How can the mainstream media be seriously considered of any value in the political arena anymore?

How can the mainstream media be seriously considered of any value in the political arena anymore?

By Dennis JamisonOctober 6, 2020

Former President Obama once crowed elections have serious consequences, and the past four years of President Trump’s Administration have provided enough research on the MSM and how inept and irrelevant the MSM has become. Seriously, if citizens with due diligence would perform serious research for genuine evidence on the Obama Administration spying on American people,  the MSM would likely be the last place they would look. And, one of the most blatant abuses of the public’s trust is proceeding forward before our eyes. It ranks up there in history with the New York Times ignoring the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, and now perpetrating the false history and blatant lies of their “1619 Project.”

What the educated and diversely intelligent American citizens learned during the 2016 election and its aftermath of political intrigue and Deep State drama is that the MSM is not to be trusted. It is overtly obvious now to more than just Christians or conservatives that the media moguls in their citadels of power are more than willing to suppress the truth. The bought-and-paid-for media are only paid to report the “news that is fit” by their standards to disseminate. And despite how much MSM apologists would like to believe in their self-importance and value within American society at this time in our history, we the people are the ones who should have the final word on that.

It is wise to keep in mind that Wolf Blitzer, in trying to defend “fake news,” stated that “we are not   the enemy of the American people.” Also, the former President of the White House Correspondents Association, Jeff Mason, attempted to legitimize the blatant bias in the MSM by defensively stating: “We are not fake news. We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people.” When these two “professional journalists” made such announcements, or made such a defense, it was reminiscent of “Baghdad Bob” who served as the Information Minister under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, during the 2003 liberation of Iraq. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, known as “Baghdad Bob” or “Comical Ali” served up some wild statements during that Iraq incursion.

Acting as spokesman for the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and Saddam’s government, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf became nicknamed “Baghdad Bob” by commentators in the United States in the informal tradition of naming propagandists such as “Tokyo Rose” or “Hanoi Hannah” or “Seoul City Sue” by commentators in the United States. In his heyday, he denied that there were any American tanks in Baghdad, but the actual facts proved otherwise. Perhaps his last public appearance as Information Minister was the biggest farce as he reported that the U.S. troops “are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks. They will surrender, it is they who will surrender.” Any question as to the source of his information he would reply, “authentic sources—many authentic sources.” If it seems similar to the MSM in the U.S. now, it is because it is. The MSM is practically functioning as the “information ministers” or “disinformation arm” of the “Democratic” Party and its socialist leaders.

Truly, the daily deception, deceit, distraction, diversion, and dedicated abetting of the enemies of America through the promotion of violent disruption of the civil society, as well as perpetuation of lies regarding COVID-19 and in all honesty how deadly it is to the general population can be seen as “crimes against the Republic” if considered at face value. The Left are fond of defining reality to the rest of the people on the planet, and that comes from determining the language, context, and the changing contemporary narrative, or what the MSM calls news. Is it not quite absurd to think that anyone’s enemy could dictate who can be viewed as an enemy? Yet, it is truly simple to recognize the lack of coverage of major events of the Trump presidency such as the Israeli peace efforts, or easy to register the sheer hatred toward Trump. Some on the Left were quite happy that Donald Trump and Melania contracted COVID-19, or disappointed when Trump’s brother died recently, expressing the twisted sentiment that “it was the wrong brother.”

A point of clarification should be admitted that the mainstream media certainly may not be the enemy of the people when they print or portray news about an invention of new medical devices, or possible life-saving medicines, or space exploration, or sports scores, or “news” or gossip within Hollywood and other non-political events. From this portion of reality, Wolf Blitzer or Jeff Mason could be viewed as being accurate. However, when it comes to politics – even international politics – the MSM moguls have demonstrated time and time again, over the span of several years, an extremely outrageous bias or political prejudice that emanates from their tarnished city citadels.

In the past four years, the contemporary representatives of the MSM who cover politics have not remain unbiased. It is similar to supporting a favorite football team or a special basketball player, or similar to the attraction to a particular actor or actress. It is hard to remain free from bias or remove favoritism in reporting, and this colors or flavors the way media representatives interact with, or reports on the specific sports team, or player, or actress. Most contemporary representatives of the media possess political opinions, and those opinions lead to a political persuasion as shelled out to the public. Studies have demonstrated recently that the MSM is composed of those individuals who are Democrats or sympathetic to the Democrat operatives.

This is not a problem in and of itself, but when only one side of an issue is covered, or the “other” side is always considered being “bad,” or when some people are targeted by the media for character assassination, this translates into serious abuse of the media’s role in society. In any other realm, it would be considered perpetration of fraud upon the public. Is not fraud considered criminal activities in the United States? Is not criminal activity a crime against the people who are adversely affected by such fraud? The MSM should no longer be allowed to commit fraud upon the public, and the media moguls should no longer be allowed to practice fraud in America. If doctors can be sued for malpractice, the media elites and their stooges should be individually prosecuted. The Sandman cases are very significant in such a light.

The MSM should no longer be able to seriously abuse their role in civil society. The proper role of the media is not fraudulent portrayal of the information that is important in our nation, or the world. At the very least, the MSM should no longer be taken seriously in the political arena. Was “Baghdad Bob” taken seriously? Was “Tokyo Rose” taken seriously during World War II?

When “We the People” see media bias, media callousness, media character assassinations, media cover-ups, media disingenuousness, media elitism, media favoritism, media hypocrisy, media infringement of privacy, media intolerance, media justification of corruption, media justification of racial and religious intolerance, media justification of violence, media lies, media manipulation of public perception and public sentiments, media political prejudice and promotion of politics from a singular point of view, we have the right to ignore it as irrelevant. Especially, in this election season, citizens should not give much credibility to an institution that has become little more than a propaganda factory for one political party. There is great need for reform.


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