From Our Founder 4/1/21

From Our Founder 4/1/21

Tomorrow is Good Friday; but in these dark times, it seems much more like we are still within the realm of a Passover with death swirling all around us in America and throughout the world. Actually, people all over the world are still within the days of the remembrance of the Passover, as well as fighting through the dark winter of illness and despair. Some of that despair, perhaps all of it can be traced to a point of origin in China and likely all of that despair can be traced to the minds of evil men and women. For the people of faith throughout the world, this is a time of serious soul-searching. For those who seek for God to do their will, as opposed to doing His Will, now is a time of serious soul-searching. For those who do not know of, or care about, the existence of God, it is still possible to do some serious soul-searching. For those evil ones who deny the very existence of God, the Day of Reckoning is near.

Today is April Fool’s Day, and any high hopes for the year of 2021, may now appear as a fool’s hope. Many of the high hopes that people of faith harbored for the year of 2021 have seemingly been burst in the first three months of this year. Joe Biden’s prophecy of the doom for a “Dark Winter” fits accordingly with this period of the Passover. But, Spring is coming! And, for those who are not too clear that Spring follows Winter (like many in California), it may be necessary to pick up a “Farmer’s Almanac.” Winter does not last, and the cold, bitter winds of a harsh winter always are chased away with Spring breezes. So, there is hope. Just as clear-minded people know that the apple and cherry blossoms will appear in the springtime, goodness will blossom once again in the Land of the Free. Nevertheless, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.”

Today, the CSN newsletter is undergoing a “facelift,” and the new format we are rolling out is a response to recommendations from readers — fellow citizen sentinels. And, we appreciate those readers who have taken ownership of the CSN in such a way, and the ones who could send in article/video links to put into the newsletter. Especially, we truly appreciate those readers who could spare a small donation to the overall effort. Thank you sincerely – it helps incredibly as we progress onward and upward through the dark and disorienting turbulence of this cosmic battle.

Today, the first article is from guest writer Ray DiLorenzo who comes out blasting with both barrels as he exposes numerous RINOs across the political spectrum, and clearly describes the essence of America’s problem in this moment of time: a lack of genuine and strong leadership. The CSN reiterates his call for “real conservatives.”

This point is examined from another angle in an excellent article from James (JR) Harrison who is the founder and director of the Natural Family Foundation.  Harrison provides a fairly scathing attack upon the RINOs and the Republicans in his recent article on “Home Team Advantage.” And, even though he delves into avoiding a civil war, I believe he is referring to a shooting war of the kind that ripped America apart in the middle of the nineteenth century. We have now been in an ideological war or a civil, civil war over the fundamental principles in the base of the nation for some time. Harrison offers an increasingly pervasive understanding that our rebuilding efforts need to be local. The CSN echoes his call for working on the local and state levels and bypass those in government who have abandoned the U.S. Constitution and their     own state constitutions.

D.J. Haugh also has something to share about some issues with conservatives of the current time. His article examines the fallacies of attempting to dialogue with the Left, which he refers to as “liberals.” Classic liberals, the likes of the founding fathers, would have very little in common with those we refer to as liberals today — another of the Left’s clever theft of language and definitions. But, he echoes the call for strong leadership and strong conservatives as they “need to be vigilant to ensure liberty survives.”

An article from Def-Con News examines the hypocrisy of the Democrats who are now planning for a COVID passport to prove people have been vaccinated; yet, they still say that demanding a valid ID to vote is “racist.” The article reveals the truth escalated the “Defund the Police” effort into the “Defund the Pentagon” and it is nor a joke. Again, sometimes truth can prove to be stranger than fiction — it seems especially when it comes to the geniuses the Democrats get to run for political office. It reveals an obvious and gaping hole in the manufactured logic that dismisses voter ID as essential and one of the components to ensuring fair and honest elections.

Last, but not least, our final article today from our network of writers is from Michael Lewinski, who provides a pervasive perspective on the state of the destruction of the nation and urges resistance. And, resist all true Americans must. This is because as Thomas Paine expressed it so clearly before:

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Our recommended videos today, besides the video of Dennis Jamison and the “True U.S. History,” are from FOX News (I know – I know – we need to be careful), which both deal with America’s military. For those not clear, the Biden/Obama Administration is now performing a purge of the military that may rival Stalin’s purge of his Soviet military just before Hitler invaded the U.S.S.R. in World War II, despite the peace treaty between the two nations, or between the two dictators.

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