How Long Will None Call This Treason?

How Long Will None Call This Treason?

By Dennis JamisonNovember 17, 2020

During the 1964 election campaign, Barry Goldwater challenged President Lyndon Johnson. In that year, a man named John A. Stormer self-published a book titled None Dare Call It Treason. In his book, Stormer outlined several of the failures of American presidents from F.D.R. through to J.F.K. in dealing with the Communist agenda to conquer the United States. Stormer had carefully and painstakingly assembled facts from a great number of U.S. Congressional investigations into communism. He had also researched quite a few books that had been written regarding the communist conspiracy to destroy America. The alarming point that Stormer made was his exposure of the Leftist elitists who had conditioned the American citizens to ignore the moral decay of the nation.

In the 2020 election campaign between President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden, several American citizens have witnessed and testified about various forms of irregularities in the Democrat-controlled polling places. In reality, the clear and present danger of the Socialist-Communist agenda in its final stages of conquest is playing out right now. Yet, many people are buying the propaganda of the Leftist mainstream media that Biden has already won the presidential election. So, who are the deplorables to question the prophetic proclamations of the MSM? The only problem with that is the aforementioned American citizens who have witnessed and testified about irregularities in the Democrat-controlled polling places. Has the MSM presumptuously assumed the power to sweep aside the legitimate concerns of large portions of the U.S. population?

With several “battleground” states still being contested in the 2020 presidential election, what is the rush? And, another question which may be more important is: Why isn’t the Democrat leadership in agreement with having investigations into the irregularities and computer glitches in order to eliminate any shred of overt contention of the legitimacy of the election? Wouldn’t a tainted election be something that the Democrat leaders would want to avoid since they were very concerned over the legitimacy of the 2016 election? How much time did their leaders spend in dredging up every possible allegation and concern over this past presidential election? Donald Trump is not the only man who can be put under such scrutiny over the legitimacy of an election.

It does appear that a similar pattern has emerged in the machinations of the Leftist-Socialist-Communist originated investigations into the legitimacy of the election of Donald Trump. The common thread in both scenarios is the MSM in their propagation of their propaganda onto the population. First the criminally orchestrated suspicions that led to what had the appearance of authentic and legitimate investigations into Russian collusion on the part of the people who were involved with the Trump campaign in 2016. And even without evidence, the charade of impeachment was carried out with taxpayer money. Nothing was proven because there was not enough evidence to impact Trump substantially.

The Leftist-Socialist-Communist political criminal cabal threw everything they could sling at Trump, and it could not destroy him. Despite a rush to judgment by the MSM, all of the allegations and the supposed crimes of the president, it was propaganda. Yet, at this moment, the American public seems to continually feed off of the propaganda proclaiming Joe Biden as the newly elected POTUS. Only a handful of red-blooded American patriots and stalwart people of faith are standing in support of President Trump, while “fair weather friends” seem to be making their reservations for the Biden inauguration. What is the rush? It is another “rush to judgment” aimed at eliminating Donald Trump. From election to election, the political criminal cabal has not let up in their efforts to neutralize Trump. defines “treason” in three ways. The first reference describes treason as “the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.” In the actions of the Leftist-Socialist-Communist political criminal cabal, citizens observe the treason if they utilize reputable alternative media sources for their information as the MSM and the social media monopolies will suppress the truth and will downplay real evidence of irregularities or “computer glitches” during the voting period. The MSM and the social media monopolies have willfully suppressed the truth and willfully deceived the American public with the intent to remove Donald Trump from his position as the nation’s president.

In a second reference, describes treason as “a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.” The past four years of Donald Trump’s Administration have been resisted by the political criminal cabal in every way possibly open to them. They have conditioned the American public to question the credibility and legitimacy of the man and his efforts as POTUS. These actions go well beyond political divisiveness to a point where common sense seriously questions the demonstrated lack of allegiance to the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election, the lack of allegiance to the POTUS in the illegitimate investigations into Trump and those loyal allies around him. If people question the legitimacy of an election, does not that in itself undermine the integrity of the electoral process? Is this not where many citizens are right now?

So, in such light, why are the Democrat leaders and the MSM moguls sweeping the concerns of a large portion of the population under the proverbial rug? Is this a true demonstration of allegiance to the Republic? For the past four years of Donald Trump’s Administration, the political criminal cabal has been conditioning the American public to distrust the outcome of the election of 2016, to distrust Trump, and to question the true legitimacy of our electoral process. Why should citizens suddenly rush to support claims by the MSM that Biden is unquestionably the president-elect? This is way too obvious as to the intent and way too transparent to have any sense of credibility. Serious people should seriously stop and think through the contradictory logic.

The third description the dictionary renders for treason is “the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.” Has this not  happened in what was just pointed out? For the past four years during Trump’s Administration, the political criminal cabal has pounded home the message that the American public should distrust the outcome of the election of 2016 and to question the legitimacy of the nation’s electoral process. Isn’t this what the National Popular Vote movement is all about—that the Electoral College needs to be destroyed? Think about that for a minute. The Democrat leaders and the MSM moguls and the whole political criminal cabal were not happy that their “anointed” candidate lost the election in 2016, so the Electoral College needs to be destroyed. That is equivalent to a football team losing a championship game, so those involved are determined to destroy the rules of the sport.

In short, there is a political criminal cabal, and it is not all Democrats. In fact, though it may be hard to believe, there are some patriotic Democrats that still exist in America. However, one must ask: How have they let their Party be taken over by Socialist – Communist criminals who are willing to commit treason in our nation as a way of taking complete control of the nation? In reality, the backbone has deteriorated in many of those who call themselves Democrats these days—even in many who call themselves patriots of America. Can anyone imagine Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy tolerating Socialist-Communist criminals who have taken over the Democrat Party? That Party of Truman and Kennedy no longer exists.


The current Democrat Party is no longer a true American political party. The Party today is intent on destroying American values rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition and the fundamental principles at the core of our founding documents. Where is the courage to call out these people who have the name of being Americans, yet they are not? Is there a shortage of courage in the American citizens of today? Have citizens now redefined the meaning of treason? Have citizens become so conditioned by the MSM that we can no longer distinguish between right and wrong? Have citizens become so conditioned by the MSM that we can no longer recognize the destruction of our nation?

In 2020, American citizens have a tremendous opportunity to affirm their adherence to the self-evident truths at the bedrock of our nation. Trump may not be a  pleasant, PR friendly kind of guy, but he is not the monster that the MSM has portrayed him to be. He is the target of marginalization by the Socialist-Communist criminals who are not after Trump—they are pursuing the communist conspiracy to destroy America. Why are true Americans not able to call it out for what it is? If we continue to pretend it is not treason, does anyone think it will simply go away? It has been growing like a cancer in America since before Stormer published his book. Will none today dare these appalling and destructive actions treason?

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