How can city leaders reduce officer involved shootings?

How can city leaders reduce officer involved shootings?

By Stephanie L. Mann – 4/23/21

Police are NOT the problem! Police are scapegoats for politicians who don’t want to discuss the breakdown of the family which has dramatically changed our cities. Targeting police and guns are not “solutions” and will do little or nothing to keep cities safe.

What happened that has created so much anger and division in America?

1.  We are failing to discuss the real problem! We need to start a discussion on how to raise children without mental, physical, emotional or sexual abuse at home. (Taxpayers spend $220 million a day on child abuse and neglect. There are 6.6 million children referred to Child Protective Services agencies annually) Angry youth do not develop the 3 C’s: Courage, Character, and a self-protective Conscience which can keep them safe and healthy. They may decide to follow an angry mob to feel powerful and in control! They riot, loot, set fires and destroy places of business because they feel the community does not value them, and they don’t value the community.

2.  Defunding police without involving citizens taking responsibility for neighborhood safety will destroy cities. (The national average is 2.4 police to 1000 citizens.) In some areas, fear and social isolation led citizens to abdicate their role in neighborhood safety. They turned monitoring youthful bad behavior over to police. However, police react to crime; involved citizens can prevent crime from happening. Without adults involved in creating safe neighborhoods, kids join gangs for camaraderie and a sense of community. (There are 1 million youth involved in gangs with a cost of $200 billion a year.) In a Democratic society, police have limitations –  as fearful citizens saw – gangs, prostitution, and drugs thrived. Police became more aggressive as they struggle with little assistance from residents who are afraid of retaliation.

If we are going to reduce officerinvolved shootings, let’s discuss what we CAN do.

City leaders can do a much better job of supporting families and children! Let’s discuss why city leaders need to hire and train people who look like and speak the language of the community to become, “Neighborhood Safety Experts.” They can bring the community together. It has taken many years to get where we are today, but we can empower families and strengthen our freedoms with help and support from city leaders. Will we focus on strengthening families? That should be open for discussion.

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