Gutting D.C.’s illegitimate authority

Gutting D.C.’s illegitimate authority

By A. Dru KristenevJune 23, 2022


The Biden administration and representatives – who are not – in Congress have been sloughing off their duty to serve the people who elected them. The last point about the elections is debatable considering the overwhelming evidence of widespread fraud. Yes, fraud.

The trouble is that local and state officials have been equally derelict in their duty to block and nullify unconstitutional interference from the nation’s capital that has been subjugating the people longer than the two years of Covid madness.

For months, solutions that are available to county and state governments have been identified here and by some others. Still, those holding office as county commissioners, state legislators and city officials have done little to nothing. Their cowardice has been and continues to be monumental as they’ve ignored the deepening economic fiasco the federal government created and has forced upon citizens.

Once more, we make the argument that there is no reason on earth that American citizens suffer under the frivolous policies instituted by executive agencies that have overreached and operated outside their constitutional bounds, both state and federal constitutions.

Events are cropping up around “flyover” country where proven facts are being presented about the bogus Oval Office occupant’s absurd “green” policies that are intentionally tanking the economy. It’s not just the cities’ polling places that were overrun with ballot box stuffing and harvesting, dead, illegal, and ghost voters, all of which has been well-documented by video, electronic forensics and cellphone tracking. (Liz Cheney’s vehement claim that D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” was debunked is the real CO2 air pollution.)

Evidence is still mounting that small towns and bucolic counties were victim to fraudulent voting and counting practices in 2020 that has left rural areas devoid of representation possessing the will to implement rightful local authority.

For Central and Eastern Oregon, Capt. Seth Keshel, at the “Fight for Freedom” event in Redmond, OR, verified how sparsely populated counties suffered election chicanery that illicitly installed the current president among other officials.

In Keshel’s calculations, the small county where I vote has been pinpointed for likely fraud. Not an unexpected revelation after having a personal conversation with the county clerk in 2020 to learn that scores of new “residents” were allowed by the state to register without social security numbers, I.D., or permanent addresses. The clerk said there was no way to verify that the registrants were U.S. citizens let alone if they actually lived in the county.

Rural counties have been targeted as well as large population centers for installing unresponsive officials, making it difficult to press commissioners to assert their lawful power to defy and/or remove federal, and in some instances, state policies that violate citizens’ rights. The mask and vaccine mandates tested whether local and state officials would defend their constituents against repressive edicts that destroyed small business and devastated individual healthcare access.

At the Redmond event constitutional teacher and attorney, KrisAnne Hall, clarified the realm of authority available to citizens and counties contained in the Oregon Constitution that individuals, commissioners and sheriffs are not accessing.

What hasn’t been fully understood, due to improper instruction in public schools, colleges and, particularly law schools, is how states have the lion’s share of power in this constitutional republic, not the federal apparatus that is now the largest employer in the nation. Nor that counties have autonomy from the state government when the local citizenry’s livelihoods are threatened and, as is currently being dictated in Oregon, by irresponsible state policy not law.

Here is the crux of the economy-crushing problems creating scarcity of food, gas, power and essential commodities – that the policies instituted by executive order, memo or agency regulation are not law and are reversible by the authority of local governing bodies and by referendum if the people will properly exert it.

Opinions handed down by the courts are, as Hall pointed out, opinions not rulings, which the latter is a misnomer that even this author has unwittingly failed to signify the difference despite having that knowledge. Applying terminology loosely, thereby inadvertently altering a word’s definition, is a trap that has caught too many of us.

In this time of twisted political goals intent on dissolving the nuclear family and, on the macro scale, this nation, language is the tool by which destructive forces implement catastrophic policies. Intentional redefinition of words and concepts is an age-old scheme to control populations.

Examples of opposite meanings are rampant: ‘democracy’ for ‘republic;’ ‘vaccine’ for ‘toxin,’ ‘science’ for ‘ideology,’ ‘free speech’ for ‘censorship,’ ‘news’ for ‘propaganda,’ ‘sustainable’ for ‘impractical,’ ‘gender identity’ for ‘sexual dysphoria,’ ‘Pride’ for ‘debauchery,’ ‘love’ for ‘sexual activity,’ ‘freedom’ for ‘immorality.’ Every wrongly used word restricts the public’s vernacular that purposely devalues cultural mores, replacing them with political and social bondage.

When the federal government fails to represent the states and serve the citizens of the states in the manner for which it was conceived, the citizens have the power to assert the rights “retained by the people” (Ninth Amendment) which may be implemented at the local level.

Home Rule is not a nebulous concept, it is a method of governance available to every county in America. Why? Because the United States was established to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” that is vested in the individual, not to oppress the individual under the will of a despotic majority or king.

It’s time the sovereign individuals of this nation acted like it.

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