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Today’s Thursday edition provides a focus upon key issues that are plaguing our Free Republic. Some of them are quite obvious, others run more deeply under the surface of the events we are able to observe. The article in last Tuesday’s bulletin serves as a real  good example of an issue that lies below the surface – citizens simply do not know if or even why they should worry about the COVID vaccines. No studies of side effects – for short or long term complications. This is why CSN is cooperating with such a survey to see if there are more widespread detrimental effects because people are simply acting on trust of the manufacturers of the vaccine – even the doctors who recommend it. In case you missed it: or go to

Our first article today deals with another unseen, below the radar reality. It is an article written by a new writer to the CSN, but an old hand at writing, and one with much legal knowledge. The article is long, but it contains a wealth of information about the realities of what is behind the Green New Deal of the Democrats. We are pleased to present this article by Toddy Litman regarding property rights and how the Socialists are working to steal (that’s what Socialism is – it is legalized theft) Americans’ private property. Yes, it is worth it to wade into it because halfway down, Litman proclaims: “The entire Green New Deal, be it known by any other name Biden may attach to it, is an effort to undermine our private property rights in everything we own.” It is an eye opener — allowing citizens to see what is creeping in the shadows.

DJ Haugh returns with a provocative article relating to how words have meaning and what “fundamental change” actually means. It is yet another example of something that is happening in the “shadows,” and the paradox of “normal people” believing in actual denotative meanings of words, while the Marxists manipulate and use words according to their own meaning and purpose. He looks at this concept from the Left’s intent to “fundamentally change” the United States. One important point he makes is that the Left is currently turning the words of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. upside down regarding his dream of a world where a man was judged “not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.” Critical race theory is the exact opposite.

Writer Craig Huey’s article deals with such issues that surface from critical race theory such as the claims regarding systemic racism. So, readers should note that intellectual “theory” makes it into the substantial realms when people verbalize claims of systemic racism. Huey’s article contains a video of Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General of the  state of Kentucky disputing the notion of systemic racism.

No, I don’t believe this country is systemically racist. What I believe is that this country has always tried from the very beginning to become a more perfect union. And certainly, we have had our challenges throughout this nation’s history, and there’s no hiding from that.

But when you hear comments like you heard from President Biden and others that throw fuel on the fire, that explode the tensions that we have in this country, that’s not good for hoping to unify this country.

Check out Huey’s article and the interview with Daniel Cameron — another eye opener!

Occasional CSN newsletter contributor, Jonus Freeman, writes a piece about a more substantial made- for-television event shaping up for the 100th year commemoration of the “Tulsa Race Massacre” that has been occurring over the course of the past week, and may culminate with a visit (stamp of approval) from Joe Biden. This is an example of how one politically oriented group is determined to control not only the language (words have meaning) from this production, but the sentiment or emotional messaging from this “reconciliation” of one of the nation’s worst racial strife. Time will tell how such subtle messaging affects  Americans.

Our final article is another way the Left is affecting our nation in a way that most citizens would not realize unless they have relatives or friends who are in the U.S. Military. Ray DiLorenzo writes about how “Democrats Cancel Duty, Honor, Country” in the military. I’d written about this a bit in an article a week or so ago, and it is not speculation. What Ray DiLorenzo expresses is how the Left, under the Biden Administration is undermining the internal adherence to the reasons for defending our country – our Constitution. Another eye-opener for those with eyes to see, to help them truly see.

And, since our readers have eyes to see, we also present a number or relevant videos to watch in our Video Views section. A couple of videos that I would like to recommend is the Steve Bannon’s War Room episode # 980, which covers a number of issues. The other video is an OANN interview with a medical doctor from California stating that lockdowns now are political – not for medical purposes.

And, regarding videos, in case readers may have missed the video of my interview with Pastor Earl Wallace, he is coming back on Memorial Day to finish the interview. Check in on Monday! If readers could not watch my interview with William J. Federer last week, we have a link to the video in our Video Views section. Regarding the Citizen Sentinels Network’s “Citizen Voice” Live Video Program is currently on Monday afternoons. The live-streamed continues to be streamed through the Wisconsin Christian News network. Note that “Citizen Voice” video program recordings are posted in several places on the internet. They are posted on the WCN-TV site where they are live-streamed. They are also on the Youmaker site:

and the Strike Force of Prayer site:

The  Citizen Sentinels Network is truly an effort of “We the People” fighting to regain our lost sovereignty over our divided nation. “We the People” need to take ownership of our nation once again. The CSN definitely moves well beyond the weekly educational focus of our newsletter. The CSN is pro-actively working in substantial ways toward the return of our Republic to the original ideals at the heart of the founding of the United States of America and the re-building of “One Nation Under God.” 

The CSN is not content to wait for other people to do something. If we insist on waiting, others who do not share our deeply rooted values, will step in and steal our nation. It is happening now, whether we like it or not. Take ownership of our Republic! Ownership does not only imply belief or faith in our cause; but, it involves substantial ownership as well. If we are to regain our lost sovereignty in America, we need to wake up, stand up, speak up, and link up. 

We are sincerely grateful for all the compatriots who have joined to help in our various projects in addition to the CSN newsletter; we are truly humbled by those who give donations to CSN.   

Take up your watch! Become a Citizen Sentinel! Stand in Service for Freedom!

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