Hostile takeover of America – (Un)lucky 13?

Hostile takeover of America – (Un)lucky 13?

By A. Dru Kristenev —-April 17, 2021

War is fought on multiple fronts and the effort to keep America a republic is under assault from all sides… and borders.

In one day this week, Congress undertook introduction of radical legislation to accomplish what amounts to a hostile takeover of the republic, attempting to nullify the Constitution in hopes of cementing a socialist reconfiguration of the United States.

On the wish list for the power-driven mediocrity lording it over Congress with the barest of a majority, is creating a 51st state out of the District of Columbia, a ten-by-ten mile former swamp (though “former” is arguable) that isn’t eligible for such transition constitutionally. Not that such a small glitch is stopping the House Oversight Committee from forwarding the bill to the rest of the House for an upcoming vote Tuesday.

Additionally, the joint resolution introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen (1/11/21) proposing to amend the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College carries no weight. For should the democrats manage to write and pass such an amendment (taking two-thirds of both chambers to do so) it would still necessitate ratification by three-fourths of the states of the Union.

Whereas the democrats are pressing to expand the Supreme Court of the United States, making it into a panel of 13 justices, a superstitiously stigmatized number, perhaps the hope is that seating four more justices would ensure striking down any challenge to unconstitutional legislation.

Included in the list of bills now working their way through Congress that democrats would expect to be upheld by a liberated, liberalized SCOTUS, would be the federalization of elections that is unconstitutional, the restricting of gun rights that is unconstitutional, and the so-called Equality Act that limits free speech and free exercise of religion, also unconstitutional.

Yet, among seated members of the judiciary there exists no trend of support for increasing the number of justices beyond the traditionally established number of nine. To retain what has worked to the general approval of the populace over 180 years or so, Rep. Andy Biggs has proposed an amendment to the Constitution to keep SCOTUS as is. Although regarded to be unlikely to pass Congress let alone make it out of committee, the amendment, like some of the other democrat proposals, would also have to pass muster with state legislatures.

The foolishness raging in Washington is providing a distraction from the unabated influx at the border of tens of thousands of sick and underage “migrants,” as well as the criminal element crossing secretly and openly, many of those misrepresenting themselves as “youth.”

Packed into busses or loaded onto planes to be transported deep into the interior in repetition of Obama’s policy in 2015 (when I encountered busses in Barstow, CA filled with illegals being taken across state lines by the Feds), the additional problem is how many of the immigrants present with severe illness that includes more than the Wuhan coronavirus – tuberculosis, scabies, hepatitis among the diseases.

Border agents are overwhelmed, and the few health professionals on hand to treat the sick populating overcrowded detention centers are unable to stem the tide of disease being ushered into the nation’s interior via Biden’s welcome policy. As much as the current administration is walking back its initial open-arm invitation to “come one, come all,” there’s no credible denial of the health and sex-trafficking crisis that it created. Rep. Steve Scalise posted video of what he and other legislators witnessed, calling the results of Biden’s inhumane policies “child abuse.”

While unaccompanied minors and other illegal entrants to the United States are being dispersed (human trafficking by another name) around the country without instituting any health protocols to protect the infected or those with whom they have contact, Orange County in California is piloting a vaccine passport to restrict citizens’ rights.

It doesn’t matter that the White House is working to distance itself from states and counties creating mandatory health passes for citizens to fully re-enter day-to-day activities. The concept is unconstitutional from beginning to end.

One tactic after another is setting the stage to ensure democrats never have to relinquish control again. By abetting big tech and media to ratchet up censorship, by cordoning off seats of government from public access, by declaring dissent to be domestic terrorism, the administration, Congress and a number of state governments have crossed the line of legal limitation.

Imposing drastic mandates and laws to curtail free speech, religious expression (if it’s Christian or Jewish) and constitutionally supervised elections, the tight democrat lead of six House members and a vice presidential tie-breaker in the Senate is not enough to subjugate all Americans.

As public awareness increases regarding election misdeeds, government cover-ups, misleading health protocols and blatantly false news reporting, the hostile takeover is itself coming under siege.

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