Germany’s ‘Freedom Day’ from Covid becomes ‘Lockdown Limbo’

Germany’s ‘Freedom Day’ from Covid becomes ‘Lockdown Limbo’

We at NR have warned many times that abandoning the lockdown restrictions and other Covid mandates will be a lot harder than people think. The United States still requires people to wear masks inside airports, something dozens of foreign facilities — including Britain’s Heathrow — have dropped.

Germany had planned to make last Sunday “Freedom Day” from Covid lockdown laws. But every single one of Germany’s 16 regions kept their indoor mask mandates and the need to show vaccine passports when entering buildings. An unspecified “transition period” allows them to continue the requirements. At the national level, the German government is still planning to impose a mandate that all Germans over the age of 18 to be vaccinated.

Neighboring Austria has had a law for months requiring all adults to be vaccinated, but it finally abandoned it last week after it became clear that the law hadn’t improved compliance.

We must end Covid lockdown measures and then start establishing clear guidelines so that they can’t be reimposed in the future on the basis of pseudo-science and panic.

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