Get Back to Work

Wayne Allyn Root

Get Back to Work

By Michael J. Lewinski 04/05/2020

Logical, rational and factual information is what the American people need and require. They are not getting it from the mainstream media. Nor are they getting it from social media. What they are getting is misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories. This is not healthy for our society.

This state of affairs is going to destroy our society, our economy, our jobs and businesses, our healthcare system, our social relationships and networks, and our political system. It does not have to be this way, however.

We see how Americans are now fighting back. Many are not only searching for truth but also coming up with amazing solutions to the problems we face. At my church, Crystal Community Church, we have four times as many people attending our Facebook services as when we met in person.

In Dubois County, students are receiving their education via the internet. Receiving their instruction on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, off on Tuesdays and Thursdays when teachers are planning their lessons. Students who need food are being given it. Parents are adapting to the new routine.

Here in Dubois County, we have amazing companies, like Kimball Electronics and Farbest Foods who are safely keeping open their vital supply lines. We have heroes serving in our hospitals, police departments and many other institutions. We have selfless people taking care of their neighbors’ needs.

In an article entitled, ‘I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore,” conservative columnist Wayne Allyn Root argues that the continuation of our economic shutdown is going to bring a depression that will destroy us. He has interesting and novel suggestions on how to do it.

“First, these coronavirus ‘death counts’ have to stop. You’re scaring people half to death. I suggest new kinds of death counts be put up on the screens to compete:

— JOBS KILLED by this complete business shutdown.




He asks why America cannot be opened for business again with the implementation of tight restrictions. “Here’s the mantra for the day: Wear a mask,” he opines.

He says that the working people of America are willing to take the risks necessary to keep their businesses alive and save their jobs and the economy. Root declares that business owners and customers can wear masks and practice social distancing. Stores can implement policies like limiting the number of customers and workplaces can be sanitized.

“It’s time to start organizing a mega call campaign to President Trump, Congress and local politicians across this country,” believes Root. “It’s time to tell them that the American people want to take precautions, that we’ll accept restrictions, but we need to get back to work. Or we’re holding you accountable for ruining our jobs, careers, businesses, dreams, lives.”


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