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By JR Harrison – 3/31/21

Right up front, I want to make something very clear: the Republican Party is done, gone, a thing of the past. Remember when we thought that about the Democrats when Trump won, goodbye donkey, right? Oh, the Republican party shall remain, but in name only despite the herculean efforts of Rush Limbaugh. Whether you saw a recent CPAC meeting or watched incredulously as Republicans stood by, or in many cases assisted, in our Nation’s decline over the past few decades, it is of no matter. We need to concede that the Republican Party is history.

No delivery

Perhaps it should be noted up front the main difference between the Democrats (the Socialist party of hate and envy) and their colleagues across the aisle (the compromising party of talk and promise) is the Democrats are more honest, and they certainly can deliver. But wait, didn’t we just get a Conservative Supreme Court, and isn’t the economy booming thanks to Republicans and Donald Trump? Must you be reminded that Joe Biden secured his election with the help of that aforementioned Republican dominated Supreme Court led by Bush appointee John Roberts?

Now what about that growing economy? For all intents and purposes, it would appear that our capitalistic growth engine as well as our dollar is headed over the cliff, driven by hyperinflation, and yet another return to smothering governmental constraints. And that tax cut that Trump gave us, sayonara baby.

So yes indeed, Republicans seem to have accomplished a lot BUT only for a temporary time period to then be consistently erased by their Socialist adversaries. “Live in hope, die in despair” as the saying goes. I guess you might look to Republicans as being like a supposed new vaccine that doesn’t prevent you from getting the disease but might lessen the results if you manage to survive the shot itself, but with no long term guarantees, of course.

Civil War?

Given this increasingly frustrating up and down history and aided by the COVID fear hard sell, many believe that America is inevitably headed for another civil war. However, this time it appears that the conflict will be more cyber than civil with the struggle being unlike any other that has been fought in the history of mankind –  the battle being a 1984 affair in which one side appears to have already secured their victory, with many left scratching their heads in disbelief. “What happened?” they inquire and then note that “it happened so quickly,” like the COVID Plandemic Conspiracy which helped precipitate the event?

Home Field Advantage

 As is my wont, I seldom complain without offering a viable solution. So here is what I and others are now actually doing, which I believe to be a common sense approach that can fend off the looming civil war. First of all, instead of wasting our time trying unsuccessfully to contact our representatives in Washington D.C., we recommend directing your time, efforts and resources where our public servants are more accessible. Where, you might ask? Well, at the very grassroots level, right down to the zip code level. How many times have we heard that all politics is local? Why not start there, apply pressure where you are no longer a small fish in a large pond?

For that matter, how many of you have ever talked with your local city councilman, or township trustee, or county commissioner? Then ask yourself, when was the last time you personally met with your U.S. or  state senator or representative or even talked with them on the phone – unless it was one of their robocalls. My guess is that more of you have actually taken an excursion to Washington D.C.  versus thought to save your time and money and make it a home game. Did your D.C. trips end abortion or sodomite marriage?

The Standard first response

We are talking about building relationships here with our local magistrates, and don’t be surprised or disappointed when you run into a reluctant local servant who isn’t “woke” just yet. You are likely to hear, “Well, that’s something that has to be done at the federal or state level”. Game over, right, and your local representative is off the hook so let’s get on with that civil war, eh?

Well not so fast there, Pilgrim. You may be overlooking an incredible factoid that you and your zip code public servants have failed to notice. And what might that be brother JR?

Well, when a trustee, city council member, mayor, county commissioner, all the way up to the President of the U.S. takes office, what do they all have in common? What do they all have to adhere to? That’s right, they all take an oath of office, and like every military serviceman and woman, that oath is to serve and defend the Constitution of the United States. And please, that is not an option, it is a universal requirement! In all that any public servant does, it must be in line with the US constitution –  THE supreme law of the land.

Bringing it home.

If indeed the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, then what happens if an elected official from the Federal Government violates or creates a law outside of that document? The logical next step is to have the States pick up that slack and correct that error. But, what happens if the Feds and State both operate outside the constitution? Are the lesser magistrates (city council, county and township officials), having taken the same oath, not expected to act on behalf of  “We the People,”  their custodian, by assuring Constitutional compliance? Is this not part of the balancing of power our founders had in mind in the beginning, knowing good and well that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?” They did not trust the government they were about to create and recognized the nature of man, and that checks and balances (at all levels) were a necessary remedy.

In all of this, please be reminded that it is we the people through our servants at “all” levels that rule in the civil affairs of America. The problems we see today in politics are not caused by either party or far off cabals; nay, they are the result of we the people not doing our job when it comes to public servants. We have long lost control of the Federal Government, and to ever have hope of reclaiming that power, we by default, must depend on our local magistrates (public servants) to help us restore order and avoid the civil war that appears to be just beyond the horizon. But as in other matters, you have to “ask” if you expect to “receive,” and then you gotta do something.



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