Grassroots Citizens Groups: Arising and Fighting Back Against Swamp Monsters!

Grassroots Citizens Groups: Arising and Fighting Back Against Swamp Monsters!

By Dennis Jamison November 5, 2019

In the wake of the monotonous and mutinous coup d’é·tat against our Constitutional Republic, true American patriots are rallying to reclaim the government “for the people” and to do a makeover “by the people.” When Donald Trump won election as president of the United States in 2016, he already had initiated another substantial revolution within U.S. history. His most famous speech essentially was a declaration of independence from the elitist political establishment that has been running our nation for decades. The latest scam of the Democrat leadership, which is likely in collusion with the “Never Trumper” GOP Elitists, has required several extensions of the initial coup attempt.

For daytime soap opera drama the coup attempt is big news. But it is not being reported as news – the MSM is part of the coup collusion fabricating the illusion. Sadly, only people who are clear in mind and heart are able to discern the reality of the illusion. Most American citizens cannot keep up with the baseless allegations and false witnesses in the spin cycle—they get dizzy easily. Most of what the illusion is about could be considered sophisticated “street theater” tactics played out in the halls of the government and the living rooms of astounded citizens. Some people buy into a false narrative, which is full of contradictions and overly obvious overreach by an outed political party. However, some are astounded that this could actually happen in the United States of America. And some are not only awakened, they have been activated as never before.

When the alarm bells sound, and one realizes what is happening, one awakens. When one becomes active, the quest is far from a lonely one. Several Christian, Conservative, and patriotic organizations already exist and are in the fight, and some are truly serious about the Battle for the Soul of America. The Citizen Sentinels Network has been around since 2016, formed following the withdrawal of Dr. Ben Carson from his presidential bid within the GOP. CSN has grown over nearly four years, and at the end of October, combined with other organizations to form the Coalition for a Principled Republic (CPR) in Ohio.

Several organizations joined this coalition, which was announced in the last edition of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter. However, one of the key organizations represented at this Ohio activist gathering was the Natural Family Foundation:  The organization was founded by James Harrison, and one of the realizations of most of the participants at the event was that the traditional and integral family unit is systematically being attacked across America, and it is premeditated and on purpose.

The signs are clear, although there is a blindness that prevents many citizens from around the nation to see them. The Natural Family Foundation respects the natural family as the genuine cornerstone of all civilizations. James Harrison is an example of a citizen patriot. He is urging Americans to do all they can:

…to maintain, nurture, promote and protect this critical family unit. The moral fabric of a society is obliged to protect this family representation, and virtuous social contracts act like constraints surrounding and providing for its support. When the fabric is torn and/or the social contracts become immoral, working against the traditional family, then society as a whole is threatened with extinction. For society to survive, the fabric must be mended by readjusting the social constraints/contracts… to once again favor the age-old Natural Family prototype. 

James Harrison is also urging Americans to simply sign a pledge of affirmation on his site, if that is all people are able to do. But, there is so much more that citizens could do. Currently, there is also a call to sign an online petition to be sent to President Trump to “Make the Family Strong Again.” This is based upon the Commission on Unalienable Rights, which was initiated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and currently chaired by pro-life, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See and Harvard Law Professor, Mary Ann Glendon. The Commission is intended to guide the State Department in defense of authentic human rights (and the opposition to those that are spurious) in international organizations. The petition is a collaborative effort and “urges President Trump and the Commission to make life, marriage and the family guiding principles in U.S. foreign policy.”

The Natural Family Foundation is one among many grassroots initiatives that is part of a broader- based, citizen generated grassroots effort. A core of what the Coalition for a Principled Republic (CPR) is all about was expressed by Pastor Earl Wallace of Liberty Christian Fellowship who presented one session on the “Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights.” Many initiatives to be formulated will promote the “Bible’s application to every aspect of life, including civics.” Pastor Wallace is one of many proponents who are reminding citizens that the United States was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics. He believes America needs another Great Awakening in order to restore the U.S. to its origin point. It is likely that such a “Great Awakening” is already under way.

This is clearly a time when patriot groups and Christian congregations are already activated because the stakes for those who are engaged in the Battle for the Soul of America have recently increased. In the pathway to the 2020 elections, the Globalist Criminal Cabal has thrown down the gauntlet to citizen patriots through its unjustified impeachment strategy that is currently unfolding. Why should “average” American citizens stand for a “civil” coup to take out a duly elected president? Why should American citizens stand for a premeditated coup to destroy the foundations of our nation? It cannot be tolerated, and loyal American patriots will not tolerate it. Loyal Americans who understand the Trump Revolution are organizing to drain the swamps in their own areas.

The Globalist Criminal Cabal that has been in operation in every state in the U.S. for quite some time (perhaps over 100 years) is now being exposed for what it is. The American people should be aware of the Globalist Criminal Cabal working through any political party to alter or abolish citizen’s voting rights and the existing government frameworks, including efforts to alter or abolish the Constitution or any part of the Bill of Rights. This illegal, insidious attempt to unravel the lawful election of the POTUS is a clear example and it is treasonous. For the mainstream media to try and cover up the coup — and actually partake in it — is also totally intolerable! Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is correct when he wrote:

….(The Witch Hunt) in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which the U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election (presidential)!”

Those who are engaged in the Battle for the Soul of America are not just looking on in awe at this time. There are several grassroots groups continuing their meetings and efforts to utilize the precious right of assembly to fight back. Various conservative and patriot groups are continuing their efforts to ready their organizations for the upcoming battles that are being waged now and those that will be waged in the elections of 2020. Even today is election day for several elections across the nation, and political stakes are much higher than they have ever been. But the elections are only one way patriots will be expressing themselves and letting their voices be heard while freedom of speech is still being honored. (If left-wing activists had their way, their attempts to stifle free speech would prevail).

Important grassroots conferences in the month of November are noteworthy, and their impact upon mobilizing “average” American citizens on the grassroots level should be significant. One such event occurred on November 2nd at a conference primarily organized by one patriotic citizen, Lisa Watson, of Kansas City, Missouri. She launched her efforts to rescue American kids from the corrupt public school system in her state. The conference was entitled “Can School Choice Defeat Poverty?” Ms. Watson has created what was billed as “Kansas City’s first-ever symposium geared toward fighting poverty by increasing educational freedom.” The primary sponsor was Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which apparently gave Ms. Watson free reign to set up the conference as she saw fit.

Parents, educators, and advocates gathered in Missouri to discuss how they could unleash every kid’s potential to help put an end to poverty. Lisa Watson contends that equal opportunity has been more vigorously promoted in nearly every other aspect of our society than in the field of education, which she sees as the most important one. She is concerned because so many disadvantaged children are hopelessly trapped in the underperforming and failing public school system. The Kansas City Star’s Michael Ryan credited Watson with a “quiet revolution” in education in Kansas City, Missouri. She is an African American entrepreneur and wants to expand school choice in the state “as a pathway to true equal opportunity in education.”

Another significant grassroots effort that has been quietly moving throughout the country for a few years is the Content of Character Series, a primary sponsor is the Salt & Light Council. A recent event on November 2nd, the same day as Ms. Watson’s conference, featured speakers in a local church in Ventura, California. And, it seems as if one of the inaugural events for the Content of Character Series also occurred in Kansas City, Missouri in 2017. One of the main speakers featured at that event was Dr. Alveda KIng, niece of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther Ling, Jr.

Content of Character events are designed to affirm the value and dignity of black Americans. Their efforts are focused upon “identifying leaders who partner in a movement to inform, educate and activate communities in public policy and culture through a Biblical Worldview.” Their stated mission   is “to build partnerships in your local area that could ultimately forever change our God-given United States of America.” Their outreach is to “biblically-grounded Christian leaders – business, civic, clergy, intercessors, laity, school administrators, and parents, as well as other supportive organizations.

The next upcoming Content of Character event will be held in Fremont, California, on November 16th. Nationally recognized leaders from around the country intend to enlighten and to broaden attendee’s understanding of black history, to acquaint them with social justice from a Biblical perspective, and to awaken people to “the cultural information campaign designed to disrupt our Judeo-Christian values.”

Like-minded patriots and Christians are more concerned about the pollution and eradication of our founding ideals than the pollution of the air or water. The founding principles and values at the bedrock of our society are in the process of being destroyed by people who easily rise to power, even without standing before the electorate and being sincere about what they truly believe. It is the time for citizens of the Republic to bind together, to work together, and to eradicate the greater slime at the core of the Swamp. Democrats, bureaucrats and the traditional political class have shown that they love the swamp in all realms of society and in all states of the nation. Citizens need to start draining their own swamps and not depend on the POTUS. President Trump has his hands full with national level swamp monsters that are fighting back in a desperate battle for survival. Trump needs citizen patriots to stand up, to organize, and continue his revolution. All the swamps in all the states need to be drained!

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