Freedom Is Non-Negotiable!

Freedom Is Non-Negotiable!

By Judith Rose – 6/30/2020

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are attempting through violence to take away citizens’ rights for what they falsely declare are the equal rights of all. Untrue. How about we equal “responsibilities” for all.  Many protesters in America do not realize that the Marxist ideal is to redistribute all wealth. Most people would then live in near or complete poverty.  In socialist societies, those at the top exercise authority in their own self-interest. Contrary to socialist promises, handouts would not be divided equally. As John W.Gustafson has rightly stated, “Shortages will be divided equally among the people.” Note the current situation of Venezuela, a formerly rich socialist country. Of course, the Fat Cats at the top will be living in luxury.

But socialism can never exist in America unless we are persuaded to give up our rights. Socialists would then force people to give up their property and most of their income. Worst of all, socialism would likely eliminate even the lives of those who chose not to cooperate.

Socialist organizations recruit those who cannot or will not make it on their own because of laziness or twisted philosophies. These undisciplined people do the real work for the socialists. Then, when the Socialists have amassed enough political force and financial backers, they attempt to convince us, sometimes with force, that we will all be better off–after we lose our freedom. As we have already seen, their methods of “persuasion” are violent, if they cannot otherwise get their way. Rich financial backers, who stand to benefit financially, get on board, and then the rebels patiently wait for a made-up cause that sounds worthy.

Because of the lack of civic education, our true American history has been replaced by socialist propaganda, even winning a Nobel prize for the latest set of lies. Did I say the left has a lot of money? Obviously, a poorly educated society is ripe bait for socialists. The rest of us probably need to remember that those who are educated will no longer be appreciated. Educated people during the Chinese Cultural Revolution did not fare well. For that reason alone, we need to get involved and stay involved. in current events.

Obviously, society’s takeover cannot happen without the persuasion of the press and other proponents who falsely appear to be high-minded and caring. Leftist news media and socialists exhibit incredible patience as they wait for just the right time or cause to set up a false narrative and promote the annihilation of our constitutional republic. The proliferation of “dark money” is also helping to bring down democracy. “ . . . “dark money” in politics can be broadly defined as spending from undisclosed sources to influence political outcomes.” [Capital Research, May/June 2020]

But let’s set things straight. The death of George Floyd was not the real reason for the rioting. It was, however, the long-awaited opportunity for which the dark forces were waiting. One of the long-time goals of the socialists has been to turn Americans against the police. Without such interference, they can freely pursue their riots. We have seen it after police-caused deaths of other black men. (Notice that riots do not occur after white deaths.) So we have a “misjudged,” black man improperly killed by police. It was eventually brought to light that Floyd was a confirmed criminal, which did not come out, of course, until the damage was begun. What is particularly sad is that this event, along with its racial aftermath, happened just when all Americans were actually becoming, in large part, racially blind.

While Floyd’s death should never have happened, the revolutionaries saw it as the exact right time to unleash Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both racially motivated organizations.

Radicals have already infiltrated both houses of Congress and the judiciary. Now they  must also tear down police departments as the next step in their anarchy. Black Lives Matter has been calling “special attention” to police judgments regarding black men for a long time. Interestingly, they don’t feel the same concern if a white man or woman is wrongly killed.

Socialism’s goal is the naked seizing of power; therefore, they hate the police, who uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. Radicals want the”freedom” to seize power–and the people be damned. It won’t be until a possible takeover of our country that many people will finally realize what has happened and their own part in it. The Constitution and the police are all that stands between this country and anarchy. Sadly, even some police chiefs have become sympathetic to the mobs, no doubt fearing the loss of their jobs.

Police are disrespected in our society. Regardless of our personal feelings, we had better support them because they support the Constitution, and as a group, they are outstanding men and women doing a very difficult and dangerous job. A police arrest gone wrong was, therefore, the perfect opportunity for the mobs to unleash their attempted take down, but it was not unexpected by those who have been following current events. The left thinks that if they can disarm Americans, they will be the only ones with firepower. I am sure they would be mistaken. God-fearing Americans will always find a way to protect themselves. But they would first have to undergo a civil war.

True liberty, as practiced in the United States of America, is the most difficult form of government to protect–simply because we have so much freedom. Our liberty comes directly from the Constitution and could not have been realized without it. Today that document is being sorely challenged. Does anyone doubt that the rioters would love nothing more than the overthrow of this sacred document, and most especially, the Second Amendment? Consider the current push in Congress to form a new state out of Washington, D. C. even though it is expressly forbidden in our Constitution. Proponents are using the same tired old arguments to promote it, but what it would really amount to is more votes for Democrats.

Despite current rioting and destruction, our Constitution still provides the only form of government that promises peace and prosperity for the majority of its citizens. In fact, we have been so protected in our rights that we take them for granted. I give a strong warning that if, through our neglect and the current chaos we should lose them, we may never get them back.


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