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4/8/21 –  As the country moves past the Easter weekend, it is understandable that some people of faith who were anticipating earth-shaking events in this nation may have been disappointed. What has to happen at this point in America, and in the world, is that the  people of faith need to hold onto their faith as strongly as they are able. Additionally, the patriots who are watching and waiting for some signs from Heaven, or awaiting an event to reverse the stolen election, we all need to hold onto the self-evident truths that were handed to us from our nation’s founding down through the generations. However, these are the times that try people’s souls. And, as I have written previously, Thomas Paine definitely has messages that are still relevant for patriots today:

These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

Unfortunately, many citizens are in disbelief, or numb from the turbulence we encounter now on a daily basis. Many are not clear about a way forward. But, there is a way out of this mess in which we find ourselves. I’ve written a couple of articles that can give U.S. citizens a great amount of hope. In each of the states which continue to harbor people who are holding onto the self-evident truths, and who will fight to defend our God-given rights there is hope. Several state governments that are fortunate to have leaders with their heads on straight are banding together and creating alliances to resist the illegal federal government. Yes, it is illegal, you read that right.

The United States is being run by criminals who do not follow the U.S. Constitution, and are primarily working with the states that do not follow their own state constitutions. This is evident in several ways. They blatantly stole a national election. They suppressed the information of the stolen election. They are passing legislation to eliminate the less populous states in any future elections. They have run the nation into trillions of dollars of debt — essentially robbed the treasury and the livelihood of our future posterity. They are endangering citizens all across the country at the expense of promoting destruction of our nation’s borders and illegal immigration.

The Individuals who want to pretend that it has not happened are still in denial – still stunned from what has happened, or who are too polite to raise an objection are truly not worthy of the freedoms we have inherited.

Now is the time for those who will not shrink from the service to the country — who will not shirk their responsibilities, and who will stand as true citizens. No one else will take the responsibility. “We the People” again need to work out our salvation from evil tyranny. It is upon us whether we believe it or not. It is upon us whether we like it or not. Choose the side you favor. Join the fight, to support those who choose to defend our God-given rights, or choose to defend our God-given rights in a meaningful way. There are many Christian, conservative, patriot organizations all across the nation. Be of good courage and stand up for freedom for all people because without America there will not be a free world. How do you not know that you who are reading this were not born for such a  time as this?

 Certainly our writers have chosen what they intend to do. Please check out our array of articles today and check out our postings on Tuesdays and Sundays. Check out our Monday Citizen Voice video programs. Become a Citizen Sentinel!

 Our first article today is from guest writer Craig Huey. He provides an interesting parable of how the American people are losing their freedom. It is a short article, but it definitely provokes thought – it might even provoke action.

The second article we offer is from A. Dru Kristenev, who actually explains the trillion dollar giveaway that is the free corn as described in Huey’s parable. Kristenev does not spin a parable; she is relating what the recent legislation is going to provide. Which is not what the Democrats are telling people the massive spending measure will provide. Her article is also not long – but is it densely packed with “food for thought.”

Writer D.J. Haugh has written an article that examines all of this from a different angle, with a unique perspective. He attempts to explain some examples of the bizarre “realities” American citizens are being exposed to within the realm of “wokeness.” It is not easy to explain, but Haugh helps the average citizen get a better handle a “Bizarro World.”

Guest writer Judi McLeod provides an examination of some of lies Andrew McCabe put forth from the incident in Washington, D.C. last week involving the Muslim man, Noah Green, who crashed his car into a Capital area police barricade. Since the days of Jim Comey, the FBI has never been the same.

At the end of the lineup of articles today from our network of writers is a piece from Michael Lewinski, who examines a possible prophecy or prediction from Nostradamus about how “The great Eagle will suffer and fall,” and “the people will be damaged and subjugated by a fool ruler…” Michael looks at this in a serious way and sees that there is “A Curse Upon Us” in the United States. However, in a more pragmatic manner, he recommends breaking this Progressive scourge, or curse that has plagued us by voting for the conservative candidates next election (if there is a legitimate one).

Today we offer two video recommendations. One features President Trump dealing with the reaction to Georgia strengthening its election laws. The other is from Dr. Carson as he also weighs in on the issue, and asks whether the detractors have even read the law.

And referencing videos, we remind readers that the Citizen Sentinels Network’s “Citizen Voice” Live Video Program has successfully moved to Monday afternoons. At least in the month of April, it will continue live-streamed through the Wisconsin Christian News network. This Monday, April 12th, will be our seventh live program. We begin each of the programs at 1:30pm PST or 4:30pm EST, and all the relative times “in between.”

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