Honor our Veterans by Carrying Forward the Fight for Freedom!

Honor our Veterans by Carrying Forward the Fight for Freedom!

By Dennis Jamison – November 10, 2020

One year ago, I wrote that “the celebration of Veterans’ Day… is tainted and tarnished by the treasonous coup d’état of the political criminal cabal of Democrat leaders, Socialist Democrats (baby Communists), the Globalists, and the “Never Trumper” GOP Elitists.” This coup d’état was initiated against newly elected President Trump, actually even before he took the oath of office. The leaders of the political criminal cabal plotted and then implemented the coup d’état over a measured step-by-step process. First, he was “not my president,” and then the building of the false narrative of Russian collusion, and then the bogus impeachment proceedings were the final attack at that stage of those who are the enemy of our Constitutional Republic.

The outward appearance of the coup being directed against the president was extremely targeted marginalization within the public arena. And while our president was always in danger, and still is, it is the Constitutional Republic that is the ultimate target. And now, on the threshold of Veteran’s Day, a day in which American citizens have taken time to honor those men and women who served their nation in times of grave danger, it is the public that now needs to assume the role of the defenders of the United States and of freedom itself. A year ago, the coup had just begun. Now, on the threshold of Veteran’s Day in 2020, America is embroiled in a “civil,” civil war. No serious outbreak of violence has occurred, as that would be one of the final stages. We are now in the peaceful overthrow of the government by election fraud, use of manufactured and manipulated ballots, voter and vote-count observer suppression, as well as a full-scale suppression of information and disinformation by the media network of the political criminal cabal at the core of this.

It was well-planned, is well-orchestrated, and all citizens are seeing is intended to transition as easily as possible in the final step of a complete and utter takeover of the U.S.A. Except there is one problem that could cause this plot to unravel. The problem is that enough of “We the People” love the POTUS and love our Republic. Enough of the people are not sheep, brainwashed by the mainstream and the social media moguls. Enough of the people do care what happens here and now. And, in times of grave danger to freedom, to the Republic, enough people have stood up to defend the Republic, or freedom itself. It is one of the reasons that Americans remember to honor the veterans who were willing to put on the uniform to serve the nation, which really means to serve and protect the Land of the Free and the people who are our neighbors in communities of freedom.

Far too many American soldiers, sailors, Marines, and Air Force personnel have given their lives to protect our nation, to protect our freedoms, to play pretend any longer. How long do people want to play pretend, or to just be nice about the orchestrated attempt to destroy the United States as it now exists? By the law of the Constitution, POTUS is sworn to defend the government of the people and the American people as a whole. The President of the United States swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, which means essentially the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is what President Donald Trump is doing in case anyone is unclear. Yet, who is protecting him? By logic, “We the People” now need to also have his back.

The confusion and the chaos at the core of the coup that has been generated by the political criminal cabal is intended to create fear and panic as well in order to complete the operation. This, however, is what “We the People” need to resist with every fiber of our beings. Although the other side of this quiet revolution is to assure the clueless, even world leaders that all is normal and it is simply a normal election and transition of power in the U.S.A. Like a bad “reality television” drama, the citizen is simply meant to follow complacently along with the narrative—“resistance is futile.” Except there are still enough of the citizens who refute the narrative as false, and who will trust in Donald Trump because it is in God that we ultimately trust.

Although the coup seems to have been planned out in the backroom chambers of those aggressors in the network of the political criminal cabal, it is unfolding in the public arena as if what is being viewed on television or over social media is representative of reality. Obviously, the more the narrative is seamlessly reinforced, and the people’s voices are suppressed, the end result is only intended to lead to one outcome: a seizure of political power of the most powerful nation on the planet. Sincere people of faith, who do not buy the narrative, are the ones who need to rise up and challenge the cabal’s narrative. In every single and unified act of resistance “We the People” need to hold onto the self-evident truths at the core of our nation. It is how our nation began, and we are now being called in an obvious way to reaffirm our adherence to those self-evident truths.

It is for this very reason that so many American soldiers, sailors, Marines, and Air Force personnel gave their lives to protect our nation, to protect freedom in the world. The fundamental truths that are at the core of our founding documents were the driving force of our fighting forces—not a quest for control over other people. Yet, common citizens are now faced with defending our own country—defending those same bedrock values and principles at the core of the People’s government. Will common citizens rise up in this time to reaffirm our grip upon those self-evident truths and to stand up for our God-given rights? This is not a dress rehearsal—this is a war against what we hold dear.  Or, is it better, safer, to politely pretend that America is not in a war for her soul? Will doing nothing honor those who had laid their lives on the line for the nation? Will doing nothing honor those that did sacrifice their lives for freedom? Or, have those veterans died in vain?

The very least Americans could do in this very divisive and toxic political environment is to reach back into our heritage to touch the spirit of the Founders by discovering why someone would be willing to fight for freedom—to die for freedom. It can sometimes be found in the heart of a veteran who volunteered to serve for a greater cause. It can sometimes be found in the stories of those who gave their lives so that freedom could be preserved for the ones they loved, for the Land of the Free, for the Author of Liberty. The very best we could do to honor our veterans would be to carry on their fight, so that freedom could survive now in America because without freedom in America, freedom cannot grow to be shared with the worl

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