How Can Obamagate Ever Be Investigated If Mail-In Vote Returns Democrats To Power?

How Can Obamagate Ever Be Investigated If Mail-In Vote Returns Democrats To Power?

by Judi McLeod – 5/12/2020

With all eyes and ears now focused on Obamagate, who’s left to fight off the Democrat planned Vote-By-Mail November 3 election?

Obamagate reveals that it was then President Barack Hussein Obama who set up the “Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hillary” hoax.  It was anti-American Obama who FBI-framed an innocent General Michael Flynn.

The revelation tells the world who Obama was and is—but will it return Flynn’s had-to-be-sold house to him, or wipe out the heartache and hurt imposed for three and a half years on his family?

Will Obama ever be made to face justice, or has he already, just like his protege Hillary Clinton flown off, free as a bird, to mount other, even more devious plans?

Deflect, divert and distract is what former liar-in-chief Barack Obama is all about.

Everyone’s talking about Obama, the Spy who’s been working uninterrupted and under cover to bring America down ever since the election of Donald Trump on Nov. 8, 2016.

Talk is interesting but rarely, if ever, leads to corrective action.  It’s a little like the over-used “So and So’s going to carve So and So a new one.”  Sounds good but it never really happens.

While talking heads, clickbait media and even starved-for-good-news patriots are talking Obamagate up, Obama is out there “carving a new one” for an election-bound America.

It’s called the Mail-in-Vote, and it leaves his wife, Michelle and wicked Nancy Pelosi in the driver’s seat.

“With no-excuse voting by mail already legal in 34 states, elections experts say the number of mail-in ballots could dramatically increase from the nearly 25% of votes that were cast by mail in 2016, given the public’s ongoing fear of gathering in large groups before the coronavirus is vanquished.” (Bloomberg, May 11, 2020)

“That would be the biggest shift in voting since the 26th Amendment gave 18-year-olds the vote in 1971.

“Trump is leading the Republican opposition to mail-in ballots with false claims that vote-by-mail is riddled with Democratic-led fraud and would ensure that “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

“False claims that vote-by-mail is riddled with Democratic-led fraud and would ensure that “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again”?

How’s that for Fake News disseminating pure propaganda?

“Democrats are pressing states to make absentee voting easier, clashing with Republican lawmakers and in some cases suing to try to force the issue. (Bloomberg)

“If the U.S. turns largely to vote-by-mail this November, the counting process could trigger unpleasant memories of the 2000 presidential ballot-counting in Florida, when it took more than a month to settle on George W. Bush as the victor over Al Gore.”

That was back in the days when the electorate was told, “Your president’s in the mail.”

“When people cast ballots at polling places, results are typically counted right at poll-closing time, and races are almost always settled on Election Night.” (Bloomberg)

Even if you’re a humiliated Hillary Clinton and send John Podesta out at 3 a.m. to begrudgingly admit defeat.

“State elections administrators are also preparing to retrain poll workers to learn how to count ballots. They’re also looking for spaces big enough to allow counting while still keeping to social distancing rules. (Bloomberg)

“Voting rights advocates say the delays could undermine confidence in the 2020 election, especially if the race is close.

“Those late-arriving ballots tend to be more Democratic-leaning, a trend that political scientists call “the blue shift.”

“When he saw his lead narrow in Florida’s 2018 Senate race, Republican Rick Scott argued that “unethical liberals” were trying to “steal an election.”

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has made similar claims about late-counted ballots in his home state of California.

“The disputes would come amid a crisis of confidence in the U.S. election system. A C-SPAN/Ipsos poll in October—months before the pandemic—found that only 53% of registered voters said that the 2020 elections would be open and fair, with many expressing concerns about foreign interference, the accuracy of ballot counting and the lack of voter ID requirements in some areas.

“Typically, about 1% of mail-in ballots are rejected for not arriving on time, missing a signature, or mismatching signatures, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. In 2016, when just under a quarter of voters mailed in ballots, that added up to more than 318,000 ballots that were thrown out.”

…”Voting-rights advocates say the requirements for witnesses and notary seals may be impossible to meet if voters are under coronavirus-related lockdowns or in self-isolation at the time of the election.”

Obamagate provides a screen for Michelle Obama who has, in effect, come up with a new way to steal the 2020 election.

“Just last month, the former First Lady advocated for voting by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic through her nonprofit organization When We All Vote, which encourages U.S. voter participation.” (Refinery29, May 6, 2020)

And she’s doing it on the basis that her When We All Vote nonprofit organization is “NON-PARTISAN!

Don’t let Barack and Michelle steal the 2020 election with a Democrat manipulated Mail-in Vote.


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