Freedom Works As “We the People” Stand United

Freedom Works As “We the People” Stand United

By Dennis JamisonOctober 15, 2020

As the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett began Monday, several activists and American leaders of grassroots organizations came together in the nation’s capital to support the woman whom President Donald Trump nominated as his choice to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. It was not surprising that multiple rallies in front of the Supreme Court building also manifested this week as the hearings began. One impromptu rally in particular this past Tuesday was symbolic because the representatives of diverse groups met on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court to voice their First Amendment rights.

Grassroots leaders from across the nation had been in Washington, D.C. from the previous weekend, and some of the activists from the Blexit movement still remained to attend the Freedom Works “Election Protection Summit” that was held Monday and Tuesday. After leaders from Freedom Works held a press conference across the street from the Supreme Court building, grassroots leaders and a number of activists gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court in order to pray and to voice their support for eventual confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as the next Supreme Court Justice. In addition to this impromptu gathering, several energetic women from Students for Life showed up with a couple of bullhorns and were joined by a number of members of the Generals International from Cindy Jacob’s ministry.

These activists and leaders of activists met together for a single purpose and that was to publicly voice their genuine support for Amy Coney Barrett. The rally developed with steady energy and chanting of support to “fill the seat” among other group shouts – even the defiant blowing of a shofar. However, it was not too long before a good contingent of members of Black Lives Matter came marching into the area and set up alongside the peaceful demonstration of the combined patriot, conservative and Christian groups. It soon got loud and tense. Capitol police appeared upon the steps of the Supreme Court and came to monitor the scene as the two diverse bodies of demonstrators came quite close to one another. Social distancing was not in the script.

Freedom Works As 'We the People' Stand United

As the opposing chants rose to a crescendo, the ad-hoc pro-Amy “coalition” would not yield their sidewalk territory to the Black Lives Matter activists even though their leader or speakers utilized a microphone and a substantial portable loud speaker system. The main body of those from the Freedom Works “Election Protection Summit” held high the signs from their event, and the Students for Life held their own signs and provided a real burst of spirit as they led the chants with their bullhorns, and others joined together to rally in support of the newly designated Supreme Court nominee.

Then, the crowd began to shift and surrounded the BLM contingent. Patriots were louder, seasoned conservatives and veteran Christian activists proved to stand more earnest in their intent to not be hindered in expressing their First Amendment rights. The police moved closer from behind the fenced barricade in front of the steps leading up to the Supreme Court. Chanting intensified from both sides with those from the BLM group backing a little away from their initial encroachment onto the original ad-hoc rally site.

At one point, no clear cut lines or demarcation between opposing sides existed as signs, banners and people merged. A core of BLM held intact, but the pro-Amy coalition had not only surrounded the opposition, they penetrated their ranks, and there was zero violence. By that time, some police officers had descended from the steps and merged with the crowd so there was a substantial degree of security present. Finally, the BLM coordinator moved her crowd out of the area entirely. However, it appeared they sent in the witches to replace them, as four women dressed in scarlet capes and old-fashioned white colonial-type bonnets marched through the pro-Amy ranks with signs displaying opposition messaging. They were immediately surrounded by pro-Amy women, notably the younger women from Students for Life. They packed up and left the sidewalk also.

Freedom Works As 'We the People' Stand United

As this all transpired within the course of less than an hour, it was apparent to many in the ad-hoc coalition that they had reclaimed the sidewalk and there was no one who remained who was in opposition. It seemed truly symbolic of the common people who were able to prevail over the serious threat to the Republic. In that moment, there was some degree of unexpressed common clarity. In this one small encounter, those who were present could conclude that all it takes for destructive and evil threats to our Republic to be chased away, is for good people to stand united in courage to defend and protect our Constitution and our system of government. It would be truly great if the leadership of his nation would unite in the same way to enable the Republic to flourish.

Freedom indeed works when there is civility, integrity, and mutual respect within those who lead the nation.

In previous articles, I have offered a perspective in the value of agreement and cooperation in this current war over American values. As I wrote only months ago: “it may be that only now, after all of the violence that has torn communities and the nation apart, more people are becoming fully cognizant of ‘the war.” The minor skirmish on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court is truly symbolic of this war. Common Americans united in their fundamental principles and standing for their values can make a serious difference through strong courage of acting on their convictions. The real test, is coming in November when citizens can overcome fear and go to the polls to express their convictions regarding what they truly believe in, and what they truly want for the future.

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