By Bonnie M. Parsley 7/30/19

You are not an individual, say Democrats. You are only important as part of a group. As a member of a group, you must think and act as the leaders of the group demand. This is not an American idea. It is a totalitarian idea that aims to control you.

When Democrats accomplish dividing people into groups, individuals lose their personal identity.  They actually trade their self-identity for that of the group. This gives them a feeling of security. From there it is easy to develop an attitude of superiority. Once they feel that their group is superior to others, they will do or say anything that will harm others who are not part of their group. Societal chaos will result.

Democrats believe that once they manipulate people to identify with a group, they will be able to bring all these groups together under the banner of liberalism and tolerance. Their tolerance, however, only extends to “right-thinking” people who succumb to their dictates. In this way, they will eradicate individualism and make everyone equal. Once total equality is achieved, they believe their dream of Utopia will come true. Heaven on earth will result.

Of course, this plan has been tried before. Millions of people who refuse to submit to their dictates will have to be eliminated. Anyone who thinks differently will be erased as millions were during the twentieth century in the Soviet Union and China. Humans are born to be individuals They were born with individual personalities, unique talents, and particular interests. Forcing humans into a common mold destroys everything that makes them human. It is a fact that inequality lies spiritual death.

Humans are born with a spiritual need to create, achieve and obtain significance in the world. Even as children we are driven to be different, compete with playmates for a prize, and be recognized for our successes. Because America was founded on the idea of individual freedom, we have contributed more to humanity than any country who has adopted an ideology of equality.

It is disturbing to find that school children are being taught that social justice demands people be equal. Not equal under the law, or equal in opportunity, but equal in outcomes. Democrats believe that people are entitled to what other people have earned. This idea has gained acceptance with many young people today, however, people are different. The choices they make in their life, their creativity, work ethic, and talent will lead to greater opportunity and a better life than any utopian dream that Democrats can conjure up. Freedom-loving people must oppose the idea of government forced equality. We must educate young people on how this ideology will destroy our country and destroy their freedom to be the unique individual God made them to be.

Bonnie Parsley is a former schoolteacher. She has been active in Republican political organizations for the past 15 years. She has written many published articles which she compiled into a book titled “Restoring American Exceptionalism.” She is also the author of a booklet contrasting political parties, their philosophies, their goals and the consequences of each for America.


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  1. Naida Taylor -

    This is all so true and I believe there are more right thinking people than we REALIZE OUT THERE. I sur 1–hope so.

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