Gratitude is the Key to Happiness

Gratitude is the Key to Happiness

By Susan Schrier Clouse aka Preacher Girl, November 24, 2019

Everyone wants to be happy, but what does gratitude have to do with it?  After some pondering, I realized that in my own life I am happy and grateful. Most of the angry and unhappy people I have known were also very unappreciative of the people around them and the blessings they did have.

Here is the whole quote from Dennis Prager, talk-show host and author.

“Because gratitude is the key to happiness, anything that undermines gratitude must undermine happiness. And nothing undermines gratitude as much as expectations. There is an inverse relationship between expectations and gratitude: The more expectations you have, the less gratitude you will have.”

Do you want to happier?  Be more grateful!  Start this Thanksgiving by showing your gratitude to your friends and family – and perhaps even the folks you run into throughout your day.

How good are you at expressing thanks?  Perhaps a revival of “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome” would go a long way to restoring some civility in your home – and beyond!    Think about these things you might be expecting this week…..

“Thanks Mom for doing all the cooking – again!”
“Good job carving the turkey, Dad!”
“Uncle Roger, I’m so glad you came.”
“Thank you, sir.  Have a great Thanksgiving!” (To the man who held the door open for you at the mall!)

You can also show your gratitude with more than words, but with actions.  Doing the dishes perhaps?

You get the point.  Express your gratitude. Don’t assume that folks know you appreciate them.  Don’t let anyone you love feel taken for granted.  None of us likes that.

BTW, God doesn’t like being taken for granted either.  Do you only talk to God  (you know, that prayer thing) in times of crisis?  Along the lines of, “Dear Heavenly Father, don’t let the cop give me a ticket!”  Or perhaps on occasions like Thanksgiving when grace seems a bit obligatory?  “Thank you Gracious God for all this food, blah, blah, blah.”

Show your gratitude toward God for through regular prayer and worship, and also by showing gratitude to those God loves….and that means everybody!

Just imagine how much happier you will be be when showing gratitude is your way of life.  Each of us will experience this to different degrees,  but I can tell you without any doubt that gratitude is the key to happiness in my life.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a little more from Mr. Prager:

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