How Many Waves of Attack Has China Already Launched Against the United States?

How Many Waves of Attack Has China Already Launched Against the United States?

By Dennis JamisonDecember 10, 2020

As the light of truth permeates and penetrates further into the shadows of our corrupt political system, more and more fraud in the 2020 presidential election is uncovered. Despite the major coverup by the mainstream media and the suppression of free expression over social media channels, evidence is being revealed that a core of Democrat leaders really wanted to win this election so badly that they would cheat bigtime to do so. However, what if there is an insidious conspiracy of global proportions that lies within the darkest dimension of these shadows? What if America is fighting a “civil” Civil War, and simultaneously being insidiously attacked by its most formidable international enemy?

One of the big stories that was circulating before the big Texas lawsuit against the four rebellious states, was the story of the Chinese spy who was “helping” Congressman Eric Swalwell of California. This story may have shocked many Americans, while the Democrats seemed to have dismissed it as a serious problem. Was the relationship of the spy with a sitting Congressman a problem? The FBI thought so, and intervened. It seems that there is a complete double standard when it has to do with the Democrats and China. The investigations into Hunter Biden’s dealings with China are not of concern to the mainstream media either.

Actually, China has rapidly surfaced as America’s most formidable international enemy.

It has been reported that between 2010-2012, the Chinese government imprisoned or killed 18 to 20 CIA agents and seriously destroyed America’s spying operations within their nation. Many suspected at the time that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ’s server had been sending a lot of classified information to a Chinese business front in northern Virginia. But, more recently the U.S. Department of Justice indicated that an ex-CIA agent, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, pleaded guilty to spying for Communist China. Officials believe that he was linked to the earlier destruction of the CIA agent network in China.

It is likely that China has several more spies in the U.S. than the U.S. has in China—the case in point would be the elimination of the CIA network. There are several stories in alternative media outlets, as well as some in the MSM, that revealed Chinese spies in the U.S. In May of 2019, Ex-CIA officer, Kevin Mallory, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for spying for China. In August of this year, naturalized U.S. citizen, Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, 67, was charged with espionage on behalf of the People’s Republic of China. He had worked for years for the CIA and then moved back to China. He returned to Hawai’i and worked for the FBI there until they conducted a sting operation to arrest him. In the U.S. intelligence community, it is considered an “alarming trend.”

Another alarming, even deadly, trend originating in China that has been responsible for the loss of many people’s lives is COVID-19; but before this “plague” was ravaging   any nation, an initial attack against U.S. citizens came via the deadly fentanyl flooding America’s streets. In a Rand Review essay at the beginning of this year, the author revealed that “drug overdoses kill more Americans than car crashes, gunshots, or   AIDS at its peak. But it’s no longer just a crisis of prescription pills or heroin. It’s a   crisis of fentanyl. Deaths involving it and other synthetic opioids have surged from around 3,000 in 2013 to more than 30,000 in 2018.”

On August 6, 2020, the DEA, San Diego County District Attorney, U.S. Attorney, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, San Diego Police Department, San Diego County Health and Human Services and San Diego County Medical Examiner put out a joint warning about the deadliness of fentanyl-laced drugs. By November 5 of this year, the Times of San Diego posted this article: “Fentanyl Deaths Up 64% in San Diego, Says Latest Prescription Abuse Report” One might ask, what’s so special about San Diego? It just happens to be home to one of the nation’s most extensive complex of military bases on the mainland. It is also the focus of international shipping and directly on the border with Mexico—a double barreled port of entry. Is this region under attack from the CCP?

Truly, it is likely that the entire nation is under attack through illegal drugs. A medical doctor from India, whom I interviewed in 2018, casually told me that it was China’s revenge upon the West for the Opium Wars. In November of 2020, NPR additionally posted a story about the surge in fentanyl addictions and deaths. It revealed: “Much of the fentanyl reaching American street markets is still coming from mainland China, despite restrictions imposed by the Chinese government last year.” What restrictions?

And, it is true that COVID-19 also originated in China, and this deadly plague-like disease has spread worldwide since it escaped the Wuhan laboratory. Whether by design, or by premature accident, several nations were initially struck with the fear of   a deadly pandemic worse than the deadly 1918 flu. Within the U.S., fear of the COVID “pandemic” is still fomented by the MSM. Governors with anti-Constitutional draconian mandates actively limit people’s freedoms by ignoring their rights under the nation’s Bill of Rights. Freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly is being limited in a way that Americans have not witnessed since the days of British tyranny on this continent. While MSM outlets have been parroting Chinese propaganda, Democrat governors in several states demonstrated their true tyrannical colors.

COVID-19 also permitted parallel methods of attacks upon American citizens that have been perpetrated by further fomenting of fear via Antifa and BLM. The combined attacks are directed against our American way of life and the fundamental foundations of the freedom underlying the government of “We the People.” They are designed to weaken the nation from within.

COVID was also used as an excuse for mail-in ballots that led to the scandalous corruption and fraud now being exposed in interviews and hearings from alternative media outlets because the MSM and the big social media outlets are stifling freedom of expression, not only from patriots, conservatives, and Christians, but also from leaders in the people’s government. The attempt to steal our election did not just originate from a political party crazed with hatred of the POTUS, it is deeper than that, and with the help of election machine components manufactured in China, there is additional linkage to foreign interference with U.S. elections—for who knows how long?

All of these examples provide greater clarity of a bigger picture regarding China’s attack upon our people individually, and attacks upon the American way of life, and attacks upon the federal government. Democrat-run, anti-Constitutional states from one side of the nation to the other initiate or support this. Of course, there is much more to the assault from China, and it is important for citizens to do their own homework regarding how much more aggressive the CCP has become in recent years. There are many other questions that stem from paying attention to the CCP’s intrusion into our internal affairs. The most dangerous way seems to be covertly manipulating certain individuals in universities, spying upon or outright manipulation of government leaders, and possible manipulation of our 2020 election with Chinese-made components for voting machines.

One key thing that gives Chinese officials a need to pause is the strong American sense of independence and absolute defense of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights. But unfortunately, it is also what may cause the CCP leaders to approach the destruction of the Republic from multiple clandestine fronts simultaneously. However, citizens should not take this occasion to harden their hearts towards the Chinese people, as they are not the ones orchestrating multiple assaults upon our nation. Citizens need to learn the truth by doing their own research and by “connecting the dots.” True citizens need to be vigilant in this turbulent time.

Citizens who truly love the Republic and the principles it was founded upon, need to understand the Civil War that is raging in the nation at this time. They need to discern whose side any given “American” politician is on. It is possible some have already sold their souls to the devil. Vocal support, or “lip service” to the bedrock principles of freedom is no longer acceptable in light of the misinformation and disinformation flying from one end of the nation to the other. Americans need to use a proper “measuring stick” to discern who our real enemies are in such a time. We need to demand that our leaders apply the bedrock principles of freedom to their governance.

The election is a serious case in point. How many states violated the Constitution in their own exercise of voting procedures in their states? It is absolutely true that we need to come together as Americans and reunite after this election. But, it was a debacle, and purposefully so. True American citizens have a genuine opportunity to unite with the patriots who love this country, to stand together in union to support only those who support the bedrock principles of freedom. It is the time as Ben Franklin wrote so long ago: “Unite or Die!”

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