If it Looks Like Treason

If it Looks Like Treason

By Jim Bratten – 9/6/21

On February 16, 1804 Lt. Stephen Decatur, in command of the ketch USS Intrepid, gathered volunteers from the frigate USS Constitution and the schooner USS Enterprise and slipped into the shallow harbor at Tripoli (in Libya today) to torch the captured frigate USS Philadelphia. The conflict was called the Barbary Wars; America’s first clash with Muslim pirates. Under the leadership of President Thomas Jefferson, the U.S. was successful. The Bashaw of Tripoli ceased his aggression; attacks on American shipping and kidnapping of American crews stopped.

What if President Jefferson had ignored intelligence, second-guessed his naval leadership, decided to surrender the grounded, heavily-armed Philadelphia to the Muslim overlord to refloat, then tossed in several other warships and all their stores and armaments? An enemy of the United States would have been immensely strengthened and given carte blanche to attack more shipping in the Mediterranean Sea, with the resulting enslavement of hundreds, if not thousands, of American seamen.

Would Jefferson have been tried for treason and impeached for aiding and abetting an enemy? With the reverence shown the U.S. Constitution at that time, yes, he would have. And it wouldn’t have mattered if he were mentally challenged.

American intelligence warned President Biden in late spring of  Taliban movements, taking one province after another. Afghan president Ashraf Ghani later gave Biden the facts, but Biden was only concerned with the optics. As Reuters reported on August 31, “Exclusive: Before Afghan collapse, Biden pressed Ghani to ‘change perception’.” Back in July, Ghani told Joe Biden by phone: “We are facing a full-scale invasion, composed of Taliban, full Pakistani planning and logistical support, and at least 10-15,000 international terrorists, predominantly Pakistanis thrown into this.”

In the transcript of the July 23 phone conversation, Biden said to Ghani, “I need not tell you the perception … is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.” So Biden asked Ghani to lie about the true nature of the Taliban advance, no matter what intelligence said. Some media sources downplayed the emergency, to give the public a  different impression, and some doubted.

Joint Chiefs chairman General Mark Milley dutifully stayed on message: “The perception … is a narrative of Taliban momentum … And we need to collectively demonstrate and try to turn that perception, that narrative around.”

During the negotiations with the Taliban, the U.S. was offered control of Kabul during the evacuation. Biden’s people told the Taliban, “We don’t need Kabul, we just need the airport.” Then, unannounced to the Afghan Army, Biden abandoned Bagram Air Base, with its $85 billion weapons armory. Taliban leaders cheered as Biden dissembled and distorted, expecting Americans to buy the litany of lies that poured forth daily from his administration.

While discussing the death of one of the 12 Marines killed in the suicide attack at the Kabul airport, General Keith Kellogg observed that, “We have equipped a terrorist group with more advanced weapons than most of our allies [have] … Taliban has more Blackhawk helicopters than Australia…”

Biden gave unprecedented lethality to a sworn enemy of the United States. He handed them an enormous stick and pleaded, “Don’t beat us too harshly!” Biden took a knee as our armed forces, the most formidable in the world, left a battlefield, defeated by politics. He surrendered to an Islamist terror group, not a government with sovereign power over people and geography.

Joe Biden has intentionally subjected this nation and its armed forces to humiliation before the world. He needs to be convicted of treason and impeached.

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