How About a Home Run in 2020?

How About a Home Run in 2020?

By James Harrison – 1/5/20

I was listening to the news report about the recent attacks in a Jewish community in New York state where several residents were viciously stabbed. Now, this, of course, should bother us all, but what I found missing in all the reporting was, in my humble opinion, the absence of wisdom and common sense with regard to how concerned citizens and our public servants should respond.

For instance, NY state Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is making it more difficult to persecute criminals under new “woke” leftist’s laws, is now issuing an emotional call for even more laws and police. Excuse me for noticing but more government is not the answer, it’s actually a large part of the problem.

On the very same Fox news program, Franklin Graham correctly noted that we have turned our backs on God, have taken him out of our institutions and specifically mentioned public schools. Are schools then where we are to house and maintain our nation’s morals, brother Graham? Is the answer really to hire more teachers, pay them more and better equip them to perhaps include arming them with guns?

Then there is Democratic Presidential candidate and self-proclaimed man of God, Pete Buttigieg, who if elected is looking forward to raising a family in the White House with his husband. By the way, there is more than an even chance that “Protestant Pete” will be the VP candidate for the Democrats in 2020.

I said all of that to say this:

Point blank

The problem we have in America is that we are an amoral nation and precisely because we have indeed “taken God out of” the equation. In the ‘60s we started our moral slide by tiptoeing over the lines between right and wrong and when no one seemed to notice, we became emboldened. But we still had guilt, so the next step was to blur the lines. Right and wrong became moldable and self-designed by man with little regard to natural or biblical laws. As long as we weren’t hurting anyone else what does it really matter … right? And today we have not just begun eradicating those critical righteous guardrails, it appears that the morality lines have now been officially erased. With gay marriage, abortion, pornography, drug abuse and more, justice and righteousness have indeed fallen in the streets.

But that doesn’t seem to be bad enough as we are now rapidly heading towards what I would consider a bizarro world.  What we are now looking at is a world where the lines between right and wrong are actually being reestablished, which might sound good but unfortunately, those lines, the old guard rails, are becoming millstones. We are rapidly headed for a time when right will be wrong and wrong is right. It is also noteworthy that as we head for these times mentioned in Isaiah 59  we only have ourselves to blame. You see with sin there are always consequences and for a man to “know to do good and not do it, that is a sin.”

2020 vision

So how do we get back to the point where righteousness once again rules in the halls of justice and in the streets of America? The church, of course, is the answer, or is it? For example, where was the church during this morality holocaust? It remained silent and by doing so actually confirmed the exercise.  “Not to do is to do and not to say is to say.

But that was obviously not enough. Remember our Democratic “family man,” our 21st Century version of Christian Peter, well not only has Christianity remained silent, but its practitioners have also allowed unrighteousness to become humanized, secularized, redefined and even admired. So, when a Christian leader says we must put God back into our country the fair question to ask is, which God? As far as the Bible goes, the pubic just won’t listen or at worse, sees it as discredited when looking for moral foundations. In many cases, they even see “the word” as the main cause of public unrest. What Satan destroys he first corrupts, Amen?

The Facts

  • We live in an amoral society
  • Today’s morals are driven by a democratic process fueled by emotions instead of objective standards.
  • To get back to reality we must restore our Christian roots, but we must do that for the most part without first mentioning God or the Bible in the marketplace of ideas.
  • Today’s moral stew is the result of too many chefs. The government, news and social media, entertainment, business concerns, educational instructions are the primary drivers of today’s moral standards with the church and the family is a slave to these secular masters.

The Vision                                                                                                                                   

“Where the is no vision the people perish.”

If we are to regain our moral compass it will happen in the homes of America first. This needs to be done through families driven by the fathers who must reestablish the proper order of authority as delineated in Ephesians 5.

  • The church must be a part of this, but the process must be led by the families. If the families are broken the church will be broken. Pastors are not called to be either parents or the head of the household for their family flock.
  • If there is no leadership in the family there will be anarchy in the church and our nation because:
  • The laws of nature and nature’s God, (the Bible) are best learned in the home and authority is best learned and followed by example in the household.
  • None of this can be done without nature’s God.


When the family is broken nothing else works properly. The family must be restored to its proper place in society and that is at the head of the table. We must first define what the natural family is and then establish that as the standard in America. As goes the family so goes the nation.

James Harrison is the director of National Family Strong. If you like what you hear and are looking for something to do then why not start here by liking our Natural Family Pledge.


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