Holding the Line on the Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom

Holding the Line on the Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom

By April 29, 2021

On Monday, the California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley Weber, admitted that “the requisite number of valid signatures has been reported to our office to initiate the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.” The link in that sentence takes readers to the county-by-county breakdown of the recall signature tallies, which totals 1,626,042. That is in itself a victory for the grassroots citizen effort, which Newsom attributed to white supremacist groups and “…folks that are literally part of the 3% militia group—right-wing group—that are part of the principal proponents of this effort.” What else could he say? He is simply a pretty-boy puppet of the Democrat/Progressive Party that currently has dominion in the state. He is lip-synching the contemporary mantra. He may not have that many original thoughts apart from the talking points supplied to him.

Newsom will have a lot of time for collecting his thoughts now. Of course, there are all the supposed counter moves that the Party could attempt to pull off. Secretary of State Weber did explain that the county elections officials must continue to verify the validity of any remaining signatures and must report the final signature verification on April 29, 2021.” It is supposed that the county election officials will perform their tasks with all due diligence, but the three campaigns to recall Newsom went overboard in getting more than enough required signatures. Nevertheless, California is essentially a one-party state, under the control of the Democrat Party – it and that could be why Newsom, shrouded in his arrogance, felt that he was untouchable—except California isn’t Red China—yet.

Of course. conspiracy theories have made their rounds on how Newsom could still pull off a very shrewd political shell game and escape to live another day as governor. And, some of those theories exist in California because regular people no longer trust in Democrats playing politics in a fair way. In fact, if one seriously considers the entire manner in which the recall process had to be painstakingly processed, it may have been more precise than the manner in which the 2020 election results were tabulated. Candidates in the Bay area reported that when they challenged the State Board of Elections, state officials had no clear idea of whether the people who voted were citizens of California or even citizens of the United States. The election officials had little idea of where all of the mail-in ballots had come from and whether those were legitimate as well.

The irony is that the people of California who want the governor gone are at the mercy of the same state election officials who just handled the statewide 2020 election. While it may be understood that the county election officials will do their jobs with all due diligence, one wonders how they actually performed in their respective capacities during the regular election process. It is clear that one of the first hurdles for such a recall effort is to get past the counting to even qualify to be put on the ballot. The diverse army of volunteers were able to collect over two million signatures because the state election officials declared over 400,000 of the signatures invalid.

If only the election officials would have been so efficient in the general election, the need for recalls, or as in the case of Maricopa County in Arizona an election audit, most conscientious voters would not question the integrity of the process. Today, unfortunately, there are quite a significant number of intelligent voters within California who believe that the people have not had a fair and honest election for around two decades, if not longer. The question remains as to whether a new election ro replace the current arrogant and blatantly dishonest governor would be fair and honest. The other side of this election integrity issue is that when the electorate only sees a glorified con- game, they sense their vote doesn’t count. They no longer see much value in voting, period. Election corruption rots away the soul of a Free Republic. This has happened throughout America for quite some time.

COVID-19 in 2020 also illuminated the corruption and tyrannical nature of a number of Blue State governors across the nation; and especially, Governor Newsom’s true colors are clear. From out of the ranks of those dictatorial Democrat governors, Newsom ranks right up with Cuomo and Whitmer who forced the elderly into nursing homes where it was akin to death sentences. While Newsom did not win an Emmy for his “captivating” performance during COVID like Cuomo, the outcome was just as deadly.

This Wednesday, the New York Times reported that senior staffers in Cuomo’s Administration covered up or buried the actual numbers and percentages of elderly who had died from COVID in the early stages of the “plandemic” last year. Apparently, Cuomo and his team were aware that his controversial order requiring nursing homes to re-admit infected COVID patients could have come back to haunt the New York governor. The Administration eventually rescinded the March 25 policy directive, but by that time it had fueled outbreaks in many of the harder-hit nursing homes. The numbers were downplayed by Cuomo’s people, and they had initially stated the nursing home death toll at around 6,000, but according to the New York Times, the number of nursing home residents with coronavirus that died through the end of May was actually 9,739.

One could expect the Chinese Communist Party underreporting actual death toll numbers, but here was a governor of a major state, whose top staff were apparently aware of the true death toll in nursing homes at the time. Yet, they deliberately misled the public. Senior Cuomo staffers buried a scientific paper that accurately reported the numbers, and apparently blocked health officials for about five months from releasing the accurate tally. Additionally, they did not see fit to publicize an audit of the data until months after it was finished. Actually, the Department of Health’s draft report found that “approximately 35 percent” of all deaths in New York were among nursing home residents. What a tragedy.

Atrocious as that seems, the reported percentage of deaths due to COVID in nursing homes in the “Golden State” was higher. Hadn’t heard of it? Newsom’s slick way of obscuring reality is a blatant example of his media manipulation. However, during a similar time frame, in early May of 2020, a San Jose Mercury News editorial (a newspaper far from conservative bias) warned that Governor Newsom “should stop the cover-up, release accurate and complete data on infections and deaths for each facility, and stop trying to send more COVID-19 patients into them [the eldercare facilities].” That editorial was updated in September, but it quoted state data showing that in the eight days between April 23-May 1, the percentage of “nursing home deaths jumped 51%.” And, overall “at least 41 percent of all known coronavirus deaths in California have occurred among residents and staff of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.”

The measurements were apparently not adequate to concern Newsom and staff. The needless deaths of innocents provide many reasons for the recall of possibly “the worst governors ever” according to State Senator Brian Jones in a GOP meeting Wednesday morning in San Jose. While Newsom wants to blame right-wing white supremacists for the recall, others may find enough reasons in the nearly 6,000 elderly folks who died due to Newsom’s “reckless,” “misguided and dangerous,” policies that were “medically unsound.” The Mercury News editorial stated that Newsom’s “administration’s refusal to provide transparent data on individual facilities’ cases and deaths is inexcusable.” But, if anyone could possibly excuse Newsom for needless deaths, there is an entire book by California legislator Kevin Kiley with several other reasons to “Recall Newsom.”

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