How far are we from open revolt?

How far are we from open revolt?

By A. Dru KristenevMay 15, 2020

It might be said that we are already there.

Enough Americans are frustrated by the overcautious restrictions government is enforcing due to a virus that indicators show a better than 98% recovery rate in the United States.

The question has got to be… of what are people so afraid? It’s beginning to look like they’re frightened of their own shadows and, as a consequence, are willing to allow the complete dissolution of America’s successful model of individual freedom.

Shake your head in disbelief and disapproval if you will, but gazing into the mirror should be the next action. Anyone “going along to get along,” believing that being compelled to wear a mask (unnecessary for the healthy, according to the surgeon general) and keep their businesses closed for the sake of a mysterious bug that kills so few, has already surrendered to oppression. (Official statistics are inflated by a third with CDC guidelines adding “provisional” cases of coronavirus pumping the number by as much.)

“It’s only for a little longer” or “be safe not sorry” pretenses are cover for cowardice because the end was planned long before the ‘Wuhan Flu’ crossed international waters. This was the excuse that progressives worldwide had been waiting for to manipulate an ultimate crash of economies and implement unforgiving socialism, creating dependency on government for sustenance. All that’s necessary to confirm the assumption is realizing that the 2000-plus-page CARES Act the House attempted to shove through, and the new Phase 4 relief bill the Democrats are pushing were pre-written in anticipation.

How are the emergency rules and aid working out?

Let’s see… families are sequestered. Schools, businesses, churches and services are restricted or off-limits separating people from relatives, friends, associates and patrons, which weaken the ties that keep our free society functioning.

How the shutdown is backfiring is where there were a few benefits (sort of) in the beginning, now the hammer is coming down hard and fast. For drivers (who were going nowhere) gas dropped to record lows and now that permission is granted for partial business and travel openings, prices are rising. Those without smart phones or computer access can’t plug-in to the catchy hashtag “AloneTogether” blather, and the poverty-stricken and homeless are suffering more not less. Availability of commodities hasn’t improved as manufacturing of everyday necessities was interrupted and is being prevented from going back into full production, depending on whether the industry is “essential.”

Note what’s missing at the market and what isn’t affordable because Congress decided how much to disburse for a person’s survival, while government interrupts product distribution and redirects or confiscates the rest of CARES Act funds.

Milk is being dumped, crops plowed under, animals culled (killed, for those less squeamish) and threats delivered that more products will disappear from the shelves. The reason? Government bureaucrats have been delivered increasing power over decades, not just recent years, to farm out (not a laughing matter) food production and essential manufacturing to global financial interests, including enemies. The World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund and other United Nations-sponsored organizations are not benign entities. They are corruption-ridden quasi-governmental cabals that the growing numbers of progressives in Congress continue to defend and subsidize at the expense of us, U.S. citizens, their constituents.

Shad Sullivan, a Texas stockman, laid out the demise of U.S. meat production and how it is a template of other industries under attack by multinational conglomerates that are phasing out personal property rights. He mentioned how numbers of independent U.S. meat producers have dropped from 1.2 million in 1979 to approximately 700,000 today, while projecting that the current COVID-19 blamed economic crisis could depress the number to 450,000 producers. This trend could begin to be reversed if Congress would pass Rep. Thomas Massey’s (R-KY) PRIME Act that returns farm produce and processing back to a local level, gutting the power of federal supervision and international distribution corporations.

The massive operations steamrolling small businesses, ranches, farms and manufacturers are related to pseudo-environmental groups such as World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club that receive their funding from billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates – those elitist moneymen and women who know best how others should live. Their idea of a complacent social order is boxing people into urban housing with employment, education, healthcare and recreation assigned by a government subservient to their carefully doled-out dollars.

Elon Musk, liberal entrepreneur who has received government subsidies, now understands the necessary function of independent manufacturing and business and is defying the autocratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, by stating that he will open the Tesla manufacturing facility in the Bay Area.

In an effort to further depress the economy, Newsom, like other democrat and RINO executives, is attempting to suspend individual rights according to the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution. They don’t appear to understand that the Constitution limits their power, not ours. If more business and religious notables join small business owners and church leaders in standing up to self-proclaimed authoritarians (otherwise known as elected and appointed tyrants) the groundswell of revolt will be lawful and peaceful.

There may be a minor rise in some coronavirus activity but if people are mindful of the elderly and immune-compromised individuals, as they are with flu, then the mortality rate will continue to drop.

America will not be the same after this overreactive lockdown that came with the COVID-19 media hype. No, citizens will never allow government to deconstruct their lives by panic again. Individuals will be vigilant to stop in its tracks another political attack against their lives and liberty that comes masquerading as disease – or sunspots, super weather fronts, volcanoes, interplanetary invaders or, not to be forgotten… zombies.

In Judges Chapter 3, there were two unanticipated heroes successively picked to lead Israel out of bondage, Othniel and Ehud. The combined meaning of their names tells us all we need in order to prevail: the Force of God United.

I’ll stand on that.

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