Have we been had? Unmasking the disease delusion

Have we been had? Unmasking the disease delusion

By A. Dru KristenevJuly 10, 2020

As states hunker down once again, forcing citizens to don face coverings in public, it’s become clearer with every waking hour that the China Coronavirus emergency is based on skewed and distorted statistics.

Anecdotal stories of false reporting of Covid-19 cases are a dime a dozen. Personally, the incident described in my last column, where a woman with seasonal allergies was reported as a positive case by a doctor who didn’t bother to listen to her, turned out to be exactly what has been pooh-poohed by the mainstream press. The patient was forced to undergo testing for the virus which confirmed that she was negative, yet did that change her being tallied as a positive case? No. Once a health professional (and I apply the term loosely) makes a report of a positive case, based on no evidence whatsoever, there is no recanting and subtracting that individual from the compiled statistics.

This is just one of numerous positive reports swamping the system to add to the erroneous statistics that are being used to pressure governors to infringe citizens’ rights, mandating business and church closures or threatening legal action if masks are not worn and social distancing not maintained. Add to that the repressive dictate of California Governor Newsom that forbids singing in church. Whereas Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has taken another tack, warning-off cities and counties from requiring masks as having no legal authority to do so.

It adds up to a monumental deception that is stripping Americans, not to mention other nations, of personal freedom.

There are plenty of studies and published facts to support the previous statement. The crime is that politicians are either incapable of reading and assessing the documented facts or they refuse to do so to avoid censure from a corrupted press and nationalized health mafia.

Buried by the anti-American, inhumane media are the exposés of cover-ups about the Covid crisis that isn’t. Dr. Stoian Alexov, who has characterized the World Health Organization as a “criminal medical organization,” is a “high profile European pathologist” who has revealed that his colleagues in Europe “haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific to SARS-CoV-2.” He made the statement referring to a European Society of Pathologists webinar of May 8, 2020, pointing out that the serology test kits now utilized by a number of countries are based on faulty “science” and have proven to be inaccurate.

It is these serology test kits upon which antibody treatments are now in experimental stages. This information alone casts aspersions on the development of vaccines and their effectiveness. Supportive of Dr. Alexov’s assertions are interviews and papers authored by respected medical professionals that indicate Covid-19 to be fatal in “exceptional cases” and is generally “harmless.”

Whether or not these accounts and studies are given short shrift, a related matter is the ineffectiveness of facemasks that are being mandated by, inadvertently or purposefully, ignorant government officials.

Here’s one well-researched paper entitled “Masks Don’t Work – A review of science relevant to Covid-19 social policy” uncovered by our legal researcher, Toddy Littman. Articles previous to this have linked to many credible resources condemning the mandate of facemask use as futile and even detrimental to the wearer’s health by restricting the intake of fresh air and re-circulating one’s own CO2 and bacteria.

The continued lockdowns of businesses and lock-outs or restrictions of churches, synagogues and other worship gatherings are unfounded political ploys to keep law-abiding citizens off-balance. Obviously, the restrictions haven’t hindered the criminal activities of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization (to distinguish it from those peacefully demonstrating).

At this point, mayors of cities like Los Angeles and Miami that are seeing an uptick in virus cases have admitted that the major contributing factor are the thousands swarming in the streets to protest (and riot) after George Floyd’s tragic death. What they and other government officials are not admitting is that the contrived change in CDC reporting guidelines, which counts unverified “probable” cases based on a vastly expanded symptom list that could include a myriad of ailments, is inflating case numbers while deaths are actually declining.

It is seriously appearing that we’ve been had by the statists driving the narrative of a deadly disease that, for the most part, isn’t. As much as pastors, rabbis, etc. believe they’re doing the right and proper thing by complying with the pointless edicts, it’s time that faith leaders stand up for their First Amendment rights by putting government back in it’s place of limited authority.

Any church, or business in fact, that has access to the research that supports their opening doors for worship and commerce has all the evidence they need to fight the needless shutdown of free religious expression or of the economy. The separation of communities and destruction of trade is not based on any proven science, it is based on politically-driven fear of a virus less lethal than the seasonal flu.

It’s to be wondered if it’s only China to blame for this plague. How much do the power-hungry globalists rightly share in the senseless terror and anxiety that’s dividing America?

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