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Dear CSN readers, 

As Citizen Voice has successfully migrated over to Substack, we are now getting back to “business as usual” in the sense of focusing on providing our surviving list of readers with what we have been doing for over five years – trusted news stories and honest commentaries on the major issues of our time. However, since we have successfully migrated over to Substack, one other thing readers could do, besides reading our articles, is to share our articles with friends, family, associates, or anyone you feel would benefit by our news and views and aggregated links to even more news! It is truly the pathway to becoming a genuine “bona fide” Citizen Sentinel! If you have been a reader for a while, you know we have continually developed our format and our style to provide more for readers without the hype and noise that “clutter” other sites. It is too much distraction and lack of focus upon what needs to be focused on. 

We have maintained a network of great grassroots volunteer writers who are not worried about losing a job or their livelihood. They “shoot” straight and give readers a great deal to think about.

But, our effort is not just about the writers. Readers can become more than just readers. Reader efforts and contributions are just as important in my book. It has always been the driving idea of the Citizen Sentinels Network that it is a network of “We the People.” So, readers can contribute by helping add to, or compile, our aggregated links. We have three primary sections of aggregated features: “Video Views,” Recommended Reading,” and “Around the Republic.” If readers feel we should put an article into the Bulletin or the Thursday newsletter, they can send those links directly to one of our editors

Take up your watch! Become a Citizen Sentinel! Stand in Service for Freedom!

Today’s Citizen Voice newsletter features a great lineup of articles starting off with one from Jack Gleason who posts regularly in American Thinker and Canada Free Press. Gleason takes a good look at the political past in his article: The “Angry Majority” is mad as hell and not going to take this any more.” He has even included the famous brief clip from the movie “Network.” The irony of the clip is that it also demonstrates the power of the media to generate raw emotion. Today, there is enough to generate emotion to fight for the freedoms that are being stripped from “We the People.” It certainly seems time to rise up.   

His words are reminiscent of words that Pastor Artur Pawlowski shared in my interview with him no long ago. Pawlowski said that the Polish people did not quickly galvanize their unity into the Solidarity movement to fight the Communists until they stopped fighting against each other and channeled their anger toward the real enemy — the Communist overlords, the small minority of socialists and communists that had seized control over Poland after the Nazis had dominated them. He said that Americans need to get to that point if we are to save the Republic. It truly is time! From raising rabbits, I learned that even these docile creatures will even fight like crazy to protect their lives when in a cage and nowhere to run. Where do Americans have left to run?

The point is that only love or anger are strong enough motivating factors to cause people to lose their egos enough to think beyond themselves, to consider the bigger picture, the greater reality, or the future implications. And, it simply boils down to “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. On the other side of the battle lines, the enemy never sleeps. 

Our second featured article is from A. Dru Kristenev and the focus is broad-based in that what many Americans witness happening on the national scale, such as the arrests and charges against people involved in the Capitol incident on January 6, is also happening on local levels as well. If Americans can be so easily intimidated and locked up for attempts to express their Constitutional right to have government redress grievances, how is it to be interpreted? Rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are no longer being protected by government. 

The key takeaway is that law enforcement officials, as well as other seemingly well- meaning “officials” may not be what they appear to be — they may not be upholding the Constitution. In such a time as this, serious discernment is needed. Kristenev concludes with wise advice: 

“However much schools and media have indoctrinated generations to believe they must accept what they are told by authorities or buckle to government agencies’ regulations, individuals need to hold to the Constitution. That and that alone is the true Law of the Land. All else is transitory.” 

Another point that should stimulate American’s anger is the fact that the Marxist-based “Critical Race Theory” is being taught throughout America, and only strong-minded, angry Americans are standing up against it as Gleason points out. But, in the article we offer from Def-Con news today, the Biden Administration seems to be inviting the United Nations with an opportunity for the “globalist body to send so-called ‘experts’ to assist America in rooting out the racism that only seems to exist in the minds of Democrats and in the media, a mysterious phenomenon that manifested itself immediately after a black man was elected and then re-elected as president in what the same media once hailed a triumph for diversity.” What the article does not indicate is that the black man mentioned may be making his bid to escalate his stature to revered “World Leader.” This is an effort to bring substantial change to America by dividing its people, not by uniting the people into one Nation Under God, which would be unthinkable to the atheists.

Writer Jim Bratten’s article, “Inexcusable,” is a serious focus upon the national awakening to the fact that it is not systemic racism that is the problem in the United States, it is genuine systemic corruption in the seats of power that is the real problem in America. Bratten uses the term for the corruption being discovered in various elections across the country as “Inexcusable, but I would say it is reprehensible, and it is another reason why the silent majority needs to get up out of their comfort zones and get angry as Gleason advises. There are certainly enough efforts to demand fair and honest elections across the country that true U.S. citizens would have several avenues to address election corruption and theft — no matter what Party may be the instigator.      

Our final article from a network writer is from Michael Lewinski, who also covers the corruption in the electoral process, but he refers specifically to the Maricopa County audit in Arizona that unveiled some serious discrepancies and irregularities in that state’s election outcome in 2020.

While the Left, MSM, and “Democratic”-”Progressive”-Socialist-Communists complain and whine, like Joe Biden did recently in Philadelphia, the unravelling of the lies and the revealing of the truth is happening before our eyes. That is why Lewinski proclaims “Praise the Lord,” in his title. 

Also, along those lines, there are some great videos in our “Video Views” lineup. Especially, we share an-ever explosive video of Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” which features an interview with Majorie Taylor Greene (MTG). Watch both episodes because the second one features a serious challenge from Mike Lindell’s $5 Million Challenge for his “Cyber Symposium” on the date from the election on the November 2020 election. Additionally, we offer the video of the very heated exchange between Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci in a recent Senate hearing. Liz Wheeler, formerly of OAN network, has a video in which she hits straight about the Marxist revolution going on. If innocent or naive citizens are totally unaware, the consequences may overwhelm those who do not stand up for freedom now, in the way they are able to stand for freedom.

The other videos, besides the ones previously mentioned, offer a wide-angle view of what we face as Americans in such a time as this. BTW – Larry Elder win his lawsuit against California’s effort to not allow him to run in the recall election.

Please know that the Citizen Sentinels Network is in a growth mode just now — not because we have a great deal of financial resources at our disposal, but because we have great citizen volunteers from the grassroots. It is truly because God is showing us a great deal of favor, and we are grateful we can develop in such a turbulent time. Our main education efforts and all our information outreach will continue through Citizen Voice — as we have rebranded this effort, but the CSN Network is also continuing to develop — onward and upward as well. There are other projects of activist – oriented outreach that are being developed. We will announce these as they emerge from planning to the substantial initiation as the efforts roll out. The Citizen Sentinels Network is growing and developing, and we will continue to make the strategic changes necessary for success. 

On another note, the Citizen Voice Video program is migrating in a limited way as well. We have curtailed our live streaming effort as we did not have enough donations to sustain the effort long term. Yet, we continue to offer the video education through the links to the recordings, and all recordings will be posted in several places on the internet. They will continue to be posted on the WCN-TV site: 

Our Citizen Voice Video presentations will continue to be rolled out (although on a slower pace) regardless of whether it is the “True U.S. History” with Dennis Jamison or presentations of interviews with persons of interest taking action to keep our Republic or educating citizens about Judeo-Christian values at the core of  the nation and our founding ideals and principles in the bedrock of our Free Republic. Citizen Voice Video interviews are intended to help viewers to connect the dots between our history and our present reality. The fruit of what we are reaping as a nation at any point were seeds planted in the soil of our past. A deeper grasp of this can give those who are linked to the Citizen Sentinels Network, intellectual ammunition to defend our “One Nation UNder God” against the Marxist basis for Progressive-Revisionist history and Critical Race Theory currently flooding into public schools.

Our Citizen Voice Video presentation currently features my pre-recorded video with Pastor Artur Pawlowski who is on a whirlwind tour of the United States. I was grateful that he could come all the way from Canada to spread his courage into the United States. If you missed it, check it out! 

Remember, all of this is designed to wake up all of “We the People” who are not yet awakened. CSN is truly an effort of “We the People” regaining our lost sovereignty over our divided nation. Ownership does not just imply belief or faith in our cause; but, it involves substantial ownership as well, if we are to regain our lost sovereignty in America. Please do your part to awaken those who are still asleep. Forward Citizen Voice today. Last point: We are extremely grateful for all of our compatriots who have given donations to the CSN; if you are a Citizen Sentinel help us!

Take up your watch! Become a Citizen Sentinel! Stand in Service for Freedom!

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