GMO Phobia and the Covid “Vaccine”

GMO Phobia and the Covid “Vaccine”

By Jack Gleason — 5/1/21

“Genetically Modified Organism!” – a phrase that strikes fear in the heart of every liberal.  Anything that might harm the natural goodness of our bodies must be eradicated from the face of the earth.  “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

BPA was eliminated in plastics, pesticide use was demonized, and then Monsanto was vilified for trying to develop strains of corn that would use less pesticides.

Stamp “Organic” or “Natural” on the front of a cereal box and sales go up 35%.  Entire retail chains have been created that sell organic foods, organic medicines, even organic clothing.  Chic restaurants now offer entire menus featuring organic produce and “locally sourced” meats.

Liberals are now gluten-free, vegan, lactose intolerant, and don’t even think about asking them if they want to add artificial sweeteners to their lattes.

So why, with all this GMO phobia, are liberals suddenly OK with a medication that is genetically modified, and that is genetically modifying our own bodies? The “mRNA” vaccines are specifically designed to send “messenger RNA” to MODIFY the GENETICS of our immune systems.  Humans are becoming “genetically modified organisms” themselves.

If an animal injected with an mRNA vaccine was on the menu at a natural restaurant, it would be banned.  There would be lead stories on the local news and protests demanding “safe foods for our children!”

We are hearing about possible serious side effects in women who have taken the vaccine – menstrual cycle problems, unusual periods, miscarriages and stillbirths.  We always see liberals in the streets protesting for “reproductive rights.” How come there are no protests about a vaccine that might be sterilizing women and taking away their reproductive rights forever?

You hear liberals shouting “follow the science,” yet no one is asking for legitimate scientific study of the vaccine and its side effects.  In fact, any objections to the vaccine are dismissed as “conspiracy theories” and questions about side effects are mysteriously “disappeared” from the Internet.

Whether these possible vaccine side effects are real or not, don’t we deserve the right to ask questions? Liberals should be leading the charge to determine if women’s reproductive rights, and the actual future of humanity itself, are in peril.

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