“Freedom States” Must Strengthen Election Integrity

“Freedom States” Must Strengthen Election Integrity

By Dennis Jamison — –March 18, 2021

Additionally, the new law only permits a few people to return a voter’s absentee ballot, including the voter, their immediate family or household member, or caregiver. This aspect was designed to limit or curtail “ballot harvesting’ that is a practice vulnerable to fraudulent alteration of the ballots of innocent victims. Reynolds emphasized the protection of this sacred right:

It’s our duty and responsibility to protect the integrity of every election. This legislation strengthens uniformity by providing Iowa’s election officials with consistent parameters for Election Day, absentee voting, database maintenance, as well as a clear appeals process for local county auditors. All of these additional steps promote more transparency and accountability, giving Iowans even greater confidence to cast their ballot.

In Iowa’s future elections, if voters miss an election, fail to report a change in the address, or if they happen to register as a voter once more, they will be removed from the active voting lists. The issue of election integrity only seemed to be supported by the Republican Party and seriously opposed by the “Democratic” Party.

What is one party’s quest for integrity, is another party’s poison. But, the Party that steals people’s votes together, hangs together—whether in Iowa, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. Why would anyone suspect that the Democrat Party could support election integrity in 2021, when they have rarely in their history supported fair and honest elections? Honest citizens should not care about what the Democrats have to whine about because they are the Party that stole the national election in 2020. Suppression law? The operant word in the new law is integrity, which is something that is hard for politicians of any stripe to easily embrace. Lying they can embrace. Fraud they can embrace. Corruption they can embrace. But, dealing with integrity within the evil political arena, is like threatening to have their nails pulled out.

Especially, politicians of either Party who may be guilty of accepting falsified ballots, fraudulently prepared ballots, the manipulation of vote counts, or anything outside of the realm of what could be considered legal or ethical would certainly not support election integrity if they were forced to. Instead, they are among the criminal element who could care less about any kind of integrity. In fact, Iowa’s effort is a significant step in the right direction with this first “suppression law.” It is suppression, as the Democrat indicated, but it is suppression of corruption that Americans have tolerated far too long.

Ask a simple question: Why do the American citizens, any citizens in any nation, have to settle for dishonest, fraudulent, and illegitimate elections?

Yet, top leaders in both major political parties seem to have agreed to accept the results of the 2020 election, and are hoping everyone would agree as well and proceed with “business as usual.” However, how can business proceed as usual? The American people still believe that they are entitled to fair and honest elections. So, there is a serious disconnect between the average voter and the “business of politics.” In the mandates of the Party bosses, business must go on as usual because the money from donations needs to keep flowing freely despite whether elections are fair or not. Let me be clear: Money from citizen’s never ending donations is the life blood of the business of politics. It is likely that all the political insiders must know this, so why wouldn’t all leaders of the Republican Party not want to support the strengthening of the election laws in their states?

While most politicians (of both major parties) want to get on with “business as usual,” most red-blooded American citizens have lost faith in the electoral system. Why did the people arise and gather by the hundreds of thousands in Washington, D.C. on January 6? Was it for an insurrection? If that was an insurrection, it was a pretty poor attempt at looking ruthless, an anemic effort to take back what had been lost. When Trump supporters were told to go home, they packed up and went home. Such actions, though horribly tragic, were not even close to an insurrection. Most intelligent people know this. Most MSM brainwashed followers have little clue, and have been trained to keep their minds closed for fear of learning the truth. Is that also the net reality of the judges who refused to even examine the evidence of fraud and electronic vote manipulation? Would that be the excuse of the Supreme Court Justices who could plead ignorance of the evidence as they would prefer not to get involved?

“We the People” who love the Republic are quite wary of continuing to place trust in the hands of political elitists of either political party – especially those who only come with their hands out without a word about protecting the ballot box in the past, present, or future – No empathy, just a hand outstretched expecting people to continue with the politics “of business as usual.” This is totally arrogant and disrespectful of the genuine sovereignty of the people. When someone has their belongings stolen and the people who witnessed the theft think that the victims are crazy to fret over such a loss, but should carry on with business as unusual by donating to their cause of self indulgence, it does not sit well with the victims of the robbery. Politicians need to get real.

This is why what Governor Kim Reynolds and the Republican Party in Iowa did is so powerful. It addresses the theft, no matter how adequate or inadequate the measures may be. The people have been considered, and a fix has been applied to the broken system. Gov. Reynolds in such a move has demonstrated great courage by such actions. Republicans in Iowa demonstrated courage by such actions in spite of the opposition from the Democrats who prefer to keep a broken and unethical system in place.

In 2021, the states need to act on behalf of the people and move past the cowardice of the Supreme Court Justices who would not honor their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. State leaders of the political parties, who care about the well-being of all of the people, need to recognize the existential threat to the Republic. Each state legislator, in the states that intend to uphold the U.S. Constitution, needs to work in a unified effort with their allies to introduce laws in their states that will strengthen and fortify their own state’s election laws and secure them against unconstitutional federal intrusion. Those state laws must be stronger than any federal election laws and absolutely aligned with the U.S. Constitution despite the failure of the federal government to adhere to our Constitution.

The next round of this war for the survival of the Republic will come from real leaders like Governor Kim Reynolds. Such leaders need spines of steel and they must hold on to the core values and principles embedded in the nation’s founding documents. Most fundamental to securing and retaining our free Republic is protecting the voting booth and ensuring fair and honest elections.

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