High Crimes, Grand Larceny, Big Lies, Mass Fraud, Grand Corruption, Ultra Censorship – We Need New Superlatives

High Crimes, Grand Larceny, Big Lies, Mass Fraud, Grand Corruption, Ultra Censorship – We Need New Superlatives

by Don Rosenberg, 7/28/2020

As I reflect on the myriad issues facing the American people I am struck by the sheer audacity of the assault on our freedoms and our way of life.

Our government used its power to spy on a political opponent, then after he was duly elected, to sabotage his transition, and after he was in power, fabricate evidence to impeach him.  These weren’t your average political dirty tricks, they were an attempted government overthrow.

This is not just a few reporters with liberal bias slanting coverage of a few important stories. The liberal media is regularly fabricating lies and denying the truth, their goal is to destroy the public perception of a sitting president.

And then came the coronavirus.

We looked to our “trusted experts.”  “Millions will die if we don’t shut down our whole economy.” So we did.  We mobilized to manufacture ventilators and free up hospital space.  We locked ourselves in our homes.

Now we are learning about an entire new level of manipulation and corruption involved with COVID 19.

Just as the curve started to flatten and then decline, suddenly we had a “surge” in new cases.  But stories began to emerge about how the data were being manipulated by the very people tasked with protecting us.

First, they changed the rules on reporting.  Doctors were told that people who died “with” coronavirus were to be reported as dying “from” coronavirus.  A motorcycle crash victim who tested positive was called a casualty of coronavirus.

Then cases where lab tests weren’t done, but infections were considered “probable,” were to be considered actual cases.

Now we learn that test results are being compounded.  A person who tests positive on Monday, is retested Tuesday to see if he’s cured. Every time he retests “positive” is considered a new case.

We are even hearing anecdotal stories that nurses sending in ten unused swabs are getting ten positive results!

This explains why the number of “cases” has spiked, but the death rates are still declining.  If these were honest mistakes in reporting, we’d see some practices that increase the numbers, and others that reduce them.  Every procedural change, every statistical adjustment has served to inflate the numbers, and the panic.

The treatment, cure and prevention of COVID 19 also seem to be rife with corruption.  Early reports showed a 50¢ pill, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), was cutting deaths in half in France.  Suddenly another study came out that claimed it’s not a cure, and makes things worse.  The special waiver to allow its use was revoked, and doctors were threatened if they prescribed it.  Turns out the study was done on a small number of veterans who were already on death’s door.  A new, scientifically valid, study was completed on 2,451 patients and showed a decline in deaths from 26% to 13%.  Other countries are using HCQ with great success.

But in the U.S., all we hear about is remdesivir, even though a scientifically valid study showed a decline in hospital stay time of 3-5 days, and no reduction in death rates! We have a concerted effort to hide the 50¢ cure in favor of a $3,100 treatment that has no significant positive result.

Are the hospital and pharmaceutical industries willing to let tens of thousands of people die, just to make a profit?

And masks – – they certainly seemed like a good idea – doctors and nurses use masks in operating rooms, it can’t hurt, right? But studies from the same experts last year said masks do nothing to slow the spread of minute virus particles.

This mostly seems to be happening in the United States.  Other countries are making their own decisions whether to lock down or continue as normal.  Certainly we can learn from their experiences, yet we rarely hear about them.

The next controversy involves shutting down our schools.  There is not a single instance of a student infecting a teacher with coronavirus – – in the world.  Teachers are safer in their classrooms than at home.

So why are the liberal teachers’ unions holding our children’s educations hostage? Their “demands” before they return to work are all about political issues and defunding the police, not student or teacher safety.

We are rushing to find a vaccine at the very time when deaths are declining and extremely effective treatments have been found.  With the massive lying, cheating and corruption we’ve seen so far, we should be extremely cautious. Vaccine side effects manifest in years not weeks affecting many more people.

Are our governors going to make the new vaccines mandatory and give us injections against our wills? Will people who refuse be put in home confinement, banned from planes, unable to work? Will they force us to vaccinate our children?

Then, in the midst of the virus panic, a police officer kills an innocent black man, leading to nationwide protests and demands for police reform.  Within a few days the entire movement is taken over by rioters and looters and demands to defund the police.

The media call the riots “justified” and looting as “the result of years of economic denial.” We have just passed the 64-day mark of rioting in Portland and the media still call them “peaceful protests brought on by the Trump administration.”  The Portland police recently released hours of surveillance footage that showed extremely sophisticated urban-warfare style tactics being used by Antifa activists, including firing commercial grade fireworks at police.  Their goal is to provoke the police into shooting a “protester” leading to a whole new level of outrage and protest.

Their plan is to take down our government, plain and simple.  Next they’ll escalate to shooting and bombing, we’ve already discovered knapsacks on the scene with guns and Molotov cocktails.

To round out the outrage, we have discovered that our social media giants are using their power to manipulate us on all of the issues above.  People who speak out against the lies we’re uncovering are “shadow-banned” or their accounts are deleted for “hate speech” or “false information.”

We are now living in George Orwell’s 1984 where doublespeak is a way of life, information is controlled and opponents are destroyed.  Just the other night, a press conference of “Frontline Doctors” on the steps of the Supreme Court was deleted from Facebook after 17 million views.  These doctors were sharing their personal experiences using hydroxychloroquine as an extremely successful treatment for COVID 19.

If this information were to get out to the general public, the entire house of cards would crumble.

There would be no need for a shutdown or to close our schools, no rush to a vaccine, and most-importantly, no need to push “mail-in voting,” where millions of ballots are sent to voters who are ineligible because they’ve moved away or are dead.  The potential for fraudulent use of these ballots is so great it could shift the election to give Democrats complete control of the House, Senate and the presidency in November.

We need an entirely new vocabulary to describe the level of fraud, crimes and corruption being perpetrated on the American people.  If we don’t share what’s going on with our fellow citizens, our entire way of life is in jeopardy.

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