“Green New Deal, Infrastructure Stimulus?” American Jobs Plan… that’s the ticket!

Green New DealInfrastructure StimulusAmerican Jobs Plan… that’s the ticket!

By Dru Kristenev – 4/4/2021

Barely sneaking legislation past the American People, the democrat party in tandem with the Biden Administration is redirecting attention from wholly unpopular policies by giving euphemistic and deceptive titles to multi-trillion dollar projects. Considering how every other stimulus package has seen hundreds of billions of dollars disappear into the ether (or slush funds) this is a certain 90% wasted on pork spending just like predecessor bills.

Misleading titles of virtually every bill being placed before Congress has already been addressed (and renamed) in previous columns, but another big hoodwink is coming down the pike under the oppositely called American Jobs Plan that guts the economy in a fatuous attempt to vanquish a non-existent foe, otherwise known as “climate change.”

Carrying over a boondoggle whopper of legislation that could hardly eek it’s way past committee, the “Green New Deal” is attempting a resurrection under a name that is refuted by the directives being contemplated within the “plan.” The problem is that after the tactic has shown success among ignorant populations who think they’re getting something for nothing as touted by manipulative politicians, democrats figure they can continue to get away with the fabrication.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has termed the endeavor as a “renewal of reconstruction” that harks back to the Civil War and inserts the concepts of Critical Race Theory into upcoming legislation, essentially demonizing 150 years of industrial and scientific advances. Under the guise of unfair capitalist practices, each of the bills passed by the House – “For the People Act,” which isn’t; the Equality Act, which it cancels; and the now signed Covid Relief bill, which doesn’t, this “jobs” plan will eradicate energy infrastructure that creates good paying jobs.

The Biden plan isn’t reconstruction, it’s deconstruction instituted by further tearing apart the economy to “build back” an economic model contrary to being “better” than the free market that is rapidly being undermined by executive order and a bulldozing Congress. It’s easy to recognize what Biden was really saying when he repeated “I want to get things done” in his recent official press conference. It’s clear from the plethora of executive actions that he’s torpedoing every positive accomplishment of the last four years. What he truly wants is to ‘get things undone.’

Co-conspirators Joe Biden (or his handlers) and democrat office holders are working overtime to usurp election oversight from the states, abolish gun ownership, overrule religious freedom, and eliminate biology, physics and chemistry by calling it science.

Through each effort they are demonstrating disregard and antipathy for the Constitution, expecting to relegate the majority of American citizens to slave status, theatrically offering restitution to an already emancipated population while vociferously denying their own institutionalized racism.

As soon as Georgia passed legislation to guard against future theft of any election such as they and other states had experienced November 3, 2020 and in the January 2021 senate runoff, Biden’s goon squad began hunting up any legal challenge they could invent to overturn the will of the People.

Asserting that Georgia’s action is a “blatant attack” on voting rights is constitutionally illiterate and a direct assault on states’ proper authority to oversee elections. Specious accusations of this kind are an attempt to set the stage for federal appropriation of states’ correctly delegated jurisdiction by pressuring senators to support HR1, now S1, wrongly titled “For the People Act.”

Overrunning the border with unaccompanied minors, a multitude of which are not minors at all, the cartels made it their business to openly threaten GOP members of Congress visiting facilities and crossing points in Texas. It looks as though the Biden administration is overtly aiding drug smugglers and human traffickers by packing detention facilities with children and families and then releasing most of them into the nation’s interior without expectation of ever seeing them in immigration court. Biden then falsely and incoherently blames President Trump for the invasion after migrants stated in interviews they were coming to the United States at Biden’s invitation.

If Congress were truly in office to represent and protect their constituents, they’d be tripping over themselves to co-sponsor the “We Will Not Comply Act” that would prevent businesses and government agencies from requiring vaccine “passports.” The bill targets the unconstitutionality of discriminating against individuals who exercise their rights to not be vaccinated against a virus that has a 99% recovery rate. As noted by others, it’s at cross purposes to deny citizens the right to travel, work or worship unless they carry proof of vaccination when the country is being flooded by illegals exempted from even basic coronavirus testing.

The lies and strongarming by public officials and big business has gotten out-of-hand and yet corporatist media refuses to correct fabricated “facts” blurted by Biden, elected representatives, corporate magnates and talking heads who daily demonstrate their animosity for American culture and the Constitution that enlivens it.

As an example of misdirected equity policy, how gullible is the energy lobby for capitulating to carbon pricing to combat an invented crisis proven to be beyond human control?

It’s time foolhardy representatives and businesses realized they are cutting their own throats by embracing the control-driven agenda of the diminutive democrat majority that is holding on by its toenails, and stand up for themselves and the American consumer that pays their way.

If not, this nation is heading for a standoff between the states, republics in their own right passing strong First and Second Amendment legislation, and the federal power grabbers who think they can steamroll the Constitution with executive orders and legislation targeting its extinction.

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