Have Patriots Just Heard the Shot heard ‘Round the World – v. 2.0?

Have Patriots Just Heard the Shot heard ‘Round the World – v. 2.0?

by Dennis Jamison – 1/12/21
In the midst of a real war, the true colors of patriots and traitors emerge with little uncertainty of who is who because actions speak louder than a mouthful of empty political rhetoric. When ‘true grit’ is tested in the midst of battle, even for ‘respected leaders,’ it is not always a pretty sight. In the past few days since the assault on the U.S. Capitol building, the void of true leadership in the ranks of those attempting to keep the Republic is quite visible. Hundreds of thousands of American patriots travelled from all over the nation to voice their discontent over losing their God-given rights, especially over having the 2020 election stolen by white collar criminals in the state and federal governments controlled by self-centered political animals. Such individuals show little regard for the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution.

While the orchestration of ‘storming’ the U.S. Capitol was a brilliant strategy by Marxist leaders, and executed fairly efficiently, the incident should not be easily forgotten by those hundreds of thousands of well meaning American citizens who made their way to the Capitol grounds last Wednesday, nor should it be forgotten by any American patriots all across this great nation. A number of people died in this moment of battle. The most tragic was the killing of Ashli Babbitt, the young woman who lost her life in an action she definitely believed in. Yet, the word amongst the patriot nation is that this was a set up, and the target was taking Trump out as it has been all along. Storming the Capitol at just the time the legitimate votes over illegitimate votes was to be determined. Who is the beneficiary in storming the elected officials inside? Certainly not the POTUS — the enemies of the people, the enemies of the Republic won that battle.

Yet, there were patriot deaths in this battle. It is beyond tragic that there was no outcry from ‘seasoned American leaders’ over the deaths of innocent, freedom-loving, God- loving people. Where was the outcry? Where were the voices of the women’s rights activists in an expression of outrage of the killing of two of their own? Where did all those Trump supporters go after the police shooting of Ashli Babbitt? They didn’t band together by the thousands and overwhelm the Capitol Building? The rabid deplorables didn’t march into the downtown area breaking windows of shops or setting buildings on fire? Those Trump supporters didn’t organize sympathetic protest marches through the streets of the nation’s capital? The MSM hasn’t launched a new media blitz over the outrageous police shooting of an unarmed victim? May God have mercy on Ashli Babbitt’s soul.

In the aftermath of the ‘storming’ the U.S. Capitol blatant hypocrisy surfaced from the so-called leaders within our nation across various realms and at numerous levels in the social fabric of America. First of all, from multiple eyewitness accounts, the ‘storming’ is a distortion of truth if ever there were because several instances occurred when Capitol Police allowed the masses of people past one barrier after another. However, practically stumbling over one another to decry the ‘attack’ on a government building with real live violence, people who knew not the origin of this ‘attack’ immediately jumped to their own or prescription conclusions about the violence. The true colors of individuals showed up from the mainstream media, assorted political commentators and independent talk show hosts, Hollywood elitists, several religious leaders, and politicians ad infinitum, who had to make their ‘statements’ denouncing the violence in the nation’s capital.

Yet, the denunciations were from both sides of the political spectrum and many jumped to the conclusion that President Trump had incited the violence. So, by quick assembly of such logic, Trump was the culprit. People who listened to the well coordinated MSM assault on the POTUS, scrambled to distance themselves as quickly as possible so as to not have the taint of connection with such a ‘malevolent leader.’ I imagined when I learned of the flag at the White House being lowered to half mast that it may have been for people who died from jumping from the windows trying to escape connection with Donald Trump. Apparently though, I was informed that it was for the police officer who died in the skirmish. May his soul rest in peace.

While any individual’s death, whether by disease, violence, or by the natural causes of aging, is a grave loss, the real tragic death last Wednesday was the death of fair and  honest elections. If this fraudulent election of 2020 stands, it sets the precedent for the future, and there will no longer be fair and honest elections. And, if honest elections have become invalid, then the American Republic is on its deathbed. If the fraudulent election is able to stand, the government is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

A colleague who was at ground zero believes that the shot that killed Ashli Babbitt was the ‘shot heard round the world.’ Indeed it was. Her blood should not have been spilled in vain. It should be calling all people who care about keeping the Republic to enter the fight, or to keep up the fight for fair and honest elections. The courage of those who were in support of honest elections, must continue to inspire those of us who could not make it to Washington, D.C. The cowardice in the so-called ‘leaders’ of our nation to protect the integrity of honest elections stands out in great contrast to the patriots. The majority of the GOP leadership is ready to hand the Republic over to the domestic enemy, so as to not look bad under the intense media spotlight. Such an argument of surviving negative publicity that would be bad for the next election no longer has any meaning.

If politicians, pretending to be genuine ‘leaders,’ could not muster courage to protect the integrity and legitimacy of the people’s vote, how can those ‘leaders’ still be relevant? How can they have value anymore? If the people’s votes do not count, politicians and the political parties are irrelevant. So from this point in time, if they no longer have any relevance, it is highly advisable to stop giving any money to various politicians or the political parties. The red light should have started flashing before voting in the special runoff in Georgia. If the same Dominion voting machines were to be used, why bother with the charade of voting? Good PR?

We are now in uncharted territory, just as the rag-tag bands of boys and men were not totally sure of their next moves after Lexington and Concord, patriots in this day are not totally sure of next steps in the future battles. The fight for freedom has not ended; it has just entered a new dimension. Patriots are needed to gather together in bands of people they trust to work in agreement to destroy the tyranny disguised as a democratic effort.

Patriots, conservatives, and Christians, as well as all people of faith, must begin now for we have just begun to fight!

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