How to Heal a Divided Nation After COVID

How to Heal a Divided Nation After COVID

By Stephanie L. Mann – 6/1/21

Beware of politicians telling us they will make life better. Their primary goal is to be reelected to maintain power and control. They often increase taxes, legislate reforms and pass new laws to control people’s behavior which makes Americans weaker and more dependent.

The summer of 2020 saw fringe groups in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Washington DC, and other cities riot, as they burned and looted stores, clashed with police, and even took over city blocks in Seattle. (The Guardian stated, “At least 25 people were killed during protests”- The NY Post said, “More than 700 officers were injured.”) Politicians blamed police and released vandals without consequences.

Americans were shocked again to see Republican fringe groups break into the US Capital, steal property, and clash with police. (CNBC states, 50 officers were hurt, and 4 people died.) President Trump was blamed for the violence.

We are ALL responsible for our own behavior! This is a battle between good and evil for the soul of America, “spiritual warfare.” “We the people” must listen to each other, help heal fears, debate issues, work together to solve problems, and stop being divided into political camps.

Some concerns in 2021 include:

Poverty: Americans saw a gradual change over the last 50 years as politicians stepped in to fix us. Since the “War on Poverty,” taxpayers have spent $44 Trillion to “help” underprivileged Americans. (Hoover Institute: “more money than all the wars since the American Revolution”) Today’s politicians demand more funds. Yes, there has been some good, but no one talks about government funds creating corrupt politicians and leaders in cities. Is this Evil? You decide!

Fatherless Families: In the 1950s, 65% of children were raised in traditional families, only 22% today. Taxpayers pay mothers with babies who don’t have a father in the home. This policy has contributed to 18.3 million fatherless children. Fatherless families add to our social problems with a higher risk of poverty, girls becoming pregnant, abuse, behavior problems, drug abuse, neglect, prison risk, crimes, and school dropouts. (Source: National Fatherhood Initiative) Young people are vulnerable to drugs, sex trafficking, gangs, and violence! Is this Evil? You decide!

Pornography: Americans are the biggest consumers of Pornography!  There are 4.5 million porn sites on the web. Sexual violence against women has increased. Today, 79% of children are exposed to porn and the average age is 11 years old. Girls are using pornography to learn how to meet boys “expectations.” (Source: Enough is Enough) Is this Evil? You decide!

Hollywood, magazines, and TV promote sex and violence because “sex sells.” It should be noted that men’s weakness is sex and women’s weakness is tempting men which has been exploited by Hollywood moguls. Men and women bought into “hookups” and out-of-wedlock sex which can destroy families, children, and how men treat women. Is this Evil? You decide!

What changed and how to move forward? The 1950s are called the golden age of America – Stable families, rising incomes, wholesome TV shows, religious attendance, and low crime rates. During the 1990s Americans experienced the highest crime rates. However, as crime went up, citizens got involved, and, over the years, we’ve had a gradual decline in crime. Americans became better informed about the importance of neighborhood involvement. Citizens worked with agencies and started support groups for rape victims, child abuse, gang violence, drug abuse, and mental health. Credit goes to involved Americans for reducing crime in neighborhoods and individuals in nonprofit groups and school activities which made communities safer. That’s what Good people do! You decide!

Example: Barbara, a mother of two, was irate when she came into the citizen’s crime prevention office. Her city council voted to erect a fence around the park to keep out drug dealers because police didn’t have needed resources. Staff suggested she organize neighbors, play cards, or walk the dog in the park and takedown descriptions, license numbers, time, and date without being noticed. Within 3 months, the police and citizens celebrated because the park was safe again. Neighbors went back to the city council and the money for the fence was used for a new swing set and tables. Barbara discovered she was not powerless and later became the mayor of her city.

Our problems can NOT be fixed with money or laws alone. Let’s discuss the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle.

There are hundreds of thousands of churches, mosques, and synagogues. Religious leaders can talk about the power of the human spirit and encourage citizens to get connected and “Love thy Neighbor.” Volunteer to make America safer for youth! We need Americans involved to continue reducing crime, drugs, and violence. Everyone can start where we are by talking to neighbors about keeping neighborhoods safe.

We all have the power to create change! Cities need good people to serve on school boards and start neighborhood projects. Nonprofits need help to support families with drug education, stopping child sex trafficking and suicide. Volunteers are needed in community centers, religious groups, retirement homes, food banks, homeless shelters, and advocacy groups. That’s what good people do! You decide!

Politicians have limitations but when we work together, “we the people” can empower each other and create “good” as we become safer, healthier communities for everyone.

As soon as public service ceases to be the chief business of the citizens, and they would rather serve with their money than with their persons, the state is not far from its fall.

–Quote from “The Social Contract.”


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