

Free States Must Strengthen Their Election Laws Despite the Works of the Woke

By Dennis JamisonApril 15, 2021

Corporate bullying of any of the states into abandoning election integrity in the American tradition to provide fair elections for all people reveals a new level of internal attack from the Progressive/Leftist/Communist Criminal Cabal that is aligning with Globalist Elitists in order to seize control of the nation. This seems to have first surfaced during our last year’s presidential election as an organized “Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” as reported in a Time Magazine article earlier this year. Molly Ball’s article is quite revealing and indicates that the effort was initiated from the Left, but though the publicly designated “architect,” Mike Podhorzer, was praised in the piece, it is more likely that the real community-organizer-in-chief was Barack Obama. How else would he have gotten a third term as POTUS?

The propaganda piece by Ball, now seems to have been intended to prepare American citizens for the ongoing activity of this new Criminal Cabal Conglomerate. Obama must feel comfortable leading from behind as he lurks in the shadows with all of his comrades who are attempting to fundamentally transform the United States. Last Saturday, a now-famous conference call involving 100 of the newly woke corporate autocrats reveals the continuation of the elitists determining what must be done with the states that insist on fair and honest elections. It is quite hard to believe that autocrats, who practice their own corporate tyranny on a daily basis, would have much wisdom to contribute to the machinery of a Constitutional Republic designed to secure the Blessings of Liberty.

Yet, the Communist-Globalist alliance has become the international version of the odd couple. Where did that intersection originate? There are any number of theories, but it is clear that since Red China made a serious commitment to play with real money in the high stakes game of international wheeling and dealing, there has been a crazy in the mix. The CCP has spread its Leviathan-like tentacles all over the globe, and the United States has not been an exception. And, if anyone thinks that it is a coincidence that the Biden Crime Family has been involved up to their eyeballs with China, they need to have shock therapy to awaken from the illusive dream that America is still America.

Obama promised fundamental change, and anyone who cannot see that the absolute fundamental change is here, must be blind and deaf. So, they are blameless. Obama is at the core of the destruction of the United States as we who have witnessed better days would testify. It is evident from Ball’s article that divulged one of the chief recruiters was Norm Eisen, the Obama link. He was a “prominent lawyer and former Obama Administration official who recruited Republicans and Democrats to the board of the Voter Protection Program.” Yet another tie to the former president is the “Working Families Party” that had been created by Daniel Cantor, a former staffer for Jesse Jackson‘s 1988 presidential campaign. But, before he founded this more ‘sanitized’ aspect of a Marxist political party, he founded the Marxist-driven “New Party” in 1992.

The New Party initially attracted many members from the Democratic Socialists of America and ACORN, but their greatest achievement was launching the political career of their most famous member: Barack Obama, who became a member of the New Party on January 11, 1996, according to Stanley Kurtz, in his article “Obama’s Third-Party History” for National Review Online. Kurtz pointed this out in 2012, but Obama’s political campaign dismissed the revelation as false. Only it wasn’t. In that time, the New Party was a radical socialist political movement attempting to transform the Democratic Party because they saw it as way too moderate. They were successful in helping to elect the young Barack Obama to the Illinois Senate in 1996. The New Party still exists, but it is now known as the “Working Families Party” that was part of the conspiracy to undermine U.S. elections. Are the dots beginning to connect to form a picture yet?

In the “Working Families Party” one can find one of the connecting points between the Communists and the Globalists. One of the original objectives of the New Party was to transform America into some sort of Socialist Democracy one would find common in Europe. This would suit George Soros and associates just fine in such a time as this. So, when a thinking person examines the circumstantial evidence, though evidence it is, it is possible to see the fingerprints of the organizer-in-chief. It is not that Obama is this insidious master-mind who could perform such fundamental transformation/destruction on his own, such fundamental destruction is quite well organized and funded. What may that mean? It means that there are domestic enemies and foreign enemies, as well as so many useful idiots that it is hard to count, attempting to destroy the United States.

The recent effort of the woke corporations’ conspiracy against fortifying a state’s internal election standards should send a very strong message to the American people that the corporate giants have grown way beyond the boundaries of their corporate empires. Several of these corporate giants have moved into a realm in which they are overtly showing their true colors. They are blatantly exercising autocratic methodologies in the political arena. They may be useful idiots for the Communist – Globalist Cabal, or they may be complicit with the crimes being perpetrated upon the American people and the Republic. In any case, it is time for the American citizens to re-assert their sovereignty.

As President Trump countered the woke corporations he expressly gave a clear way for American citizens to stand up to the atrocious elitist arrogance of those executives who oppose fair and honest elections. He stated emphatically:

Never submit, never give up! — the ‘Radical Left Democrats’ — had long used brand boycotts to send messages. It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back — we have more people than they do — by far! Boycott Major League Baseball,  Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, ViacomCBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, and Merck. Don’t go back to their products until they relent. We can play the game better than them…

This is a practical way to voice one’s opinion. They stole the vote, they didn’t steal the people’s right to speak up in a substantial way. Only if people relinquish that right will it no longer be a core of self-governance—not tyrannical bullying.

It is totally right that Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley could unite in the Senate to remove the Supreme Court’s outrageous protections upon America’s national game. It is no longer America’s game if the game is no longer in support of the American ideals.

This is a time when true colors show up quite vividly. This means every single one of the American patriots who still love freedom must rise up and do something, or refrain from doing business as usual. The destructive impact of the Democrat policies, the Democrat complicity with lawlessness and wanton destruction of personal property in several ways, as well as the sheer lack of value Democrat leaders attribute to human life in such various manifestations, is a call to awakening. We must awaken, come to agreement and work together in a unified effort to retake this nation. It is up to “We the People” to re-affirm what it means to be an American, and what America means, period.

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