Government by the People

Government by the People

By Kathleen Hall 2/13/2020

My Letter to U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Va., pertaining to his proud announcement of his War Powers Resolution that passed Feb. 13, with the support of eight Republicans:

Dear Senator Kaine,

Your actions increase the possibility of a continuation of the ongoing war by Iran against the United States and lessen our chances of deterring continued escalation. Thankfully, too many U.S. Senators have the objectivity and sense of duty to acknowledge this, and will not use their hatred of our President to abandon their responsibility for the well-being of the American people. So, the votes to override the President’s veto are not there.

As explained by Heritage Action: “These powers are core executive functions of the commander-in-chief under Article II of the Constitution, and the resolution would undermine the President’s ability to swiftly respond to Iran’s escalating acts of aggression against U.S. interests.

After Iran-backed militias attacked the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, the President’s action to enforce the United States’ red line was completely justified. In the month since the President’s strike, Iran has backed down from its aggressive posture. If passed, this resolution would send Iran a dangerous signal that the United States is not serious about protecting its interests in the Middle East at a time of increasing hostility. This is unacceptable. Iran must be aware of any antagonism against the United States will be met with whatever response necessary to protect Americans and deter future aggression.”

We cannot expect a different vote from most Democrats, but Republicans who object to the elimination of a mass killing Iranian terrorist, General or not, who: masterminded the exportation of terrorism by proxy in many mid-eastern territories; killed well over 600 Americans; maimed thousands of American soldiers with his invention of roadside bombs; and slaughtered thousands of his own people need to be ashamed and sent home in the next election with most Democrats.

The President needs an active “We the People” behind his tough, courageous decision. The President does not have the power to choose who gets elected to Congress. How our Senators voted should be a concern and an opportunity for active citizenship with a call to ask how they voted, to thank them or let them know we are watching and will vote. Our founders gave us a very unique form of government. They warned we needed to be involved, to keep it Government by the People. We need to remind ourselves how much power we have, and take our part seriously, as crucial to the survival of our Republic, self-government and liberty for all.

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