Government habitually inflates disasters, hides adverse consequences

Government habitually inflates disasters, hides adverse consequences

By A. Dru Kristenev – September 16, 2020

In the usual way that government authoritarians strive to “never let a crisis go to waste,” as we recall Rahm Emanuel’s words, when it comes to natural (and unnatural) disasters, it’s a numbers game. Don’t be deceived, to them it is a game… a power game, if the average citizen listens to the pervasive narrative, where the people are the losers emotionally, economically and intellectually.

Not a novel concept among ambitious politicians, stripping the electorate of self-determination is core to data collection methodology devised by subservient government employees who’ve been coddled to believe they’re in charge. To understand this scheme, it helps to comb through the statistics published by administrative agencies such as the CDC and Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

Watch the manipulation of statistics by the Center for Disease Control regarding the Covid-19 crisis of death certificate guidelines the agency distributed to doctors pressuring them to attribute virtually any death to the virus. The totals that a couple weeks ago hovered at 200,000 fatalities in the United States were revised without fanfare to reveal the vast majority of deaths (94%) were resultant of co-morbidities and even included intentional poisonings and road accidents. Not to diminish the losses suffered by families whose members died from complications due to other serious health issues, but the plain, true statistics indicate that the intensity of the crisis was misrepresented and intentionally inflated by dishonest agencies and media. Purposefully overlooking the discrepancy, scare tactics continue in an effort to will the populace to continue self-induced isolation.

Now Western states are invoking the same practice in reporting evacuations from the fires raging across the region. Oregon OEM got caught red-handed bloating the number of families forced from their homes ahead of the advancing flames. The Oregonian/Oregon Live media group examined the statistics released by the office finding them to be inexcusably overblown. Ignoring the correction, the vastly exaggerated number has been unquestioningly picked up by other press outlets.

The Portland-based news organization challenged state emergency management officials to revamp their estimates after comparing the total population in the Level 3 evacuation zones to the number of individuals being displaced. Instead of the 500,000 number initially stated that would amount to more than 10% of the total state population, Governor Kate Brown “on Friday afternoon clarified that only about 40,000 Oregonians had been evacuated.”

Presiding over the disaster-ridden state, Governor Brown appears content to mislead the public while turning a blind eye to witnessed incidents of arson and more than 100 days of rioting that’s reduced Oregon’s largest city to a war zone.

In the face of burgeoning numbers of arrests of arsonists, most identified to be Antifa/BLM adherents, governors of the West Coast states erroneously blamed climate change for the devastating fires.

Sheriffs and other county officials are being compelled to refer to citizen reports of arson as “rumors.” In Clackamas County, Oregon, the sheriff and fire chief were shown the door after bringing attention to a rash of credible looting and arson reports in the cities of Estacada, Sandy and outlying evacuated areas. This post to Facebook includes a video of the county commission meeting during which the problem was discussed and the sheriff’s department broached the subject of bringing in the National Guard.

It has become general policy among government officials to sugarcoat, disregard or deny the realities of citizens having to police their own property to prevent arson and looting, despite widespread reports of law enforcement offices being inundated. These are chalked up as being “conspiracy theories.” If 911 dispatchers are being flooded, it stands to reason that some of the calls have merit.

Which is it? Media ginning up fear that initiates the calls or real-time experiences and communications between neighbors keeping one another posted on actual events of catching miscreants in the act of trespassing?

The cover-up begins with city, county and state officials but the censorship is being promulgated by the majority of news media along with Facebook, Twitter and almost every other social media outlet, not to forget so-called fact-checking sites.

Thus far, the cellular services haven’t been culling texts from private numbers but some email servers managed by giants like Google and Yahoo send out “false news” warnings with emails regularly, so don’t suppose those messages aren’t being monitored. Some recipients have later informed me that emails from my account have been flagged this way by these servers.

The saddest part of the one-sided government and media blitz is how pathetically frightened are consumers who believe they have superior information, but are really ill-informed. Personal encounters with individuals presumed to be reasonable have turned sideways as soon as the word “researched the data” entered the conversation. Automatic repetition of network news half-truths are spilled from these individuals before hearing any statistical facts.

Numerous videos have been recorded of young people yelling to drown out a differing opinion, not caring what was said. It is quite another thing to have experienced a situation where the person – like one 30ish family man – backed away in utter fear, vehemently and with increasing emotion denying what he couldn’t even hear because he was talking over the other person’s words. The oddest thing was how he perceived a little woman to be such a threat that he ran to his front door and slammed it behind him.

What devil was chasing him? Certainly not the empty-handed woman who never came closer than 15 feet.

His mind had been invaded by horror instilled through a media of cultivated evil to the point that a civil conversation terrorized him, a full-grown man. What he exhibited is the basis of the angry hate that is consuming the BLM and Antifa rioters and arsonists… inculcated fear of information that doesn’t line up with what they believe. It’s a fear of being proven wrong because their pride won’t allow it.

In the end, it’s a fear of freedom and the prescription for losing it.

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