Get Off The Socialist Bus Before They Throw You Under It

Get Off The Socialist Bus Before They Throw You Under It

Desperado Dems want you to believe the presidential election—some 15 months away—is already over.

By Judi McLeod —-August 18, 2019

All 20-plus spittle-flecked contenders in the DNC primaries are riding on a bus touting a ‘Utopia or Bust!’ banner.  They’re travelling at break-neck down the road leading to Socialism, confident that they’ve conned the masses into thinking they are ‘progressives’ at heart.

Get off the Democrats’ Socialist bus before they throw you under it.

They’re planning to toss all plebes under the bus as soon as they’re elected.

Down to the last one,  all 20-plus Democratic presidential wannabes promise voters Free Stuff that they’ll NEVER get. ’I couldn’t get enough votes to pass the bill’ will be their collective post-election alibi.

Truth is they’re asking the masses to throw their whole country out for unattainable Free Stuff.

In other words, the Free Stuff they offer comes with a horrible price tag: The tragic end of a sovereign United States of America.

At no other time in Western History has the term ‘Buyers Beware!’ been so meaningful.

How can a presidential hopeful who laid claim to Indian blood just to get ahead ever be trusted as America’s 45th?

How can the failed mayor of South Bend, Indiana—which has seen a dramatic increase in violent crime since he took office-took office 2012 and raises doubts about his ability to govern a city of 100,000—ever be trusted to lead the nation?

How can someone who changed his name from Robert Francis O’Rourke to Beto O’Rourke, and who admitted to serving his wife dirt and jumps on tables to command attention ever be trusted as a rational Commander in Chief?

How can fruit fly froth like Kamala Harris,  Kirsten Gillibrand and their like ever be taken seriously?  If they aren’t true even to themselves, how can they be true to the electorate?

Both arrogantly and defiantly, none of the above believe the citizenry who have been repeatedly telling them: ”ENOUGH ALREADY!”

The president’s campaign slogan is ‘Keep America Great’ (KAG).  The progressives are throwing all media attention on Trump in order to ‘Make America Socialist Forever’ (MASF).

What will happen if (God forbid) one of the Democrat hopefuls get elected as president?

Each and every one of them would use your tax dollars to finish the job called “social engineering”, knowing that’s the main source that leaves them enough money to burn.

Don’t believe the Democrats when they claim they’re really ‘progressives’, not socialists.

Barack Obama who sought to deliver America DOA with his promise of fundamentally transforming America, was and is a progressive.

In varying degrees,  each and every one of the Democrat primary contenders is as socialist/communist as Bernie Sanders.  The only difference between them is that Bernie’s more flagrant about it.

While they send out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other squadettes as the show ponies to make themselves appear moderate, they’re pulling a Big Dirty on Truth.

They’re currently putting the finishing brush strokes on a masterpiece as flamboyant as the ‘portrait’ of Bill Clinton sporting a blue dress and red heels.

They want you to believe that a Democrat victory in 2020 is inevitable.

A Hillary Clinton victory was never inevitable in 2016—a Democratic victory in 2020 is not inevitable now.

Even Fox News, claiming in their most recent poll that President Trump is trailing Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, is in on the act.

How can you conclude by poll that the president is trailing before even a single vote has been cast?!

Nothing in politics is inevitable, not even with Google and the mainstream media at your beck and call.

Essentially, Desperado Dems want you to believe the presidential election—some 15 months away—is already over.

Don’t let wishful thinking predictions leave you in despair.

Like the old song says: “Detour, there’s a muddy road ahead’.

Get off the bus before they throw you under it!

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