Glorifying Criminals

Glorifying Criminals

By Jim Bratten – 5/31/21

Minneapolis homicides since May, 2020 are UP 113%. That city abandoned a police precinct last May, giving impetus to the opportunity for lawlessness across the rest of the nation – for Antifa and Black Lives Matter the message was received.

The unabashedly progressive city, guided by an immature, reckless mayor, surrendered city property to pacify Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) thugs. The death of George Floyd, a criminal with a long rap sheet, became a rallying cry for the lawless forces of Fascists, Marxists and anarchists, using race as their vehicle to divide neighbor from neighbor.

Once more, a strictly local incident was intentionally ballooned into a national crisis by the Democrat Media and its comrades at Big Tech social media platforms.

Violence has skyrocketed since Floyd’s death last May 25. With demands of “Defund the Police!” criminal mayhem has doubled over previous years in many cities. Homicide, car jacking, theft, assault, and armed robbery have all exploded in frequency in major Democrat-run cities.

By Minneapolis’ example, major Democrat-controlled cities are now competing for Largest Homicide Increase, year-over-year. Here’s how the highest-crime cities, all Democrat-run, stacked up:

  • New York City – UP 22%
  • Chicago – UP 22%
  • Los Angeles – UP 27%
  • Washington, DC – UP 35%
  • Philadelphia – UP 40%

The hands-down winner of the Largest Homicide Increase was Portland – UP 800%. Newsmax host Rob Schmitt described Portland’s year of homicide as “365 days in Hell.”

Then there’s the massive property destruction. Between Minneapolis and its neighbor, sister-city St. Paul, nearly 1,500 businesses were heavily damaged or completely demolished by Antifa/BLM rioters and looters, sanctioned by the leftist Minneapolis City Council. Many of the shops demolished, achievements of dreams through hard work, were minority-owned, now lying in heaps of rubble, sorrow and debt. Estimates for property loss in the cities ravaged last summer total $5 billion.

People who said negative things about George Floyd feared potential loss of their jobs for their opinions. In Minneapolis, they also feared loss of property and physical violence, all for deviating from the “narrative” written for George Floyd.

Now a year later, Floyd’s family has been “honored” by Joe Biden with a visit to the White House. George Floyd has become a poster child for the radical, racist Left and his survivors are being used by the Biden Regime as political props to boost the pervasive myths of “police brutality” and “systemic racism” against blacks. Floyd has been canonized by Democrat Party leaders. Banners, posters, t-shirts, street names and memorial plazas the world over now carry his name and visage.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the name of George Floyd will forever be linked to the word “justice.” This man, a known criminal and drug addict, should never be revered, particularly in school classrooms, but young children are now taught that he should be idolized. One can only imagine how leftist historians in the mold of Howard Zinn will portray him in future government school history texts.

The genuflecting for black criminals killed by police in the line of duty is fully embraced by Democrat Party leaders. New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio even told the press that on May 25 he “planned to kneel in honor of George Floyd on the anniversary of his death.” Why would George Floyd ever be viewed as a hero?

As Joe Biden summed it up, “Even Martin Luther King’s death doesn’t have the world-wide effect that Floyd’s does.”

Glorifying criminals – a shameful testimony to our immoral, virtue-deprived society and anchorless culture – must cease.

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